Parts Car Included! 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS 396

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I’m a glutton for punishment. I like these old ’60s vintage Chevrolet Impalas but this is the second one that I have encountered in as many months and it’s a bit less than ideal. It has some nice options but it has issues too so let’s take a closer look. It is located near Pine Hill, New Jersey, and is available, here on craigslist for $4,500 Thanks to Rocco B. for this tip!

This is actually a twofer because there is a second ’67 Impala, a non-SS model, included in the sale; it’s a parts car and yes, it’s going to be needed but there will be more discussion on that later.

Back to car #1, it is outfitted as a SS model, and ’67 was the final year for separate SS model identification via the VIN. While that information is not included in the listing, it’s safe to assume that this car is as advertised. Whoever ordered this SS so many years ago specified the optional 325 HP,  396 CI V8 engine. The seller states that it is the original engine but it would seem to be non-running. He’s mostly silent on that point but does claim that he has not tried to turn the motor over. The engine shows as intact but the air cleaner is from a 427 CI engine, you can make out the “385” HP claim decal on the air cleaner, not that it matters much in this case. The transmission is a Turbo Hydramatic 400, three-speed automatic which is always a nice inclusion.

The interior is pretty ratty. What isn’t ripped and torn is degraded and dirty, it will need a complete makeover. And that’s not difficult with an Impala of this era as you can rebuild the interior from a catalog. And the tough to find stuff like the center console is still in place, replacements are expensive! Also of note is the original Delco radio, those are frequently MIA.

The elephant in the room is this Impala’s body, it’s pretty well shot. The quarters, rocker panels, trunk pan, and one fender will need to be replaced. The seller has the parts and they’re included in the sale so that’s a step in the right direction. The seller also claims that the doors need to be repaired but they are restorable. Of note are the original SS hubcaps. This was the last year for unique Impala SS hubcaps, they are a surprising discovery as they are usually long discarded.

But here’s where things get interesting. The frame on this Impala SS is shot. And I have to say, of all of the ’65 to ’70 examples that I have seen over the years, I have never encountered a frame with side rot like this. So that’s where Impala #2 (non-SS) comes into play, it will provide its frame to Impala #1, the SS subject car and the new owner will have to supply the actual swap. These are not complicated cars and it can be done (the TV show, Fantom Works, pulled a swap on a ’65 model a few seasons back) but it’s a lot of work. And Impala #2 is looking a bit shaky at this point so there’s no telling what one may find under it.

This project has “pass” written all over it. A ’67 Impala SS, even with a 396 engine, is not a rare car. There were about 76K SS models produced in ’67, though it is unknown how many were powered by which engine. But, if you’re up for a challenge and want to put your personal imprimatur on a significant project, this may just be the challenge for you. So, what do you think, go for it, or hold out for a better example?

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  1. Steve Douglas

    “Buy the nicest one you can.” This isn’t it. Too bad – Love the 67-68 Sport Coupes.

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  2. Timmyt

    I have a 68 not ss, original numbers match 396 factory air automatic $3000 would own it

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  3. jerry z

    I’d rather buy swiss cheese before buying the un’holy’ mess! That car can clean out anyone’s bank account!

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  4. Duaney

    Far too rusty, better to find a clean western example, maybe use the remains of these for parts.

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  5. angliagt angliagtMember

    The ’67’s were,to,the best looking year for these.
    This one looks like a lot of $$$$ will need to be invested.

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  6. TH

    Why not just put the 396 in the donor car? The vin tag is the only thing left once you swap everything out.

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  7. steve

    I bet she was sexy when new….shame to see it like this

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  8. JackMember

    I always liked the 67s. My dad was at the dealership looking at a new 67 with the 327 automatic that was blue. I preferred the red one on the showroom floor that seemed to be a lot more attractive.

    This was a desirable car at one time with the 396. Too bad it is not in better condition.

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  9. Bernie H.

    Trailer included in the price?

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  10. TimM

    The whole ass end of this car needs replacement!!! The price definitely reflects that!!! It’s sad to see an SS in that condition!!!

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  11. bone

    Its in New England , Where the tin worm never sleeps -The green one is probably nearly as bad as the red one if not worse

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  12. Nic

    Those pesky little critters.!!! What’s the bottom line price.?

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  13. Joseph pfingston

    By both of them right now cash

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    • Joseph pfingston

      By both of them right now cash what the price

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