Parking Lot Find: 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix


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This relatively interesting-looking 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix is located in Columbus, Ohio, and is being sold by a person of few words here on eBay.  You can buy it now for $2,500 or put in your best offer for the car. I grew up liking these big Pontiacs–let’s take a closer look and see if this one is worth saving.


I could deliver another lecture here on how if you want to sell a car, take some decent pictures first, but I fear it would fall on deaf ears. However, from what we can see the car appears relatively straight. I wonder what it would look like washed off? I realize that many times we would like to keep the old paint intact; I’m just trying to figure out whether this car is red, orange or pink? I do like the clean rear styling–a lot!


While the interior isn’t great, all the components are readily available. For example, here’s front and rear seat upholstery. And here are new door panels. And here’s a carpet set. So if you decide to restore the car, or at least improve the interior appearance, it’s easy to do. How do you like that gauge in the center console? It’s a factory vacuum gauge! And although that looks like two radios on the dash, the one on the left is actually the climate controls.


I wish we could show you a closer view of the engine, but it’s not included. The seller says it’s a 400, but if it’s the original engine it would either be a 389 or a 421 according to what I read. We do get a view of what I’m pretty sure is body filler in the left front fender. The seller tells us that the engine runs pretty good, but the transmission will need to be replaced. As far as I’m concerned, even though I like these Grand Prixs, that seems to make it too expensive for me. However, at least one value guide places a low retail value (obviously with a working transmission) at over $6,000. So maybe I’m wrong? What do you Barn Finds readers think?


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Martyd

    Assuming the car spent all of its life in the Columbus, OH area and was exposed to the elements on a regular basis, there won’t be much to save. You better know your way around a welder if you take this one on. In my opinion, it’s a parts car at best.

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  2. fred w.

    I’m amazed by the factory vacuum gauge, I decided to buy one to work on my 390 and was unable to find one, even at Harbor Freight which carries everything else.

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  3. Everett LanierMember

    My uncle Garfield had a blue and white one with blue interior! I was 10 !

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  4. Doc

    I have always thought the “Wide Track Pontiac” to be one of the coolest cars out there. A tire smoker indeed I like the 8 lugger, this isn’t one of course, but still this one isn’t 1/2 bad. Dig the back end..

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  5. ken

    car looks pretty beat down for the money.. like you say they should cleaner up and take some better pics…

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  6. Joe

    Best rat rod color ever! Should be in the Museum of Modern Art. Can’t be duplicated. The exterior alone is worth the price of admission. The seller says “The car is in pretty good shape”. Who can argue?

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  7. Barry T

    I never saw one that color even back in 1963.

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  8. Glenn Brown

    When I was 19 I picked up a 63 GP $300 and drove it home of course that was 42 yrs ago!! The car had original. 389 which smoke bad and needed rebuilt. So then began the restoration project after long hours and hard work the car was ready body work completely done and primered. I was ready to drop rebuilt engine back in the coming up weekend and then it happened came out Saturday morning and it was gone stolen never to be found!!! So very heart breaking for a 19 year olds first attempt on a restoration. Thought I would share that I sure would love to have another one!!!

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  9. Woodie Man

    I know we’ve gotten a little elastic with the English language, but saying this car is in pretty good shape is like calling a garbage man a “sanitation engineer”.

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