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Parked In ’78: No Reserve 1969 Chevrolet Corvette

Update 1/15/20 – This Corvette got bid up to $5k, but the auction winner must have backed out. So, it’s back up here on eBay with no reserve. Is there anyone brave enough to take this one?

From 11/23/19 – Up for sale in a no reserve auction is this 1969 Chevrolet Corvette that is in need of restoration. It has sat rotting away since 1978. The seller states their displeasure about that circumstance. There are 139 bids from people who think this car will be a good build. With all of those bids, the price is only $3,127. Mileage clocks in at 41,000 miles and the title is said to be clean. No VIN is listed. This Corvette is located in Freeport, New York and you can view more on eBay.

1969 Chevrolet Corvette

It is unknown if the 350 cubic-inch V8 will come to life. Once you get it running, you can enjoy driving around, connecting to the car with a 4-speed manual transmission. Having two photos showing the condition of the engine and engine bay are helpful. Even more helpful are all the photos showing the underside of the car. These are all possible because the current owner has the car at their shop. Those pictures show a lot of rust and the frame is compromised. Even still, the bids continue to rise.

1969 Chevrolet Corvette

A few photos show the interior condition of the car. Ripped seats, dust, moldy carpets, and other unpleasant attributes compose the cockpit. This is not the worst of conditions though and it might not take much to get it comfortable and clean enough to spend time in while driving. That is after the mechanical and frame issues with the car are remedied. Hopefully, that is not too costly.

1969 Chevrolet Corvette

That cost will also depend on the price that this no reserve Vette will sell for. Currently the price does seem worthwhile and is reflecting the amount that you will need after purchase to restore it. The hard part will be when it crosses an amount which begins to be too high to start. What is that price? It may be between 5 and 8 thousand dollars in my estimation, but that is just a guess. You might have a better idea and we will soon find out when the hammer comes down.


  1. Boris

    A lot of rot in the frame is possible, be cautious here.

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    • Paul

      At this price no need to be cautious….expect the worst and you will still come out ahead!

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  2. TimM

    Looks solid enough!! If the price point doesn’t go much higher it would certainly be a good project!! 350 with a 4 speed would be a fun drivable car!!!

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  3. George Mattar

    Never gonna be NCRS car, but who cares. Judging from the tach, this is a 300 hp 350. Plain Jane. Headers rusted. Gonna need a ton of work. $25,000 car at best when done. I just finished a mechanical resto on my 73 coupe. Parts alone pushing $6,500. But I have a turn key reliable driver. Body and frame mint.

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    • Dave Tacher

      It would cost you $50,000 just to make the call look mint for that kind of money you can go out and buy a new Challenger

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      • dogwater

        A Challenger ? junk you could the corvette drive able for around 20k

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      • Paul

        Yes you can go buy a new challenger…..and watch your car and money depreciate and only be left with a used dodge.

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  4. Tom Member

    Someone needs to be honest here. Time of death……called. Sad. The person that let this car get in this condition, wow.

    As a rust expert and having owned several 68-73 Corvettes, this car is trash. I guarantee the birdcage is rusted out and the rear frame rails in front of the rear wheels where they rot through, from the top down, are rotted too. EVEN if they are NOT, this car has so much rust and moisture damage it is not worth restoring.

    It will take $100K to fix this car. Don’t even get me started on the condition of the fiberglass.

    Other than being a 69 Corvette with a 4 speed, this car is a nothing car. If it were an original 427 Tripower car I don’t even think that would be worth it. If white is the original color, that is not helping it either. 41K miles, maybe it was BUT with this extreme neglect which is criminal, low mileage doesn’t matter.

    Every inch of this car is in need of replacement, refinishing, rebuilding and restoring. Not worth it. Like George said, maybe if you put $125K into it, it will be worth 40K when done. The fact that the rust is through and through, it is everywhere, anyone who says this car is worth restoring does NOT know what they are talking about. You would spend more in parts and materials than the car will sell for….forget the amount of time. UGH !!!!

    Time of death, called. Sad, but true.

