Parts Car Skeleton: 1968 Dodge Charger

The second-generation Dodge Charger was one of Chrysler’s hottest cars in the 1960s. From 1968 through 1970, nearly 225,000 copies rolled off the assembly line. The tunnel-roof styling, hidden headlights, and available muscle power helped put the Dodge Boys back on the map. This example from 1968 was purchased by the seller to help rebuild another project, so not much remains of it besides a skeleton. No engine, no transmission, no VIN, no cowl tag, no doors, etc. Located in the woods around Myersville, Maryland, this Mopar used-to-be is available here on eBay for $2,000 (Buy It Now). Or you can hit the Make Offer button and have at it. Thanks, Larry D, for this forest find.

Late 1960s Chargers were popular with all sorts of people. Secretaries might opt for the 318 cubic inch V8, aspiring executives who wanted snappy good looks might go for a 383 V8, or the performance buff who went for a 440 or 426 Hemi. The Charger was chosen for the now-famous chase scene in Steve McQueen’s movie, Bullitt, and a decade later The Dukes of Hazzard would paint one orange and call it General Lee on television.

We’re told this Charger had a V8 with an automatic, but they disappeared long ago. Along with a bunch of sheet metal and the chassis, though the seller says it comes with a V8 K-frame that isn’t in the photos. The seller’s purpose for this car was to help restore another one and the only good remaining parts may be the C and A-pillars. In one of the photos, there appears to be a second 1960s Charger in the background.

Unfortunately, the car was picked up by the roof with a forklift at one point, and that effort twisted and bent it. This raises an interesting question: if you were to buy this shell, how are you going to get it out of the woods? Winch it onto a trailer by dragging what’s left through the dirt? Or bring your own forklift and damage it further in the same way? I suspect a lot of our Barn Finds readers will say to just leave it where it is.


  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    Rust in piece.

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  2. shelbyGT500 Member

    What’s left ?

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    • mike

      Maybe…just maybe…the right 1/4…or a few more laughs

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    • Steveo

      What’s left? Just about everything has left. And the headlights are especially hidden…so there’s that.

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  3. skloon

    Next on Graveyard Carz

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    • MOTRV8D

      GC has already picked up two of these hulks in Washington state. Almost rusted to oblivion in conditions best described as a swamp, the moss-covered skeletons were dragged onto a tow truck and eventually the rear shells of the interiors were “harvested” to rebuild other project cars in progress. Leave it to Worman to find value in these rusting Mopar carcasses.

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  4. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    I saw this and thought it was April 1th! 😂

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    • Chuck Dickinson

      April “ONETH”? 1st=”FIRST”!!!

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  5. Fred

    Restore or drive as is? The question for any enthusiast.

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  6. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    Pick it up with a fork life one final time and deposit it in the crusher.

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    • JACKinNWPA JACKinNWPA Member

      Crusher? Just step on it!

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      • Scott Williams

        And get tetanus? No thanks

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      • Steve from Pa.

        Once upon a time. Long,Long ago. This was a beautiful sweet machine rolling off an assembly line brand new glistening automobile with that new car aroma! Way back In 1968! I was four years old. My memory can picture what she looked like back then. Now just a mere ghost of what she used to be. Let her “rust in piece” to be returned to the earth from hence she came.

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  7. Doone

    Scrap cr^p!

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  8. bw

    It might be worth bidding $0.25 just for grins

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      But you might win it.

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  9. MoragaPulsar

    Great post actually! Click bait for sure. but worth it here. You will be hard pressed to top this one.

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  10. Cncbny

    1of 3 factory ultra lightweight scca mopars!

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  11. Joshua

    YOU MUST BE KIDDING! Give me 2 grand and I will tow it away.

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  12. Tracy

    A vintage muscle car I can afford!

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  13. OldSchool Muscle

    Not even worth to scrap just leave it be with the other trash car in the background..

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  14. John Dechiara

    Most of that will just buff out

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  15. Grant

    In a better world, this would be a joke, but I am afraid it probably is not. Of course I suppose you could pretend it is 1976 and put big wheels on the back.

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  16. angliagt angliagt Member

    “Ran when parked”? – Maybe it’s a rough neighborhood.

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    • Jim Shee

      Beat me to it!

  17. Howard A Member

    Even Crusty Ramblings has its limits,,posted clearly for shock value.

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    • Steve

      Howard, wasn’t “Crusty Ramblings” a C&W singer?

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      • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


        I think you are confusing Crusty Ramblings with Red Rufansore.

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  18. Fred

    I could see 500 bucks if you needed a quarter, some drip rail parts, the top of the cowl, or something of that nature, or maybe even looking for a cheap roof skin. But that’s really all left and you’d have to be very brave for that effort anyway. At least it’s got cross bracing structure added so hopefully, it’s still semi-square. If the seller gives you a good k frame and the other car as well at 500 I think you’d be doing well. The sad thing is these cars are so outrageous in price that you can buy so many different running-driving project cars for 2 grand that are way cooler than this at least in my eyes or you could have this.

