Palm Springs Special! 1992 Ferrari Mondial T

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Resplendent in Blue with Dove Gray top and interior, this 1992 Ferrari Mondial T in Palm Springs, California comes to market for the first time in 21 years. The desert climate and seller-described regular maintenance has this claimed 37,000 mile exotic driving “like new,” according to the description here on Craigslist. A five-speed manual gearbox puts you in control of the gear changes, and unlike most Maranello masterpieces, the Mondial offers room for four, providing your rear seat passengers are young or spry or both. The $65,000 asking price makes Ferrari ownership less painful than buying a new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, except while the Chevy depreciates before you’re home from the dealer, this four-seat Ferrari’s value only goes up. Thanks to reader Pat L. for spotting this desert flower.

Gray interiors ruled the day in the ’90s, and the subdued hue of this Ferrari looks far better than most. The tall polished metal shift gate recalls Ferraris of the ages. The array of rectangular switches typifies European styling of this time as well. Forget about the stereo; the symphony of a fuel-injected V8 behind your head provides a rewarding soundtrack of your own creation.

The mid-engine 3.4L (208 cid) V8 makes 300 HP, propelling the 3300 lb Mondial to 60 MPH in about six seconds. Ferrari changed the configuration from transverse to longitudinal with a new transaxle in 1989, taking the “T” designation from the look of this new drivetrain design. Thanks to AutoEvolution for some details.

The rear is deliciously and distinctly Ferrari, and while the Mondial may play second fiddle to its more ferocious two-passenger siblings in snootier circles, Mondial owners get all the stares and attention in traffic and first-class treatment at the valet stand, plus room to share the experience with two extra people!

Rear seats in the Mondial seem no more constrained than some 21st century sports cars like the 4th-generation Chevrolet Camaro. Check out the interesting front passenger shoulder harness system.

Massive air intakes behind the doors add style and obvious function. Factory 16 inch wheels look like skateboard wheels compared to today’s monster rolling gear, but the mid-engine Mondial T’s 0.89 g skidpad rating gives most drivers all the grip they need to corner with today’s portly muscle cars. Ferrari only made 840 of the Mondial T, assuring exclusivity. This color combination may polarize potential buyers, but I like it, especially the blue. For full price, though, I’d hold out for one with the more traditional saddle interior. Do you consider the Mondial T a “real” Ferrari?

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  1. Tony Primo

    It’s still $10,000 cheaper than the 1967 Impala SS posted today and I bet it’s more fun rowing through the gears!

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    • Mikey P

      I thought that Impala was WAY overpriced too!

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  2. TomP

    Wow, that’s a beautiful car. Any Mondial basher that thinks that car is junk needs a new monocle.

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  3. Wes

    The Mondial has always been my favorite of the prancing horse stable. I have owned 3 Ferraris, but could never find a really nice Mondial to acquire.

    I can’t have one at present due to my back and leg issues, but I am still breathing heavily when I look at this beauty. The blue is gorgeous, and right behind “Chrome Yellow” in my book of favorites. This car really needs to blue …. Oh, I have to get off this page or I am going to buy something I can’t use….

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  4. Howie

    I had a red 92 T and sold it a few years ago, this looks great in blue with that interior, i have seen this listed somewhere else other than CL.

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    • Howie

      Yes, this is on Ebay with a starting bid of $58k, but that may not make the reserve?

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      • Howie

        Last time on Ebay the starting bid was $58k, it had no bids, then the seller relisted it with a starting bid of $59k, now it is at $59,200 with reserve still not met. What a beauty in that color combo!!

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  5. Charles Atlas

    I’ll stick with my 1986 White Ford Escort Hatchback 4sp (no radio).

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  6. drew

    I like the older QVs with black bumpers like the one posted yesterday but the T is an improved model. Here is a guy who knows these cars and appreciates them.

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  7. Big C

    Do you have to pull the engine to tune up a ’67 Impala? Asking for a friend.

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    I talked to the owner several times and he clearly seems to be a straight shooter and very nice guy (and definitely a “car guy”). Unfortunately, when all was said and done, it was just about $7500 out of my comfort range. I hope that the new buyer will keep the car in California; this car deserves it!

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      nothing deserves to be kept in California! Wat did this car do to you? Hey Mondail! Get out of California.. there’s a better life for you elsewhere! They will turn you into an EV!

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  9. Mike

    Fantastic color combo. All I see them in is in boring red.

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  10. douglas hunt

    this is a sharp car !!!

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  11. Crows Nest Pete

    Again, way over priced, but a T is better than the rest, colour scheme interesting, BUT, you DO get much more for Rosso Corso ones.

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  12. T-bone bob

    Located in Palm Springs, CA

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  13. Ward William

    The only person thin enough for those back seats is Olive Oil. Nice car.

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    • PAT P.

      Only if she could somehow remove her legs.

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  14. Joe Elliott

    The linked photo of the drivetrain doesn’t really illustrate the unique transverse gearbox especially well; here’s the image I expected to see when I clicked on the link:

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  15. Howie

    Sold on Ebay, $61k.

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