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    • 1Ronald

      You seem to be trying to discourage bids. Trying hard. You’re one of the bidders hoping to get this? Nothing is hopeless as long as it still shows the basic of how it left the factory and this does–top to bottom.

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      • Tom Member

        1Ronald, fair enough, I never thought of that honestly, but I can see your point.

        Not trying to discourage anything. I would not take this car for free. Total disaster. Why invest 6 figures plus in a car that won’t sell, once restored, for more than what, 40K?

        Ruxvette has completed my thought below very well.
        FrankSumatra, right on, stored since 1978…..oh….at the bottom of a lake!

        I apologize to some degree for my negativity but I hate when people trying to sell something make it sound so great when in reality some sucker will get completely screwed. All I can picture is Kurt Russell in his plaid sport coat on “Used Cars”!

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  5. Frank Sumatra

    I think it was actually underwater at some point as the buyer most certainly will be.

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  6. bobhess bobhess Member

    Agree with Tom. Too bad. These were neat, fun cars then and now. Not so much fun here.

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  7. roger

    Looks like a hurricane sandy car freeport n.y was underwater this is a shame

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  8. ruxvette

    “I can ship it anywhere at the winners expense. Its the perfect project for the right person.”
    There is no winner here except the seller. Project for the right person? Somebody with too many dollars and not enough sence

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  9. Chevy Guy

    I love the look of the C3 Corvette!! Definitely one of the best looking Corvettes!! This ones a little to far gone.

    God Bless America!

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  10. Joe

    Bad frame doesn’t scare me. Bad body mounts and birdcage do.

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      There are a number of 3d party frames out there, most are set up for improved drivetrains too.

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  11. Karl

    I also have to agree with Tom the spots you see the BAD rust in the pics are just indicators that the birdcage section is very likely worse than what we see here. Yest the frame can be repaired but IMO it’s would not even be close to worth it for this car. The last time I saw a Vette this rusty it was totaled because of this issue it was a MN car that somebody drove in the winters. This is sad I like Vettes a lot.

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  12. John Oliveri

    Hurricane Sandy destroyed Freeport, Baldwin, and Long Beach NY, this looks like it languished in salt water for some time, might be too far gone, hope not

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  13. PRA4SNW

    150 bids – most from the same buyer, in $20 increments, as if he is bidding against himself.
    Not only that, but most of the “bidders” have names that start and end with a number.


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  14. Kelly Waldrop

    If someone buys this back up the Brinks Truck.

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    • Ike Onick

      And then drive it over the Corvette. Rinse, and repeat.

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  15. Gaspumpchas

    sold $5100….


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  16. Keith

    Rear frame rotted so bad you can see thru it ! This is a shame to let a car get in this shape .

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  17. Classic Steel

    Wowsa A whole lot of frame rust shown.
    This is a frame off to get to work welding sections of frame sold for these cars.

    Then it sweated so bad the chrome distributor and wire loom covers and breather are shot.

    This means the bird cage is probably shot as is the body mounts in the firewall area on each side. Then the ones behind the floor kick panels are shot….
    I bet the thin metal under the top fiberglass panels above hidden headlights are shot too . A bear to separate and reapply new metal.

    No worries they make these parts and
    each trip to a Corvette reproduction
    Parts shop are a minimum $400 as parts are high like mopes .

    Inerior door panels $600-800
    Seat covers $800
    Carpet 250
    Engine rebuild at shop 4000 (bore it for more ponies)
    Paint 10000
    Frame pieces not installed 2000
    Convertible too 400 not installed

    Ready to say include labor and its cheaper to buy one together…

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  18. Comet

    This car definitely spent some time in the deep end of the pool. Yard art at this point.

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  19. Brian K.

    I would crush this.

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  20. Brian K

    This car is not worth 5k. In fact, it’s to the point of no return.

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    • Paul

      It sold for over $5000 so it was worth at least that to the seller!

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      • Brian K.

        Mad props to the sale. I just see a money pit on this one.

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  21. Steven Ramos

    The Sandy storm got to this corvette..

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  22. bikefixr

    I can’t imagine how bad the birdcage must be….

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