Pace Car Coupe: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z10

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z10

We have featured a couple of Pace Car Camaros, but this is the first one I have ever seen with a roof! Apparently, there were some coupe versions of the special car made, but they were only sold through dealers in the Southwest. They were all RS/SS cars and wore orange Z28 stripes. There isn’t a lot of information available about their production, but the number of bids already place here on eBay prove that a lot of people want them today! The seller claims that only 250 were ever built. I haven’t found evidence to confirm that, but I’m confident that they weren’t as numerous as their convertible brethren. Someone already started restoring this one. New sheet metal has been welded in place and the 350 V8 was rebuilt. That could be good news or bad depending on the quality of the work. Either way, who wouldn’t love to have one of these orange striped beauties?


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  1. Mark E

    And YES! Yet another lazy ass buyer who can’t be bothered to take the car off the trailer for pictures!! >_<

    But seriously that's an interesting fact if it's true. Can any Camaro experts confirm that there actually WERE hardtop pace cars? I, for one, have only seen convertibles. o_0

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      I’m no expert, but there is more information about them here on

      • Mark E

        Thanks for the link, Jesse! That’s why I enjoy this site…I seem to learn something new each day or two!

        For those who didn’t follow the link, there are no official production figures but estimates are given as 400-500 with a bare absolute minimum of 350. If you’re interested in what the Z10 package included, I’d encourage you to read the section about them at the link Jesse provides above.

  2. Dan

    I’m not sure about that southwest only stuff, there are 2 of them here in east Tennessee, one has been owned by the same guy for 30 years. The real ones are stamped Z10 on the data plate, and all the SS and RS pieces….not sure of the production but is pretty low….I have heard as high as 500, but who knows? As for the convertibles I think the total production was 3675.

  3. JW

    While I would like to own one just not this one. I hate buying someone else’s unfinished project as I don’t know how well what’s been done is quality or not. I would rather buy a complete project car or a finished car but not a unfinished one. I bought one basket case in my life and will never do that again. Well someone wants it but just not me.

  4. Rick

    Any idea what the welds of the roof to the sides is all about? The guy says it was never rolled.

    • RollerD

      That is where someone replaced the quarter panels. The roof is welded (from the factory) in that area when the cars were built new.

  5. RollerD

    Twenty grand and the reserve isn’t…crazy.

  6. pontiactivist

    I remember seeing one of these twenty years ago at a car show in Jamestown N.Y. Was a 4speed car. Guy claimed it was one of less than 100. Never saw it or any others since.
    I agree with not buying unfinished projects. Not a fan of other people’s work most times I l find failed projects.

  7. RoughDiamond

    Counting his money before he ever gets it off the trailer.

  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Had two of the converts – 1 was a stolen and stripped car and the other a intirour fire car which I put them back together….these also carry that code stamped into the cowl by the windsheild wiper which is the true way to tell if you have one….had a High School buddy that had the coupe which was just really using that color compo and not a “pace car” as they were all converts…..

  9. Luke Fitzgerald

    Haha – and some of you guys were whinging about the price of the cuda rag!

  10. Grant

    Yawn. Another Camaro. Pace car blah blah. Whatever. It will sell for stupid money, no matter what the condition. And the new owner can line it up at the car shows with all the other Camaros, and I will continue to just. Be. Over. Them.

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