Pair Of 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vegas

Two 1975 Chevy Cosworth Vegas

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If you are looking for a pair of mid-seventies project cars, these two 1975 Chevy Cosworth Vegas are looking for a home. Located in Fond de Lac, Wisconsin, the cars a being sold as bill-of-sale only. Neither car has a title, but they do have keys. The mileage is 21,163 and 55,390, but both could be rolled over. There are VINs listed for both cars as well and the Buy-It-Now price is $3,495. Thank you, Patrick S, for the tip. You can view more on eBay.

Two 1975 Chevy Cosworth Vegas

One car is missing an engine while the other has one, but is in unknown condition. The seller claims they have attempted to spin the fan but could not, and have not tried any other way of attempting to start the car. It does have a 122 cubic inch, twin-cam inline four-cylinder engine. That is connected to a 4-speed manual transmission. The car is equipped with disc brakes up front, along with front and rear stabilizers.

Two 1975 Chevy Cosworth Vegas

Neither car’s interior looks to be that bad. Both have all the trim and dash components. Everything appears to be complete. Other than some spare tires in the back of one, a quick cleaning could get them worthy of a road trip. It is helpful to have a parts car, and thankfully one can donate parts to the other, but really there are two good interiors in this situation. At this point, it would be fun to put a larger motor in one.

Two 1975 Chevy Cosworth Vegas

The seller states in the listing that they enjoyed looking up information about these cars. One thing they mention is that originally when new, these cars were double the price of a base Vega and only $900 shy of a top trim Corvette. These two cars might not as appreciated and respected in today’s age as they should be, but you have the chance to bring both home for one price and continue the niche legacy these cars have.

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  1. sir mike

    SAD…How can they not have titles???

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    • YooperMike

      Junkers, these didn’t last long in the UP of Michigan. You could usually find one or two of these in junk yards in the early 80’s.

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  2. Fred H

    Sorry to say these cars are not moving. With the asking price and the price to transport two of them. is way to much.

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    I would say the miles are 100% correct. I have seen through the years many non running Cosworth Vega examples with low miles. A testament to GM quality. Last one I saw was complete w/title showing 40,000 some odd miles (non running of coarse) for $700. The guy did have it cleaned and all the tires had air. No thanks

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  4. Tirefriar

    At times like these I wish of winning the lottery. Not to buy these cars but to buy the time to tinker with them. The engineless wonder would be a recepient of an upgraded engine but not sure if it would be a turbo I4 or a V8. Manual transmission would be upgraded as well. The second car would be a restoration project. In case anyone wonders,I have a soft spot for the Cosie Vegas.

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  5. P

    I remember the ad..

    Cosworth Vega.
    One Vega for the price of TWO

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  6. HoA Howard A.Member

    I could tell right away it was Wisconsin by the cloudy skies, where the sun refuse to shine. There was not much interest initially, and even less today. Someone might buy one today, for the sheer novelty, but it has to be nice. Nobody is going to fix these and are merely parts cars for the half a handful of folks that are into them. Still a cool find for someone.

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  7. Gary S.

    It’s too bad the Cosworth cameout when it did. A few years earlier might have made all the difference.Original this motor had close to 200hp then the EPA happened……and buy the time they passed emissions regs,i think they were down to 95 hp? I can’t remember exactly but read the history on the GM heritage site.My father in law has one that we are working on now. A victim of someone who did not know the procedures of rebuilding this engine and honed the cylinders out with a regular ball hone… Due to the silicone impregnated block there is a special honing procedure to bring the silicone out. Needless to say not a problem anymore.. our block now has steel sleeves!They don’t get much love but i like these little cars and they can be fun to drive! Think his price is high with the condition of them and the shipping costs involved. But hey,maybe someone closer will get them……who knows!

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  8. canadainmarkseh

    A Vega by any other name is still a Vega. These were a POS right from the get go, to bad too there styling was pretty good. I wouldn’t give up a metal slug out of an electrical box for these two cars. I say cube them they will be easier to transport.

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  9. Del

    We have seen these before ?

    I doubt any Cosworth made 100,000 without blowing up.

    Hard to see anyone willing to put cash into these. Give them to someone who will part them out

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  10. JoeNYWF64

    These cars & pintos, etc. back then have 1 thing that wont rust or fade or discolor – optional stainless/chrome exterior door frames!! Even the std body colored ones were STEEL & shiny, just like the rest of the body & all they needed was wax periodically to keep shiny. While all new cars have flat black cheap plastic side window frame covers, just waiting to fade & look terrible, just like modern clearcoat – waiting to peel. Yuk.

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  11. Paolo

    The local dealer Parker-Robb Chevrolet in Walnut Creek had an unsold one in their showroom for many years. I wonder what ever became of it? I’m sure the mileage on these two is accurate. They were the perfect storm of bad idea, poor quality and market entry timing. They are even worse than you have been lead to believe.

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    • Tirefriar


      I am not sure what was the mileage of the Parker-Robb Cosie but here is a recent auction result:

      Personally I think the seller was bonkers not to accept the highest bid…

      No, I am not delusional about the value of these Wisconsin wonder twins presented here. I had a 74 GT so very well aware of the problems and issues. However as I said, I do have a soft spot for Vega, especially the Cosworth.

      If you go to BaT and search for Vega quite a few of these pop up and with prices all over the board. Really depends who is looking when the auction is live.

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  12. Stevieg

    Howard A’s comment made me laugh. His observation of Wisconsin is dead on lol.

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