Shorty Hauler: 1983 Ford F-350


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This may be the perfect Barn Finds project car hauler! This 1983 Ford F-350 XL here on eBay sports a one-car bed that gels neatly with the truck’s roof line, making for a compact carrier that seems like it’d be easy to maneuver around paddocks and parking lots alike. I know I’d love one for carting projects around – and the color would match my latest project car perfectly! 


We often talk here on Barn Finds about finding a decent tow rig for picking up new finds. My issue is always one of space – where are you going to park a rig that can transport three or vehicles? This Ford F-350  answers this question, as it looks like it would stow neatly alongside the garage or parked on the street ( depending on neighborly relations). The interior in this example is also in good-but-used condition, and the manual transmission will keep things interesting.


The 460 V8 – along with the single cab hauler body – is as the truck was conceived when the odometer read 000000. I don’t know the history behind commercial vehicles like these, but the seller says a company in Texas did the conversion when it was new. The body was recently repainted and remains in great cosmetic shape, according to the listing. Bidding is currently at $5,000 with the reserve unmet and plenty of time left on the auction, and I’ll bet that this unique F-350 will command some decent money.


It’s hard to say what this truck’s history is (it only has a few clicks over 80,000 miles and the rear tires are dry-rotted), but I’m convinced this is a must have for anyone who brings the occasional project car (or truck) home. The smaller size likely means it’s fairly easy for even a novice hauler to motor around town, and it also means you won’t be tempted to bring more than one home at a time. What do you think – is this the perfect Barn Finds company car?

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  1. Eric

    This would be the perfect rig for hauling one or two of those Suzuki X 90s home

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    • Scotty GStaff

      HA! Well played, sir.

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  2. Rob

    Go for it Jeff, ‘twould as you say, ‘be the perfect Barn Finds company car.”

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    • JeffAuthor

      Don’t tempt me, Rob!

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      • Chebby

        C’mon, you guys can write it off as a business expense!

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  3. angliagt

    REALLY COOL!! I wonder why they didn’t have the front seat
    re-upolstered,& put on new tires,after spending so much on the exterior?
    What’s that on the tail of the truck? It looks like something to haul
    a second car with.

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  4. crazydave

    AND you could also pull a trailer with it at the same time, so two or even THREE cars could follow you you home! (It followed me home, mommy – can I keep it?)

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  5. Ike

    Looks like it has cable,pulleys ,moves up to load car.?

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  6. JW

    Very cool car hauler, nice color.

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  7. Doug Edwards

    460 carburated, suffers from hot fuel handling problems. Today’s gas with ethanol & tolulene boils easily when not under pressure. These are notorious for a no start when you park them with a hot engine.

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  8. Jim

    Former Uhaul hauler used for delivering trailers to Uhaul locations

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    • notchback

      That was the first thing I thought of, however, in looking around the web, all of them I see have a utility body on them.

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    • JeffAuthor

      Neat commentary – never would have thought of one of those being converted for private use!

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    • MartyMember

      Any idea who built the bed?

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    • jim s

      yes, that is what it looks like to me.

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  9. geomechs geomechsMember

    I don’t think you’d have a problem getting from Point-A to Point-B as long as there were plenty of gas stations in between. Won’t suffer a lack of power. This one sporting a 460 is rather unusual for my location (Chinook Belt); most of the trucks over 3/4 ton were powered by the 6.9 diesel, progressing to the 7.3 IDI, the Powerstroke, and on and on. Myself, despite my working in the diesel business, I’d more likely go for the 460 and maybe install a Holley TBI system. Despite the fan fare for a diesel this one would still be a lot cheaper to keep on the road than a diesel. I see the bills that cross our front counter and diesels scare me to death…

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