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Outlaw Project: Backdated 1976 Porsche 911

Are you good at puzzles? If your skillset includes Porsche restoration, this is probably a fairly easy one. It’s a completely disassembled 1976 Porsche 911 “long hood” project that’s listed here on eBay in Oakwood, Georgia with a $40,000 Buy it Now. If you believe the vendor, then you’ll accept that cars like this, when finished correctly, could “bring over $200,000”!

It’s actually fairly easy to envision how the car will look when finished correctly. It’s in bare metal now, but the plan was to paint it Mexico Blue, which would make a stunning contrast to the $6,000 worth of Lamborghini Orange-reupholstered Italian three-liter leather seats visible in the (many) photos.

The car comes with an apparently rebuilt (it looks the part) three-liter Euro engine, a 915 transmission, RS clutch, and 964 brakes. The idea was to create an RSR or ST clone. All the metalwork has been done, but the photos indicate a fair amount of finishing and surface-rust removal is in order before the Mexico Blue pot can come out. And it’s filthy dirty, evidently from sitting around for a while.

At least some of the work was done by a Porsche shop, Premodet, in Japan. The current owners removed all the undercoating and took it to the body shop—which promptly went out of business. That stalled the project, though it’s unclear why they couldn’t just find another shop.

“We purchased this car several years ago in order to make it into a backdated RSR clone,” Barbour said. “It could also be built into an ST. It was a nice build with butt-welded rear flares. It was also a sunroof-delete European model.”

The car is presumably complete, though the ad doesn’t quite say so. I see at least one of the missing instruments in a box and interior bits. I’m not sure where the glass got to.

This is a better-than-average project and priced accordingly. The lucky buyer will, after no small effort, have a hot Euro Porsche with a screamer three-liter engine. But the same bottom line would buy you a running, driving Porsche that’s not the equivalent of a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle.


  1. Kev

    Alternatively buyer could flush $40k down the toilet

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  2. Haig L Haleblian

    After checking out the listing, the Supertramp song Dreamer keeps rolling through my brain

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    No way to get over or even near 200K for a clone of this type. Could be a nice car someday but the buyer better check closely for the funny stuff the seller was using if he paid the asking price.

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  4. lbpa18

    I hope someone with the resources will resurrect this derelict as they are beautiful cars. It would be a shame for it to be scrapped or parted. But given what it needs, I dont see the seller getting his money out of it as a package.

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  5. Roadsterdavey

    looks like a fun project for the Porsche guy with skills. Doesnt seem like a good investment tho, cant you buy nice one of these running for 65k to 80k? and you get to drive it now, not 2 years from now?

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  6. Dan Gavin

    I really think some people have completely lost their minds…..asking $40 large for this pile of crap! Please……..give me a break!

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  7. Rob

    amen !! as its being buried

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  8. Jaker76

    I want what ever the seller is smoking! Someone else nailed it–Dreamer….

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  9. martinsane

    I would agree that 40 large should include a lot more.
    Id give a run at 4k. Also need about 40 years to finish.

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  10. JMB#7

    Looking at this makes me wish I would have bought that early ’70s euro spec 911 back in 1985. Just outside of Greensboro NC. No engine, and all the suspension & steering parts were spread out in a room in his house. Reasonably solid chassis. He only wanted $1200. Live & learn.

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  11. Hemidave

    this what happens when the enthusiast looses touch with reality and the investors get involved, remember what happened to the muscle cars ?

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  12. Chen Lee

    If you’ve got $40K to spend, I’ve got a bridge that might interest you!

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  13. BuddyM

    Be hard pressed to get $10k. At least that’s the most I would pay. Projects get out of hand quickly and this could cost $50K+ TO RESTORE

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