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P-Car for $800 in Florida


Yes, it’s a Porsche with the engine in the wrong end according to the P-car purists. But the 928 was one heck of a car when new, and this one has the possibility to be a heck of a car again with some TLC and a little investment. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Doug T for this find. Doug writes: “Lots of GI’s I knew in the 1980s would buy cars like this while in Germany or Europe. I wonder how many people have nostalgia for these now?” I wonder that myself. I certainly remember the fuss that was generated when Porsche introduced the 928, which was so different to any previous pure Porsche (remember, the 924 was a VW-Porsche-Audi combo). The seller has had this car for 15 years and drove it for 10, but it’s been parked for the last year. Currently it has some mechanical glitches, including a transaxle that won’t stay in 5th (although it is the more desirable manual), a power brake booster that needs to be replaced (included) and some other issues the seller details in the ad, found here on craigslist. The car is in Palm Bay, Florida. At this price, I realize a 928 can be a money pit, but even though it’s a gray-market car and may be difficult to diagnose as a result, I think a dedicated 928 lover could de-bug this car over time. It doesn’t sound like the fixes (apart from the transaxle) would be incredibly expensive, especially if you were willing to live without power steering as the seller has. I thought the right buyer for this car would be someone willing to buy a shop manual, do the research, buy or borrow the necessary tools and take on that transaxle, but a little looking found this good used on one on eBay for $1,500 in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m still not sure it would be the 928 for me, but it would get you into the car for less than $2,500 total–what do you think? Do you have nostalgic feelings for this 928?


  1. Rich

    Post already removed. Someone must’ve thought it was worth rescuing. Not too many of these came in manual if I recall correctly.

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  2. MikeW

    That sold fast! A lot of performance for the money.

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  3. George

    Just the parts value was way over $800.

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    • Mark E

      I was going to say the same thing! Just for starters, how much are those phone dial wheels?!??

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  4. MikeW

    The seller should have been watching Bring a Trailer where one sold for over $10k and not running. It has over 600 comments!

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  5. MikeW

    Well, over 10 if you include shipping, my bad.

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  6. jim s

    i see more then the asking price in parts. someone got an interesting winter project and way into the Porsche club. nice find.

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  7. Jeff Staff

    This was a smoking deal.

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  8. randy

    Yes, but they were turds from the very start. Timing belt issues, water pump issues, gray market EPA issues, the cars our shop in the mid 80’s converted were pushed through by the skin of their teeth, and by whatever means necessary. I imagine the buyer will part it out poste haste. They sounded good, but had very little power, and a clutch job was in the thousands back then.

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  9. Grant

    OK someone school me. Why is it a grey market thing? Were they not legally imported? Personally I always preferred the 944 for a poor man’s Porsche. Found and tried to buy one as a young soldier in Augusta Ga many years at. Pretty red turbo. The payments weren’t the issue, rather I couldn’t find anyone willing to insure my 19 year old self on it. So I bought an RX-7 instead….

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    • dj

      Grey Market meant the car was actually not supposed to be here. It did not meet EPADOT standards. Such as headlights, speedo, the filler neck was for regular gas. Things of such. I had an 86 XJS Grey Market car. According to the blank blank EPA/DOT, it had the wrong lights, gas filler and speedo. Those things were corrected when it was brought into the US through the port of Georgia. Of course the VIN number was wrong for our cars and it threw a flag every time I got a tag. So it required a $5000 bond in the state of Alabama just to tag the freaking thing. But the car came from Switzerland new and had high compression ratio. Plus road gears for the autobahn. Loved that car.

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  10. randy

    The dollar was a lot stronger in the mid 80’s, so some genious figured out a way to buy the car direct from the counttry of origin, spend ~5K on an EPA/DOT conversion, and still make thousands in profit. The US dealers could not stand for this, so guess what, more rules for the land of liberty.

    944’s are a bigger money pit than the 928! Balance shafts for the big 4cyl engine, balance shaft belts, timing belts, rubber vibration dampners between the engine and trans that failed often, and were very expensive until they became available in the aftermarket.

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    • grant

      Thanks Randy

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      • randy

        My pleasure, I don’t get to “teach” very often! I was in the middle of the imports when they were very hot. The 500SL MB, from 83-85 (I think) was our best selling import at the time, it was hands down better than the 380SL offered in the US market.

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  11. randy

    The cars for the most part were imported legally, but there is a parts interchangebility
    issue, as well as a miriad of other concerns. Run from a gray market car.

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  12. Booya

    This would have made a great Lemons car.

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  13. OhU8one2

    I’m sure the deal could be risky,and it’s none of my business. I’m positive this car has NOT been in a lake. Right Joel? Dad,should I start the car while your gone? You know for the battery?

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  14. Jasper

    I’ve been all crushed since I sold my 911SC on the cheap at the brink of the bubble. I don’t see myself getting back in that club in any foreseeable future. However, I’ve been watching these, as they seem like a true, white elephant bargain right now. Then I’ll come across an old parts receipt from the 911 and sober up my thoughts.

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  15. Doug Towsley

    I know the owner of the car, thanks Barn finds for posting it!!! Aron is in downsize mode for his projects sitting around. (To the relief of his neighbors im sure). Here is his response on the Shedlist:

    HA! And I still had a parade of clowns making lowball offers and shitty trades like rototillers with ammunition- “I got lots!”. Craigs list is ALWAYS infested with fools. The guy who bought it is a BMW driver with a Datsun Z car project, so now he has two projects.

    It was priced low for an easy sale, it was easy enough.

    Big thanks to Doug for throwing it to Barn Finds, I’m sure the added
    exposure would have sold it for sure, but it was a good deal- for the dreamers. The later models are so much better that it’s night and day, the first two years, 78/79, are pit of frustration.


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