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Pair of Amazons: 1967 & 1968 Volvo 122’s


The Volvo Amazon has always intrigued me, although not enough to buy one (yet). Extremely tough, with pleasing lines and robust mechanicals, I know many enthusiasts see these as great daily drivers, historic rally cars and just fun to have. These two have popped up here on craigslist in Regency, Florida for $3500 for the pair.


Over 650,000 of these Volvos were produced over a 14-year period. I was surprised to learn that four-door models like this one were rarer than the two-door models, comprising about 35% of Amazon production. I’m more than a little worried about the underside condition of this example considering the obvious moistness of its resting place – I wish these HAD been in a barn! Based on the rust trails from the rear screen trim, it’s been outside for a while. Dents in the door remind me of a similar one put there by a previous owner of my Spitfire, and once that metal is stretched, it’s very difficult to get it back smooth again.


The seller tells us that the four door has a 1.8 liter engine and a 4-speed; no overdrive is mentioned, unfortunately. Apart from the taillights, the car appears relatively complete. Why is it that people frequent remove taillights and headlights from project cars and then stop?


Moving on to the more common two-door, the ad tells us that this one starts and runs, and the body looks a little more solid, although I hope that hood hasn’t been left up during its outdoor storage period. We can only hope that the missing grille and lights have been stored somewhere out of the elements.


We can learn several things from the underhood picture of the two-door. It’s obvious that the car was painted green previously, and the lack of overspray indicates that it either was originally green or it was a decent quality respray. SU’s are present, along with the air cleaners (missing air cleaners are frequently an indication of attempts to start a car). I’m curious about the large component in front of the radiator—is it an oil cooler or part of an a/c system? I’m guessing the black tank on the driver’s side wasn’t there from the factory either.


The owner explains that the interior will need work, and the cracked dash certainly indicates it. What we can see of the passenger seat doesn’t look bad, though, and an original steering wheel adds charm. Is that underdash vent on the passenger side the remnants of an a/c system?

Obviously, some inspection is in order, especially with the rust possibilities. What do you think – are these worth going to see?


  1. Fred

    That’s an add on AC unit under the dash and in front of the radiator. Gotta be a rare item in these cars, as around that time, even a Ford or Chevy was not too likely to have air.

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  2. rapple

    Fred, correct on the AC, a rare item, certainly dealer installed or aftermarket.
    The black tank (where the brake booster ought to be) is a strange item, not really installed just perched there. Possibly a fuel source to get it started along with that haphazardly placed battery??
    Both probably have serious lower body rust issues along with all the deterioration resulting from humid outdoor storage that would make returning them to useable condition a painful process.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      @Rapple, Fred: thanks for the AC info–I agree on the temporary fuel tank.

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  3. MGsforMe

    I’m going to rush home and put the turn indicators back on the Jag, quick!

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Haha, good one! Wait, I just looked out in the garage and one of the taillights has been removed on my own 122. Oh no, I had better go fix that tonight!

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  4. Leon

    I’ve noticed many cars left outside as project or abandoned. Their lights become the first targets of vandals or thieves.

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  5. RickyM

    These two look good enough to save and then go rallying, assuming all the missing bits are included in the price too. Really like these cars- they are tough and just seem to run and run!

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  6. jim s

    the listing has been deleted, so did it sell? if the cars had been close to the BF home base we might have some more volvos in the BF project fleet. nice find

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  7. Richard V

    The ’68 should have side marker lamps like in this image.

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  8. Andy

    Had a ’64 122s 4 door with 4 speed shift. Had some great times with the car when I had I it from 1969 to 1977, Some of those times are a bit foggy!

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