Our 1970 Dodge D100 Is Up For Auction!

1970 Dodge Truck

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Since listing our D-100 for sale we’ve had a lot of nibbles, but no bites yet. The main obstacle for most prospective buyers seems to be the cost of shipping. Unfortunately, we can’t control that aspect of the sale. The price is really the only thing we can change, but instead of dropping the price until someone nabs it, we have decided to list it here on eBay with $0.99 starting bid and low reserve. The auction will only run for 3 days too, so someone might get a deal yet. Just be sure to get some shipping quotes before bidding!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Roger

    Question is this gonna be a TRUE no reserve absolute auction? What I’m talking about is how a lot of people on ebay puts something up as a ” no reserve ” auction but RETAIN the right to end auction early due to being for sale locally. Then MAGICALLY just before auction time ends it is pulled down because it was sold locally – oh yeah price was low and actually would have been a good deal for someone had the auction been allowed to finish. I know there aren’t many ways to eliminate this but it is my biggest gripe about fleabay lol! Anyway guys, I want to see yall do well and definitely NOT lose any money on it. So in other words let’s say with 5 minutes left the bidding only gets to $500 bucks will you actually sell for the $500? ( I’m sure this will not be the case cause this is a really cool truck and from your previous description seems to be in pretty good overall condition ) Wish Yale good luck on the auction, thanks again guys!!!

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    • Jesse JesseAuthor

      This one is actually a low reserve auction Roger. I do honor my no reserve auctions though and the reserve on this one is much lower than I was originally asking. There are some people who abuse the system by refusing to sell for the high bid, but that’s not me. Thanks!

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  2. CJay

    I’m happy to see that you posted “Real” pictures showing the true condition of the truck. I hope you have a successful sale.

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  3. Bill

    Would love this truck, doesn’t fit my current needs. but it’s a beauty, and the 3/4 profile shot in front of the barn is going to be my wallpaper for the week.

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  4. Rando

    Great listing. Hope you make your money on it.

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  5. Jesse JesseAuthor

    Thanks guys! The reserve has been met so it is going to sell. Should be interesting to see if it goes any higher.

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  6. jim s

    at $ 2550 with just over 2 days to go. this is going to be fun to watch play out..

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  7. Alex

    Already over 3k! Awesome for you guys! And also I personally appreciate you offering it here first for what will turn out to be a steal. I wish I could’ve bought it before it went to auction, but the timing was wrong for me. Good luck guys and you handled this one perfectly.

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  8. MikeK

    It’s up to 3250…. Awesome!

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  9. Jesse JesseAuthor

    Only an hour and a half left to go!

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  10. jim s

    sold for $ 3383. someone got a great deal. did soneone on this site buy the truck?

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    • jim s

      make that ” did someone “

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