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Parts Or Project: 1953 Hudson Jet


We hate when sellers are extremely vague in their ads, especially if they are asking top dollar. We can live with it though if they have priced their car accordingly. Take this Hudson that’s listed here on eBay and parked in Laughlin, Nevada. It’s a 1953 Jet and while the seller provides almost no information, their BIN is just $500 with bidding at just $0.99. The Jet is a relatively rare car as it was a two year production run with approximately 35k produced. A car like this, we would want to know a lot more about it’s condition and history, but for $500 or less, it might not be that big of an issue.

Jet 1

The owner needs to sell one of his many projects and it appears that the Jet is the first one on the block.

Jet dash

Whether it is a parts car or a project will be up to the next owner, but at this price you could easily part it out and make your money back. And yes some of the floor pan has rusted through.

Jet int

The radiator is in the back seat and more daylight beaming from under the car because the floor is gone here too.

Jet rear

The owner has extra parts for this car but they are not listed with the ad. If you need some Jet parts and you are in Nevada, it might be worth a look just for the parts. We don’t know what the going rate in Laughlin is for scrap steel. There is about 2,600 pounds here…



  1. Mike R

    Have to wonder how many modern NASCAR fans know of Hudson’s dominance in the sport during the early 50’s?

    This would be a great car to bring back, you don’t see many at shows…

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    • RayT Member

      Since this car is neither a Hornet nor equipped with “Twin H-Power,” its connection to Hudson’s string of NASCAR wins is about equal to a Ford Falcon’s to a Galaxie.

      Yes, it’d be nice to see this brought back, as there are so few left, but it would be a gargantuan task. Certainly beyond me; it would take a real Hudson fanatic, one with access to parts. I’d hope the Jet’s current owner would give up his stash of bits — whatever they are — with the car.

      I saw and drove one of these many years back. They were pretty decent machines.

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  2. Scott

    Gasser material

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  3. Stephen

    How much parts commonality is there between the Jet and the “big Hudson”?

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  4. Rick

    I already know what this car smells like inside. But its nice dry and apparently rust free. Never see these. Most people have never even heard of a Hudson Jet. I grew up in the 60s and was a car freak from day one and the low production explains why I dont ever remember seeing one.

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  5. GOPAR

    Though I’m a “keep-it-original” kind of guy, it would only make sense to to me to rat this one or build it as a race car. It will never produce a financial return as a restoration unless these take a drastic up-swing in the old car market. It looks solid enough to merit consideration for a cool custom build. If you like “different”, set the body on a cheap late ’70’s Vette frame and enjoy!

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  6. Karl

    Disney Pixar made a whole new generation appreciate the racing Hudsons in the movie “Cars”, but they’re not likely to buy or restore one…just go to the Disneyland rides!

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  7. Wayne

    Its a shame that these jets were called Hudsons. A true Hudson they were not.These were the cars that sped up Hudson’s demise. Sacrilege.

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  8. Ed P

    I agree. Hudson wasted their limited cash designing the Jet. A redesign of their big car would have been better. However, the days of Hudson, and all of the Independents were limited. By the time of the ’54 mergers, they were all on life support.

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  9. Shelter

    Sad, my dad bought one in 53 and we still have it. Brother cracked the block. It has sat with rodent damage to seats.

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