Out of the Ordinary: 1994 Cadillac De Ville Flower Car

Professional cars can be anything from an ambulance, hearse, limousine, to a flower car. I’ve lived in North Carolina all my life, and I have to say I have seen very few flower cars. Most funeral homes in this area use cargo vans to transport flowers. However, here is an unusual find. This is a 1994 Cadillac De Ville Flower Car for sale here on Craigslist in Webster, New York.

While I guess you could say this is not technically a De Ville, it is based on the front wheel drive De Ville. Since De Ville was no longer making a Coupe De Ville or 2 door model in 1994, the flower car is based on the 4 door Sedan De Ville. A unique feature of this car is while there is a bed for the flowers, you are still able to open the rear doors to access storage under the bed inside behind the front seats. This car was converted by the Wolfgang Coach Company in Pennsylvania. The flower car was only used two years as a funeral vehicle. It has recently had a new vinyl roof and vinyl bed trim installed.

The interior is finished in the same seats you would find in a De Ville. They are leather covered split front bench design. The interior features an electronic dashboard that uses a digital speedometer, trip information, and electronic controls for the heat/air conditioning system. Normal Cadillac features of the period include cruise control, tilt steering wheel, power windows, power door locks, and power seats. Everything on the car works.

The flower car was recently updated with a stainless steel bed and new bed trim. It also has a stainless steel cover to display the flowers and comes with an artificial display of flowers. A new owner will most likely not use this vehicle for its intended purpose. However, it could be the talk of the auto shows the new owner goes to. It could even see some light duty to haul small items, but remember that there is not a tailgate so items will have to be lifted over the sides.

The engine is a V-8. I’m assuming it is a 4.9 liter (299 cubic inches) V-8 that powered the standard De Villes in 1994. The car has recently had a new water pump installed and the air conditioning recharged so it blows cold air. Even though the vehicle was only used two years as a funeral vehicle, it has 73,000 miles. The seller is asking $8,900. Are you someone that likes something a bit different? This may be the vehicle for you.

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  1. B Bittner

    You had me at digital dash.

    Now this is a freakin’ great car with Doors to Nowhere.

    Possibly a test mule for that whatchamacallit pickup Caddy had.

    I’d try to find another and weld them together attached at the bed to look like a double ended Staten Island Ferry, put them both in Drive and have a pull test.

    Doors to Nowhere.

    • Sidney

      Oh no, this is gruesome! Yechh!! I picture some Mafia Dons flowers in this on the way to the cemetery. Crush this and make Kias or something.

    • 409john

      If you like El Camino Goggle the Cadillac Mirage You need to know about these just in case you never knew they were sweet.The first gas crunch killed there sales.I use to work for the guy that made them from 1975 and1976 Coupe De Villes.They can still be found for sale on ebay every now and then.Gas back then when from 26 cents a gallon up to 44 cents a gallon.People panicked and killed the Mirage.Think about it,at 10 miles to the gallon. There is plenty of info about those cars and Gene Winfield on Google or you tube.I was lucky enough to drive some of his world famous cars often

  2. LAB3

    Put a pickup capper on it and an inflatable mattress in back and it would make a great rig to hit the festival circuit with!

  3. Chris In Australia

    Now that would be a different ute to take to the All American Days!

  4. Kenneth Carney

    Hmmm. Just get a really good body man
    to fab up a swinging door in the back, and
    I’d have a way to ferry Mom’s motorized
    wheelchair around in style! Then, finish
    it up by mounting coolers under the bed
    to carry your groceries and then you’d
    have it all–a ride that is functional and
    gets attention wherever you went.

  5. Coventrycat

    I like it but it doesn’t have a working tailgate. I think the novelty would wear off pretty quickly.

  6. Jeff Harner

    Needs a hot tub back there

  7. JagManBill

    It would be fun to drive into my local feed store and fill it up with feed/hay. Just the looks you;d get would be worth it

  8. Fiete T.

    El Cadimino

    • Etta P

      Truly noteworthy (the name)! Considering what Cadillac is producing nowadays; why not this? With the SUVs I see on the road why not this? Hey I was there at the 1st Gas Panic (1972(?)) and it was a PANIC! Yet here we are how many years later paying almost $4.00 for a gallon?

      My apologies, went off topic… I would really appreciate a vehicle like a El Cadimino, El Camino or Ranchero. Those S10s or Dodge RAM or GMC Sierra trucks are too big for some folks and I speak for myself as an older woman, a style of auto like this would be extremely functional. With not just groceries, but trips to hardware and the garden centers!

      One of you connected folks should let Chevy or GMC look at the potential?

  9. Mike

    Only used at a funeral home for just 2 years? Wow. All those modifications and barely used for its intended purpose. What a waste.

  10. Doug in FL

    I believe there’s a version of GM’s LS engine that is set up for FWD. So if it’s not going to haul flowers anymore, at least it could haul a#@.

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