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Parked 16 Years: 1977 Dodge Charger SE For $1,475

UPDATE – This Charge has been relisted, here on eBay, now with a BIN of $1,475. If you’ve been on the hunt for a budget-friendly project, this one might be worth another look!

FROM 1/15/21 – The Dodge Charger maintained its mid-size profile from its launch in 1966 through 1978. After that, it would be known as the Magnum until its rebirth in the mid-2000s. Using Chrysler’s B-platform, the fourth generation would begin in 1975 and the Charger would share its new body with the Chrysler Cordoba. We’re told this 1977 Charger hasn’t been started since about 2005, yet the interior looks extremely nice. Equipped with a Chrysler 400 V8, this car is located in Stillwell, Kansas and available here on eBay with the bidding is at just $1,025 but the reserve is still open.

Beginning in 1975, the SE (Special Edition) was the only Charger that would be offered. Because of the squarish-styling changes made for that gen of the Charger, Dodge had to keep using its older Chargers in NASCAR because of better aerodynamics. The cars remained little changed through the last ones in 1978. While you could get one with several engine choices, the 400 big-block V8 was at the top of the list and is how the seller’s car came equipped. But those big engines weren’t as beastly as they once were.

This Charger hasn’t run in 16 years and was parked either because something broke or it wasn’t needed anymore. We don’t know which it is or what it will take to get it going again. At a minimum, the gas must be bad by now, so the fuel system is going to need attention. 58,000 is reported as the mileage. No attempts have been made to get the car going as the battery was swiped and the cables cut (someone must have been in a real hurry).

The dark blue paint is faded or worn on much of the car and the seller says some degree of rust is present, although just the trunk lid and one wheel well pop put. We’re told it’s complete other than missing wheel covers (and that wayward Die Hard). The glass and chrome look good although some trim pieces are said to be in the trunk. That 16 years of hibernation are said to have been indoors, which is why the interior looks nothing like the exterior – it’s really nice! Seats, door panels, dashboard, and headliner all look good although the status of the carpeting is hard to tell.

We don’t know whether this car’s future is being a donor or a light restoration project because NADA still considers them used cars (aka cheap wheels). $6,000 is about tops for one of these Chargers would go for and a new paint job and mechanical work will likely put the total cost over that. But it looks too nice in general not to be put to good use again.


  1. Avatar photo Al_Bundy Member

    Needs that fine Corinthian leather ! Pretty good cars, except that Chrysler “lean burn” system designed to satisfy emissions standards. Disable the smog pump and replace the carb would bring that 400 to life. Not in favor of that, just remember working at the neighborhood garage as a teen in the ’80s. These things were often intolerable to own because of constant stalling in cold weather. The dealer could not legally alter them, but the local Sunoco station would ! Don’t like to be too critical about price on something I haven’t seen in person, 2k may be fair (?)

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    • Avatar photo Charlie G

      Your incorrect when it came to the dealers not being able to remove the LEAN BURN system when the Air Sensor failed and convert it over to a standard electronic ignition. I owned two Daytonas side by side. Both with the junk Lean Burn.

      I worked for several Chrysler/Plymouth dealerships from the late 60s to late 70s. All the dealer or you had to do was apply to the EPA for a certificate to acknowledge that the LEAN BURN system had failed its test and needed to be replaced with the authorized conversion kit which included a new electronic distributor, regulator, ignition control unit, an appropriate conversion wiring harness and very well explained manual for the conversion. The certificate didn’t cost a thing and was to be kept in the glove box to satisfy the state vehicle inspections that were rampant across the country at that time. Cost of the kit was about $175 through any of the Chrysler dealerships (you couldn’t get it any other way since it had a registration number applied to it and had to be entered on the EPA certificate). While you or the dealer were waiting on the piece of official paper, you could install the kit.

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      • Avatar photo Mark

        Or take a 383 distributor and use that i think that’s what we used, aftermarket intake and Holley carb……

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  2. Avatar photo Steve R

    Rare, but not desirable. Due to tha amount of visible rust, bid on it assuming it’s a parts car.

    Steve R

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  3. Avatar photo Tim Morefield

    Owned a 1975 Charger SE right out of high school in 1979.
    Apparently it was a special order.
    It was red with a full black vinyl top,instead of the Landau top,black vinyl button tucked interior with bucket seats,center console with the floor shifter,and the 400 4bbl engine.
    Was a great running car. Sold it to my brother when a 1967 mustang I wanted became available a couple years later.

