Parts Car Project: 1980 Pontiac Trans Am

Don’t look past this 1980 Solar Gold Pontiac Trans Am at the 1977 Can Am behind it. The feature of this article is the car in front! You can see more pictures of the car here on eBay. The car is bid to $1,650 and has less than 2 days remaining in the auction. The Trans Am is located in East Greenbush, New York and was purchased by the seller from an impound lot. The Trans Am carried the touch for performance cars from 1973-1979 but Pontiac dropped the large displacement V8s in 1980.

The interior of this car is trashed but it does contain the hood scoop. The base tan interior might be able to be cleaned up and the dash is said to have only one crack. The car is not well optioned but does appear to have a rear defroster. The Trans Am is being sold on a New York bill of sale because the original title is lost. The towing company that had the car claimed the water pump off the car so it is not running.

As you can tell, there are a few other problems with getting this car running. The seller states the car has been off the road since 1997 and the car is rusty throughout. The rear of the car seems to be the worst and the rear frame rails are rotted away. Fortunately, the front and rear bumpers and the spoilers are plastic and fiberglass or they would be gone also.

This car would have been equipped with the Pontiac 301 cubic inch V8 engine from the factory which delivered only 155 horsepower and was a shadow of earlier Trans Ams in terms of performance. With approximately 50,000 Trans Ams built in 1980 this car is not rare. Unfortunately, the seller states that he is keeping the rear window louvers. So is this car worth saving or parted out to keep other Trans Ams on the road?


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  1. Moparman Member

    Parts car only, too many unknowns. Looks like a Pontiac graveyard, and by the way, the “unobtanium” spoiler is broken on the Can Am!! :-)

    • Tom Member

      RIGHT !? On the Can Am Spoiler !! Too bad. Can Ams are cool.

      That Firebird (and I am a BIG Firebird fan) is JUNK, parts car….MAYBE….Rotted out. Total neglect. Way easier to spend some of the budget on a WAY better car than to try and polish that turd!! Plenty of them out there for sale and more ARE coming.

    • JoeNYWF64

      Even if the endcaps are good, the center section goes all the way down to the edge of the trunk – hard to fabricate – Pontiac should have made it shorter & possibly used/modifed the firebird rear spoiler center section.

    • Nick P

      Tree fell and broke the spoiler. But it is complete and repairable. Seller is my son. He has 4 can ams, all numbers matching.

      • Gord

        would he be interested in selling one of the can ams?

      • DayDreamBeliever Member

        Thanks for chiming in!

        Eh, on another note…. When the dash behind the VIN plate is rotting away, the car is in deep, deep doo-doo.

      • Nick P

        Yup. I think everyone agrees it’s more of a parts car than anything else. If someone wants to restore it though, that’s up to them. To each his own.

  2. John Oliveri

    Always a shame to loose a Pontiac, but this one was not a really nice one to start, it if it wasn’t so rusty it could’ve been converted to a nice 400 400 car, but I think this one is toast

  3. Dex

    Parts car only. Best thing about it – the cool vintage rear window louvers!

  4. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $2,425.

    • W72WW3

      A not too wise person and their money parted…..

  5. Vern

    Not a car worth restoring, not even a parts car. My dad has a mint 80 T/A with maybe 50,00 kms on the clock. His car with the black Hobnail interior doesn’t even look sat in. I think the max he can get for his is 15K. These aren’t sought after cars and probably never will be. The 77 and 78s still bring a good buck and the 69 to 73 T/As always bring big money.

    • RTS

      Not even a parts car??? Some have no idea of the value of parts!! Having restored a number of this gen Firebird, I see tons of parts that are worth having. At $2,425 no, but if someone were to give this to me I would be pretty OK with that. 1970-’79 TA’s all bring good money in the right condition. As far as Dad’s mint TA, with those miles, unless it’s restored it’s not mint.

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