Same Owner For 60 Years: 1954 Chevrolet Corvette

Having passed hands once since its original owner, this ’54 Corvette has been with its second owner since 1958. Considered a clean and true original, this C1 is about as nice as they get. With a documented 41,942 miles, this classic American icon is offered for a buy it now price of $150,000. Take a look at it here on ebay out of Akron, Ohio.

Healthy and ready to drive, the 150 cubic inch “Blue Flame” is a clean and tidy engine, but the valve cover and an engine cover have been repainted at some point. The carbs looked to have had some leaking issues in the past, but again this ‘Vette is ready to roll. Although this classic only has 41,942 miles, it would seem that the majority of the miles were accumulated when the car was new. Since 1990, this car has only gained 752 miles. Hopefully the second owner was diligent about keeping the car healthy for such long periods of hibernation.

The interior appears virtually immaculate, no immediate signs of wear or damage. Even the steering wheel shows like it is new.  The paint finish on the dash is nice, and the only real questionable issue with the interior is the carpet. The carpet almost appears faded and dirty, but I have seen shadows do strange things. Although in the event the carpet did need some help, perhaps that could be a bargaining chip on the $150,000 asking price?

The body of this Corvette shows nicely with no evidence of body damage, but this original beauty isn’t so original. The seller claims that roughly 85% of the factory paint is still on the car, with some touched up areas from its past. It seems that the rear upper portions of the fenders were sprayed, and the front end of the car was sprayed. If you look closely at the passenger front fender, there seems to be a slight change in color between the fender and the door. Also the seller makes it sound as if the touch up paint crazed, and is not exactly beautiful. Despite this concern, I still believe that this car is likely a 10 footer, as the paint craze probably isn’t that noticeable. With that being said, would you buy this “original” 1954 Corvette for its asking price?


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  1. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Wow! Can’t put words to it.

    • B

      I cannot believe it! That is amazing!

  2. Jeff

    This one is much nicer and $50,000 less cash money!

    • Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

      @Jeff. I have never been a Corvette lover of any kind, but you are correct in saying that the one on is a much better buy at $100k. Even I could be tempted if i had that kind of change.

    • Moe

      Here comes a dealer,trying to flip a car he bought at auction last week,lol…


    Brian, that not a 150 Cubic Inch engine, but a 150 H.P. 1235 engine.
    Beautiful car. But way too much money for condition

    • Bill

      Wow! 1235 – a 20-liter engine! No wonder it’s a little extra money. Call Jay Leno, he likes those big power plants.


      Sorry about slight error, hands shack, accidently hit 1235, instead of 235. my bad

  4. Jeff
    • Moe

      I thought this was a site about “Barn Finds” not a dealer advertisement for flip cars? Jeff is trying to compare an auction car to an original survivor? Pathetic…

  5. Jim Marston

    The Engine in the Corvette is not 150 cubic inches. I believe it’s 150hp and 235 cubic inches .

    • Beatnik Bedouin

      Yup, it’s the ol’ 235 with triple sidedraft carbs and a few other tweaks. Not rapid, but a nice boulevard cruiser (like the Daimler SP250 and ’55/7 T-birds).

      I always wanted an early ‘Vette, but looking at the price, I realise that at 5’6″, I’m a bit short, this week…

    • Ernie

      Jim, you are spot on…

  6. JW

    Seen one similar to this one at last weekends World Of Wheels in Kansas City. They are nice cars but not that $$$ nice.

  7. gbvette62

    Nice car, but I think the price, and the sellers claims, are a little unrealistic.

    54’s rarely sell for more than $100K. The seller’s trying to justify his asking price by claiming the car is an original “survivor”, yet it’s had paint work, and the engine detailed. Among the papers he has is a list of GM parts and part numbers, including grill bar and teeth, trunk mat, license lamp, bumper guards, etc. I assume that when the paint work was done in 76, a lot of worn chrome and other parts may have been replaced.

    I’m not knocking the car, as it appears to be a very nice and correct 54. The things that often disappear or get changed, like the side curtains and bag, ignition shielding, windshield washer and correct valve cover, are all there. I just don’t think an original interior and some original paint, is justification for $50,000 to $75,000 premium.

  8. DRV

    20 miles from this car is an original owner ’54 that shows up at car shows. I helped recomission a 14k mile original a few years back and the original paint doesn’t hold up. These are ya seen one ya seen em all kinda car, so I like the blue one!

    • VwbussEd

      Is that the one in hunting valley? I’ve seen an original owner 53 or 54 at the 4th of July car show in Chagrin Falls.

      • DRV

        Yes..he shows up in the Solon Tuesday night shows!

      • DRV

        This car turns out to be one I know well and has been meticulously mechanically restored by a local collector who has passed since. I learned tons from him on the mechanics of cars from the twenties to the fifties. It will run and drive as new without a single mark from a tool or cleaner.

  9. EHide Behind

    Those early vettes had more wrinkles and stess marks then, than I do now.
    BUT then it has less miles on it than I have.

  10. Dolphin Member

    I have liked these early C1s…been in awe of them, actually, since about the mid-’50s.

    No, they won’t do 0 – 60 in under 6 seconds….or maybe even 12 seconds. Seeing as they are powered by the Chevy Stovebolt Six, with a 2-speed auto trans, that’s no surprise.

    But Chevy came out with a dazzling 2-seater that has stood the test of time, from 1953 to now, and eventually became a genuine rocket ship even if it started out as a boulevard cruiser—–in any color you wanted as long as that was white.

    I still like to look at these early ones. They look as exciting to me now as they did back then.

  11. Andre

    ‘54 is the least desirable of the early cars. Not the rarity of the first year ‘53, but not the V8 of the ‘55. …$150k can go further on a more desirable car IMO

    • DRV

      Exactly. 55s are more rare also, and better colors , and lucky enough to have a V8!

  12. Maestro1

    I think the price is too high. It’s too high on early Corvettes anyway, years notwithstanding. If i paid that much for it I wouldn’t drive it; it then becomes similar to fine art, and that’s not why I’m in the Hobby.

  13. W9BAG

    This vintage does nothing for me. They’re interesting to view at car shows, but Corvettes should be more go than show. My favorite is a ’67. That Looong hood really turns me on. 427 & a 4 speed, and I’m a happy camper. A very sexy design.

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