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    • David Lewandoski

      not even the roof skin is any good thanks to the forklift.

  19. Sarge

    I think the hulk in the background of frame 4 has more promise.

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  20. Rob

    Now selling, a left side A pillar. $2000. LoL, someone will buy it!

  21. Gary Haas

    Any and Everyone that has a piece of the 2nd gen Chargers wants to take part in the extreme prices on these.

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  22. Lothar... of the Hill People

    If this was a piece of scrap was a ’68 Bronco piece of scrap, the price would be $4000.

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    • Rico

      I agree. Those first gen Broncos are bringing ridiculous money and they’re all rusted out unless it’s been restored in the last few years.
      Most cars are designed to retain water and they rust wherever the water stands.
      Planned obsolescence is the factory term, every one of these I’ve seen, sometimes, looks great from the outside, but it’s the underside that rots away first.

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    • Big C

      Nah. The Mopar boys started this trend, years ago. This thing is the culmination of their craziness.

    • Steve

      Love your handle, Lothar.

      And my favorite tune is “Sdrawkcab”.

  23. Martin Horrocks

    What is the point in featuring this?

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    • BlackTa

      Funny comments, that’s why.

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  24. Bunky

    At current scrap prices you’d be upside down hauling it in if you got it for free. I suppose that there’s a chance that someone needs a piece of what’s left- and that single lotto ticket could be the big winner.

  25. R.I.P.

    If you look really close, you can see the sellers METH LAB in the woods……LOL

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  26. Merc200

    Does AC blow cold?

  27. Eddie

    Where is it at? I don’t see any charger in the picture?

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  28. Howie

    Does it run?

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  29. John Traylor

    Best laugh I have had so far today. $2.00 and that is too much.

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  30. R.J. Rains

    ….ran when parked….

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  31. Shuttle Guy

    Well, no VIN # here

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  32. Paul N

    no contest today. Hands down winner for Joke of the Day

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  33. Frank Barrett Member

    Dodge this Charger.

  34. Pete

    The only reason I came here was to get some humor, I got more than I thought.

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  35. PairsNPaint

    It’ll buff out.

    Sorry, had to say it.

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  36. DA

    The eBay description says it needs work.

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  37. Doug

    A little bit of soap and rubbing compound. Look like it came off the showroom floor. Or maybe from under it?

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  38. schooner

    If there’s no tag how can you get it registered?

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  39. Captain

    Why even post this trash? The scrap man say it’s not worth the hassle to remove it.

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  40. MOTRV8D

    The point is there is value in these rusting heaps, it just takes someone who is knowledgeable about them to find where to cut out the part that’s worth salvaging. The prices of restored Mopars in general and Chargers in particular is what is giving these rotted remains monetary worth.

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  41. Melton Mooney

    No thanks. My leaf guys gets me leaves pretty cheap this time of year.

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  42. Moparman Member

    How much for the one in the background; looks to be in “better” shape! :-)

  43. George Birth

    Some guys will try to sell ice to an Eskimo. That seems to be the case here. This guy is looking to get paid for hauling his trash off.

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  44. bone

    You guys are crazy, it just needs a cosmetic refresh and some deep cleaning !

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  45. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    Probably offered by a local body shop called Colby’s in Myersville, they do a lot of muscle car work.

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  46. DON

    I’m sure the roof damage was caused by the loader in the junkyard picking this up for loading on the sellers trailer . He stripped it of anything of value, and is trying to get some of his money back that he paid the junkyard

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  47. Steve

    87 watchers and no bids. What does that tell ya?
    $2,000 (Buy It Now), AHAHAHAHA! Seriously?

  48. Steve

    I have a outside mirror for a 69 Camaro. Maybe I’ll list it here.

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  49. Jay McCarthy

    $2000 for barely garden art LMAO

  50. Emel

    This had to be ‘Hollow Man’s’ ride.

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  51. Brad460 Member


  52. Erik Morris

    What a joke. Some twit will find a way to look at this and see “value”, but all I see is a dumpster fire.

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  53. Larry D

    LOL Forest find LOL

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  54. MoparMike

    Next years Barret Jackson numbers matching Hemi car.

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  55. Richard Haner

    pretty likely it was dumped in the woods without a vin tag for a reason…

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  56. angliagt angliagt Member

    Seller also left out lines like “I know what I have”,
    “No time wasters”,& “Don’t try to low ball me”.

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  57. Rodney - GSM

    “Soup Bone”

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  58. Mike

    $2.00 at the scrap yard maybe, if there’s enough metal left! Rust doesn’t count

  59. Treg Forsyth

    Life’s greatest burden? great potential, well maybe not great….

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