Package Deal: 1967 Pontiac GTO

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a package deal, and that’s what you’re looking at here. You get not one, but two 1967 Pontiac GTOs, along with a huge pile of parts that the owner has accumulated over the past 25 years. These cars may be suitable for restoration, but they may also only ever be suitable for parts. Regardless, there’s a lot here to consider. The package is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and listed for sale here on eBay.

The gold GTO is exactly how it was the day the owner purchased it. There is rust to deal with if you intend to restore it, but the body does look to be quite straight.

The gold car does come with a 400ci V8, an M21 transmission, and a Posi rear end. Also included in the package is two complete Tri-Power setups, and numerous other carburetors and cylinder heads.

The green GTO looks to be in much better condition than the gold one. There are some dents and dings visible, but none of these look to be too bad.

It’s hard to determine how much rust is in the green GTO, but there isn’t a huge amount that is visible. Of course, the photos aren’t terribly detailed, so we’re guessing a bit there.

The green GTO is fitted with a fresh 400ci V8 and a turbo 400 transmission. The engine was rebuilt in the 1970s but was never started. The owner fitted the engine and transmission to the car, primed the oil pump, and then started it to do the camshaft break-in. The engine is said to run well. In addition to the other parts, there is at least one good, freshly machined engine block, a 428 4-bolt main, a 400 that is apart for inspection, and numerous other components too numerous to list.

This really is quite a package. Whether either car is fit for restoration is an open question, although, on the face of it, the green GTO looks like it could be viable. I’m always fascinated by the way that people tend to accumulate these collections over the years. The owner has decided to clear everything as one lot and has set a BIN of $22,500 for the lot, or there is the option to make an offer. The owner is so confident of this package that he has stated that if the buyer pays the deposit, inspects the lot prior to paying for it, and are not happy with it, they have the right to back out of the deal and receive a full refund of their deposit. He must be confident of his product. It really is an interesting proposition.

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  1. Brent

    If I would have known rust would be so valuable a commodity in today’s market, I would have planted the back 40 in wrecked, worn out, junk. Been a rich man today. Hell, so rich I could hire Bill Grates for a butler.

    • Mountainwoodie

      Or even Bill But, point well taken.

  2. Brent

    Would have said Bill G***s but knowing HE is a faithful reader of BARN FINDS he would see it and sue me. Fella got to be careful now days.

    • Fiete T.

      He actually still has his HS ’70 Mustang convertible. It was originally blue or black, but was re-painted red. The man also has a 959 and some other Porsches, DD is generally an armored Lexus sedan, in his favorite color

      • Little Cars

        I thought it was Bill Clinton that still had his highschool 1970 Mustang? And his highschool saxophone. :)

  3. Gaspumpchas

    Hmm. if you were into GTO’s this might be viable. You would have to determine if these 2 cars were worth doing. If I read it correctly, 2 four speed, 2 tri power setups. Hope someone can use this stash, possibly make a better offer. Good luck to the new owner!!!


  4. Steve S

    These would be fun to fix the green car has the 400 automatic in it I believe and the gold car has the m21 Muncie 4 speed manual transmission but if I was able to get both of these cars I would put the tri power setups in both cars and get them running perfectly find a m21 Muncie 4 speed for the green car and restore both bodies to show room condition and fix anything else that needed it

  5. DAVID6

    😲there never was a 4 bolt 428
    × bolted(406)(427)

    • ACZ

      Are you talking Pontiac or Ford?

      • DAVID6

        😲ford just 2 c if uall

  6. Robert Sabatini

    Pontiac 428’s could be had with 4-bolt mains. Starting in 1967.

    • DAVID6


  7. DAVID6

    😲SCJ 429 HAD 4 BOLT’S,👍I HAVE 1
    THAN 1973👍💸 THANK’S 😎

  8. Wrong Way

    Rust or no rust, this looks like a great deal! 22K, I am not sure about, but these need to get back on the road so young people can see a real muscle car!

  9. DAVID6

    😲ford👍i just wanted 2 c if uall
    watching thank’s. take care
    & stay safe, happy new year

  10. Jimmy

    If I read the ebay ad right he states the gold car is a 3 speed car but at the end says it’s a 4 speed, did he switch trans or description mistake. I would put the 4 speed in the green one with the 3 deuce setup restore the body and sell the rest to recoup some of my investment.

  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member


  12. Leman

    Some 67 GTOs are valuable I know of one that was sold to someone in Australia for $68.950.00 Totally re-done. The same color as this Green one which is the same color as the one my bro-in-law had when it was 2 years

  13. Ric Parrish

    He also said the ‘engine was rebuilt but never started, then said it was started to run in the cam, then he said it runs well. Never started? This guy bears watching.

  14. Troy s

    Those blueish wheels on the gold one remind of a few bomber ,stockers from Cajon Speedway, ugly! Pretty cool green goat, drop in the 428, built of course, leave the automatic in it and set it up as a tribute street machine, something for the young people to get a kick out of as noted above. After awhile those museum quality restorations get sort of boring and really don’t represent what these cars were truly like after leaving the showroom floor.

  15. Steve S

    David6 yes they built a gto with a 428 ci engine the royal dealer back in the day was right down the street from the Pontiac head quarters so they got together with the Pontiac engineers and developed the royal bobcat gto package and it had the 428ci engine in it and it had a better tune on it and a higher compression and a piece of rubber in the valve springs to help to keep them from getting damaged and some other things

  16. Saul

    The jute padding shown can’t be doing the floors any good on the one car. Go back 30 years and these cars would have been on the back lot, languishing in the $500 or less section. Those blue Cutlass wheels would have to be sold off obviously. If the seller is serious the green car should be taken out for better photos and both trunks and suspension areas should be shown in better detail.

  17. pwtiger

    I’m not sure if a tri-power set up will fit on a 400″ engine, I have always wanted to put one on my Cat conv. with the 400. I have an old 389 that has the tri-power, I’ll have to take a good look at the heads and water pump. Maybe an old Pontiac guy will chime in…

    • Robert Sabatini

      That tri-power intake should fit on a 400 with minimal port-matching. I’d use the intake gaskets to match both heads and intake with minimal hand machining to get a good alignment on the intake ports!


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