Parked For A Long Time: 1969 Ford F-100

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“’69 Ford pickups work like trucks, ride like cars…give you better ideas all around! Ford gives you better ideas in ride. The first time you drive a Ford pickup, you’ll be impressed by its carlike smoothness. You’ll like the way Twin-I-Beam front suspension flattens out the bumps and keeps the front end steadier and more level – even on panic stops.” So says a 1969 Ford pickup brochure. This 1969 Ford F-100 is posted here on craigslist in Venice, California Florida and the seller is asking $6,000. Here is the original listing, and thanks to Tony P. for the tip!

In 1966 for the 1967 model year, Ford introduced their fifth-generation pickups and they were made until the 1972 model year. They’re known as “bump side” trucks due to the protruding body line down the sides. I’m partial to this era of Ford pickup as a 1969 F-250 was the only vehicle my parents ever bought new.

The seller says that this truck has been sitting for a long time but we don’t know how many months, years, or decades that was. It looks like there’s a fair amount of rust to take care of, but on the other hand, compared to one that had been driven in winters as ours was and was almost totally destroyed by salty roads in a decade or so – even after having been “Ziebarted”, this truck looks great to me.

The seller does say that there is some rust but the floorboards are solid. The seat had to have been recovered at some point and the steering wheel and maybe even the steering column isn’t original so someone was in the process of bringing this one back to life and then lost interest or something else happened, which is often the case. I’ve been there myself as most of us have been.

I expected a V8 here, but this is Ford’s six-cylinder, I believe it’s the 240 OHV inline-six, but they also had a version. Hopefully Bob or one of the other Ford experts will know which engine this is by looking at it. The 240-six would have had 150 horsepower and 234 lb-ft of torque. The seller says that it runs and has had the carb replaced as well as new plugs, points, and a distributor. I’m assuming the distributor cap but I could be wrong. This one sends power through a column-shifted three-speed manual to the rear wheels and Hagerty is at $13,800 for a #4 fair-condition truck. This is a bargain at the seller’s asking price, isn’t it?

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  1. Casey

    This would be an excellent truck to buy and enjoy.
    Reasonably priced, great shape, what’s not to like.
    Have fun at your local car shows. Drive it, enjoy.

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  2. Bear

    Looks nice.
    BUT that sheetmetal appears to have a lot of salt air damage, with rust thru in unusual places.
    Even the inner fenders in the engine bay have a solid coating of surface rust.
    (…more rust than if it had been parked AWAY from the Pacific Ocean’s salty air.)
    Price is kinda low, but I fear that the new owner will be chasing rust issues on this one for years to come.

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  3. Big C

    I think I had a Matchbox toy that looked like this truck. If the tin worm is not too bad, this seems like a great deal.

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    • Midway

      It looks like a 1970 box. It’s worth 6K as with any restorer you will be 10K in the hole when done and worth 18K

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    • Bill ToelMember

      My Matchbox copy of this truck was bright red. Fifty years ago I told myself I was going to buy one of these some day.

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  4. Davey Boy

    Can’t believe this truck is still available. It may have some rust but lately I’ve seen a “LOT” worse for a lot more money. I’ve always liked the “bumpside” Ford truck and making things better, this one is a shortbed. Needs a V8. Just my personal preference. Leave the stance and put some aluminum slotted 50’S all around. White letter tires. Either Cooper Cobra’s or BFG’S. Body work and all black paint. Would be stunning.

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    • Steve R

      In the heart of LA, it’s hard to imagine it hasn’t sold. I wonder if you contact the seller they’d say there is a lot if interest, then ask for a nominal deposit to hold it for you.

      Steve R

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      • Steve R

        My mistake, I thought it was Venice cali, not Florida.

        Steve R

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      • Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

        Ahhhhh! Sorry about that, folks, Venice, Florida, not California! My apologies.

        Thanks for the correction, Steve R, Johnathan Marshall, chuck, and others.

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  5. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Good job Scotty. While it doesn’t have that metal-falling-off rust which we think of when seeing old trucks like this, it looks like it does have its share. I don’t know which straight six engine it is. Sport Custom, that means it had a dollop of extra trim. That trim level was about as fancy as they got at my small, blue-collar-town dealer. Anything with a three-on-the-tree is fine with me.

    That said, I like simple trucks like this, they can be a great canvas to start from. Bring it back as a humble-looking stock truck, or go the restomod direction.

