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True Barn Find: 1967 Chevrolet Impala

Every now and again, a listing pops up that leaves little doubt that the car in question is a true barn find. Some vehicles are staged to look like they just rolled out of the barn, while others have clearly not turned a wheel for many years. This 1967 Chevrolet Impala has been parked since the early ’80s with plans for restoration that never materialized. Find it here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $2,800 and no bids yet.

The seller has listed a suggested opening bid of $1,999.99 with no reserve, so there’s a chance it could be bought for less. The photos aren’t great, but from what we can see there’s an Impala with a fairly clean nose and completely sunburnt rear quarters and trunk. Glass appears to be intact and the tires surprisingly still hold air. The seller doesn’t know much, other than it was partially disassembled for a restoration that never materialized.

The interior isn’t great, but it’s not a lost cause either. It’s impossible to tell what sort of condition the dash pad is in or how well preserved the seating surfaces may be. The seller does state that the floors seem solid, but he hasn’t physically gotten under the car to assess their condition. His speculation is, that with a roof over its head, floor rot shouldn’t have blossomed into a significant concern yet.

The Impala has a V8, but the seller doesn’t know which model (maybe one of our readers does?). The trunk is said to contain most of the chrome and other trim that you’ll need to restore this Impala, or possibly to recoup your investment if parted out. I can’t tell from here if this Impala is worthy of restoration – what do you think? Will the 35 years of outdoor storage be too much to overcome or will the pleasant North Carolina climate yield a surprising survivor underneath?


  1. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Technically, a “lean-to” find, big difference. Cars under lean-to’s for years don’t fare much better than cars outdoors, as evidenced here. The fender badge says 327, but who knows. What a mess,,but,,,it is a ’67 Chevy 2 door, and you have to start somewhere. With 0 bids, doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon.

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    • Avatar photo bry593

      Look at that, the trunk lid is off and yet the rear quarters are not rusted out. Believe it or not, being covered with a steel roof is actually a good way to keep water off of a car, and thus fend off rust! I know, whodda thunk it????

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  2. Avatar photo canadainmarkseh

    I have to say this is pretty close to being crushed. The paint on the back half of the car isn’t sunburnt off, it looks like it was sanded off and then left to rust. You can’t do that and expect good results. If your thinking about doing a project like this in your spare time as money will allow you can count on this being a five to ten year project. At this point in time these impalas are still fairly desirable but I can’t see that being the case ten years from now, unless Hollywood popularizes it in a movie or tv show.personally I’d say spend more money and buy one in better shape.

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  3. Avatar photo Richard F

    Ugh! What a shame – this one can go down in the category of “the best laid plans of mice and men.” The car would have literally been better off had someone not ‘fixed on fixin’ to git around to gittin’ that old car all fixed up’. Too bad indeed.

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    • Avatar photo Ryan

      Hate when they don’t git ta gitn !!!

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  4. Avatar photo Saul Member

    Hidden wipers to boot! So like everyone else has said this is pretty far gone, may be a good start as the front grille and bumper look cherry. Lean tos sometimes allow rain in just as bad, if not worse, blowing onto one side of the car parked underneath. One side tends to get blasted by the worst weather while the rest is somewhat protected. I’d rather take the building this is sitting next to, piece by piece, to use on my farm in the country.

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    • Avatar photo Howard Ford Jr.

      Concealed wipers came out in 68.

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  5. Avatar photo Sal

    This is the kind of project that doesn’t look all that bad until you have it disassembled. Then you realize that all of the time you wasted on it could have gone into a nicer car.

    ‘Start off with a better car’ is an important lesson for young car people to learn. Unfortunately this car is too much $$ for that lesson.

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  6. Avatar photo Chevelle guy

    sorry dude , shes a parts car at best … 35 years of sitting on the dirt , i would bet the farm that the underside and frame is shot …. bummer

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  7. Avatar photo mike b

    I call “shed”. But wait a while longer & it may be a barn find when the collapse is excavated.

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  8. Avatar photo Gaspumpchas

    cant see pass side….junk and wet trash inside? How bout moving that hood?? Geez,,,shame it sat so long…


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  9. Avatar photo Alexander Member

    @Gaspumpchas U can see plenty of the passenger side if’n you open the eBay listing. One can almost smell the bird droppings through the computer! So looking at the interior this is an air conditioned car, dash pad looks perfect. Riding on Buick Riviera wheels. Looks like it was someone’s baby for a little while. Never realized without the end caps on the rear fenders and taillight panel how much this body looks like a Pontiac Catalina or Bonneville from the same era.

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  10. Avatar photo Miguel

    What a shame that happened to such a nice car.

    I am sure a Buick out there somewhere cold use those rims.

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  11. Avatar photo ACZ

    Needs more than a restoration. It needs a funeral.

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  12. Avatar photo cmarv Member

    I’ve sold way better cars for what they weighed . As said above the TV show will end and full size 67 Chevys will not be a big deal . BTW , the TV car is a 4 door . My 16 year old daughter showed me .

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  13. Avatar photo Aaron

    Definitely a shame. If you give me $1999, I could haul it away for you.

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  14. Avatar photo bruce baker

    I love this Model/year of Chevy, So if i bid $5, & win, do i still have to pay the $500 deposit ? Sorry if i seam stupid, but the closest i have been to an Auction is on TV as a rerun. So i wonder how much a shipper would charge coast to coast, C state to C state? Chevy’s Only near Burbank, once told me “you could build a entire 1967 car from our huge inventory”. This car could cut that huge bill down a bit maybe? At the time i was thinking of replacing my stolen( in 1980) 1967 RS/SS Polyethylene clear coated Camaro this way. I still am thinking of doing the Camaro, but this car is very, very, tempting.

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  15. Avatar photo Brian L Weyeneth

    Seller says car is in Madison or is it Greenville? Madison is in the central Piedmont of NC, near Greensboro and generally unaffected by Atlantic hurricanes, whereas Greenville is an inlet / coastal NC town, and generally feels the effects of Atlantic hurricanes. Over the last 35 years there have been some real haymaker rainmaker hurricanes. Food for thought.

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  16. Avatar photo mark houseman

    I’ll go the 3k if it includes the hundred acres it’s sitting on……

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  17. Avatar photo Joe

    sure look to me like it might have a 327 emblem on that right front fender.

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