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  4. Avatar photo rustylink

    6 Large on a malaise era non runner with a lean burn and rust so bad you see daylight?! – I’d say the seller is an optimist…

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  5. Avatar photo Sam61

    Sing along! Charger/Cordoba, potato/patatoe, tomato/tomatoe…just let it rust away!

    Thankyou, I perform two shows nightly in the breakfast bar at the Cairo, Illinois Days Inn.

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  6. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    As I stated in the last Cordoba post, I like these Chargers.
    Maybe not this particular one, but I do hope that someone can give it some love.

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  7. Avatar photo Kevin

    I’d want it for about 2k.I would clean it up,make driveable,get rid of the lean burn crap,and drive the hell out of it,fun transportation you don’t see anymore.

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    • Avatar photo JoeBob

      The price is down to $1475 today.

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  8. Avatar photo john

    Stroker kit I think makes the 400 into a 472? I had a Police 400 and with a cam, headers, duals, and a new advance curve, the 400 was pretty easy to wake up with the TQ.

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    • Avatar photo Kevin

      The 400 was a very durable engine and could easily handle a .060 overbite and 440 or other custom crank to punch it out.they can really scream with the right goodies

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  9. Avatar photo Mark

    Worked with a guy who replaced the 400 with a 440hp and 727 tranny out of a totaled out 70 Charger! That 77 really hauled after that, burying the Speedo needle no problemo😎

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  10. Avatar photo Arthur

    If the shell of this car isn’t too badly damaged, it would make a good pro-touring machine, especially with a Hellcat under the hood.

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  11. Avatar photo Jeff Bryan

    I remember when I was a little boy my great aunt had a 1978 Dodge Magnum XE. Brown with a light brown half vinyl top it was beautiful my dad went looking for vehicles in 1978 a beautiful black dodge magnum with t-tops is what I wanted but ended up with a Dodge royal Monaco station wagon needless to say I was disappointed because at 15 driving the old wagon in 1986 to school then we didn’t care what we drove as long as we had wheels. I still think inheriting the magnum would has a nice date with Stephanie

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  12. Avatar photo Johnny

    How come this Chrysler . Does not have a outrageous price like the rest of Chrysler cars? Same running gears. These are great running (with a little wake up help. Ditch the carb ,electronic ignition distributer and electronic junk and you have a a –hauling machine .Comfortable riding and that long hood. Fix it up and ride like a king.

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    • Avatar photo Kevin

      That’s the problem, it was the same as the Chrysler cordoba, and yet called a charger,so it got no respect, it was no good for nascar,due to being too square,but the 2 year only dodge magnum was better looking and more aerodynamic, for 78-79.so the last b body charger was 78.when the 2 door magnum came out.they were nice.

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  13. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    SOLD for $1,549.

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    • Avatar photo bone

      Nope, its a no sale and has been relisted .
      At first I thought it was a decent deal for a complete Charger, but when I looked at the Ebay pictures you can see its not just the trunk lid that’s rotted out, the fenders ,doors, rockers and quarters all need work and/or replacement. With all that and a non running slug of a 400 v8 ( which you couldn’t give away back in the 80s) ,I’d say the seller would be lucky to get 500 bucks for it.

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  14. Avatar photo Jimmy H.

    Desirable to a Mopar fan, and also ’cause of the rarity. The 75-77 Chargers sold very poorly due to its loss of the performance look, and that it was a carbon copy of the Cordoba. However less than 10% of the Chargers had a 400 installed. If this car has the desirable E68 Police spec 400 (245hp) than its a must buy. Hope the new owner restores it!

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  15. Avatar photo Kevin

    I would give it a good going over,fuel system, brakes,etc,fluids,delete the lean burn,clean it up,and just drive it.

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  16. Avatar photo Steve Clinton

    GM should have sued Chrysler for cloning the ’73 Monte Carlo.

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    • Avatar photo karl

      Sure, and Ford should have sued GM for cloning the Mustang and Falcon into the Nova and Camaro .

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      • Avatar photo Mark

        Preston Tucker’s children should sue the big three manufacturers for all the safety innovations he incorporated into his car the big three stole after conspiring to and succeeding to drive him out of business.

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  17. Avatar photo Bill

    Still too much maybe $147.50

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  18. Avatar photo S

    The interior & seats look very nice on this.

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  19. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    The listing has been removed from EBay.

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