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  6. Terry

    Looks a lot like my first truck,a three on the tree with a 300 six. That was a great running pickup that eventually rusted and collapsed while carrying a couple drums of seal coat. Drive train was awesome and I would love to have that simplicity and milage again.

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  7. Ronald Ballard

    My dad bought the 68 300 6cyl. 4 speed F250. It was completely asphalt sealed inside every panel and 100 % undercoated. Dad bought off reading tires from Dick Cepek in California. Dad passed away in 1970 and his truck was sold. I saw it one more time a few years later and the entire body was rotted out so badly it looked as though it had been dunked in Salt water. What a shame.

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    • Kenneth Carney

      Dad bought a ’67 Ranger 3/4 ton long
      box with a factory 428 and C-6 tranny.
      Was glossy black and decked out to
      the nines with the factory chrome trim, roof mounted running lights, and
      air horns! The truck was 6 months old when he bought it from Galloway
      Ford Town in Bloomington. Right after we got it, my kid sister was fooling around next to the air horns
      when I decided to pull the cord that
      worked the horns. Needless to say,
      when my parents found out, I couldn’t
      sit for a month! Great looking truck
      and I still recall it to this day. As for
      this truck, who needs a huge V-8 when you can get just much power
      with a built 300 cube 6 just like the one they put together on Power nation a few few years back. With a turbocharger, split exhaust, and some beefed up innards, they got 1HP per
      cubic inch and over 428 foot pounds
      of torque to boot! Back it with a 4-speed and a VERY STRONG clutch, and you’d have one very unique truck.

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  8. Johnathan Marshall

    I’d question it only for the fact that that same truck is listed on Facebook marketplace in North Port Florida

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  9. Jim Helmer

    I love those Ford 300 6’s I had a 93 with a 5 SPD I bought it with 100,000 miles on it and put 60,000 more miles on it.
    It didn’t burn a drop of oil.
    The only reason I got rid of it is the body fell apart from the salt.

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  10. HoA HoAMember

    Many moons ago, I had some friends that rented a farmhouse, and the landlord had this exact truck. It had like 3,000 miles, in perfect condition, all the guy did was use it for dump runs. So many crackpots in this country,,,except us, of course. I was informed, it’s okay to add to the story, almost welcomed, in fact. I suppose the staff figures, let a member PAY US to write for them. :) I believe it’s the 300, indicators may be the fuel pump, the pcv oil cap, and heater hoses. Some sources say, ’68 was the last year for the 240, besides, by ’69, the most popular motor in a F100 was the V8, but if a 6 was wanted, the 300 was without question, the most popular.
    Price is certainly acceptable, so why isn’t it sold? NOBODY WANTS IT! Oh sure, us old timers would LOVE a basic truck like this, my neighbor has a similar truck, sitting, and I thought of buying it, but today, this is just grandpas old dump runner to most. Their loss.

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  11. Dave Smith

    My first truck was a 1970 green inline 6 w/ 3 on the tree. I miss that truck.

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  12. chuck

    Do a visual on this one , that whole area fo Florida was hit hard by hurricanes recently and lost of rural areas stayed under water for a while and that was tidal surge water hence salt water immersion .

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  13. Troy

    Wish I had the A week off soon, buy it for $6k take it to Dallas Texas and sell it to Richard at Gas monkey garage for $10k he would do what his shop does and probably get $25k++ out of it

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  14. David A Sanford

    You can’t tell a 300 from a 240 in a pickup by just looking at it under the hood, as they have the same block and external accessories. The only difference is the stroke, so the cranks and rods will be different. The cam is different in that the 300 has an steel cam gear setup versus a form of plastic in the light duty 240’s. Most likely this is a 240. When I was a kid, we got a brand new 1967 f100 long wheelbase with the 240 and three on the tree. I loved that rig.

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  15. Joe Haska

    This is crazy cheap, except all you have are photos and it lived in Florida. For comparison I just bought a 1973 in AZ. been in storage a long time short box, 2 WD, 302 3spd column, factory A/C, Ranger trim, one owner original paint, low miles and runs and drives: Price $25,000 I think I stole it! $6,000 for this one, it is certainly worth chasing , if you can.

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  16. Timothy Vose

    Swell pick up. Lots of work😳

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  17. Bob l

    North port and venice Fl are very close to each other. About 20 miles

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  18. Richard Gugenberger

    we had several trucks just like this one where I worked they were all the 240 ci 6 which I think this one is also , good trucks ran on and on forever !

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  19. Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

    Hmmm… nobody wants this truck for $6,000? It’s somehow still for sale.

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