Pantera Barn Finds Still Exist!

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From Dave C. – In May of 2014 I found a true barn find up in Northern New York. A guy had a stored 1973 Pantera sitting under an inch of dust for over 19 years. The car was beautiful so I purchased her and shipped her home 9 hours away. Barn finds do still happen and I can attest to that. Here is a picture of her found with the previous owner and now sitting in my driveway! Thank god for barn finds!

pantera done3

This gives us all hope Dave! Many “experts” have claimed that all the good finds have been found, but we all know there are still out there…

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  1. MH

    Amazing car!!!! I love it!!! Great find. I also like his other cars, a cobra (fake?) And a El Camino and motorcycle.

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  2. MH

    I also love the guys beard! Mine is similar.

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  3. paul

    So I’m guessing this guy is Santa Clause & this is his ride & he’s dropping it off at my house this year….Ho Ho…. nice find & very nice job.

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  4. Billy

    Looks great. Would you consider selling it?

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    • Dave C

      Sorry Billy, not interested in selling. I am enjoying the time with her too much…..she is a blast to own!

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  5. Scott

    WOW, I wish I had your luck. It is beautiful.

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  6. Billy

    Good for you. Congratulations on finding it and keep enjoying.

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  7. Art Fink

    Just curious, Dave, did your seller mention if the Cobra is an original Shelby or a Replica? Thanks, always loved the Pantera’s….excellent buy…..

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  8. Dan h

    That’s awesome! Now put it your barn and let me buy it from you in 10 years!! Haha!

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  9. jim s

    very very nice car. glad you found it and are enjoying the car. great find. thanks for sharing. any chance you could post a photo of the motor?

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  10. FRED

    only in new york !!!! i love new york.what a great find. i have been searching barns in ny for 40+ years and have found some nice cars but never anything this nice in such good shape. good luck with it and have fun.

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  11. SidMember

    How about sharing a photo with the inch of dust? No way you could have missed taking a barn find photo.

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    • Dave C

      Sid, The picture you see is what we took. The car was tucked away in the corner on skates. My son and i pushed her out and cleaned the dust off with rags before we took a picture. Yes now after buying her, sanding her down, priming and painting, i wish we would have taken some natural pictures of her sitting there. Regretfully the one posted was the first picture my son took.

      Art, as for the 427 I do not know, he told me it was bought in the late 60s. He also had a 70 Boss sitting in the building. Quite a collector. Not interested in selling anything else. We have become friends as we communicate on the progress of the Pantera.

      Jim, the motor was in pieces (6 boxes full). We put it together and lit her up perfectly. I can send you some pictures of the motor. It took 5 of us and a cherry picker to properly install. The 351 c is quite a beast.
      Thanks everyone, just wanted to let the world know, barn finds still exist. Dave

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      • jim s

        the motors are fun to install in these. i think one motor photo posted to the site for everyone to see. after viewing this posting i went to the web and listened to pantera motors being run as it has been a while since i heard one. thanks again

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  12. Joe

    I know where there is a blue ’72 sitting in a nice country neighborhood under a tarp in a customer of mine’s driveway about 55 miles north of Orlando.. He has given up on getting it roadworthy. I keep intending on getting under it to see how bad it is, but I think it’s pretty solid. I owned one for 23 years and they are bottomless money pits. If I had back the $$$ that I put into that one, I could make 5 round-the-world trips……….Oh, and my wife refused to get in it for about the last 8 yrs. I owned it. Why? Well not because it probably scared her, but because she got tired of pushing it off in front of nice restaurants in heels. And that was after I had upgraded most everything on the car.

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  13. zero250 jeff in wv

    Way back in 1975, when I was in college at VPI, I found myself standing in the showroom at Colonial Motors in Huntington, WV looking at a new, white Pantera………..The sticker price was $13,500……..I dreamed to myself, “I should buy this car. It will never be worth less than that”…….But since I already had two Austin Minis ( a Cooper S and an 850cc van, both 1967s ), and because I had no money left, I walked away……I have always wondered where that Pantera ended-up………….at least I still have both Minis!

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  14. Joe Howell

    Be still my fluttering heart………………………………Those fantastic Italian looks with American muscle for power, and it’s red. It gets no better.

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