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Perfect Patina! 1929 Ford Model A

This 1929 Ford Model A is said to have original Henry Ford paint! The patina is great and you can’t beat the look of 90 years of natural wear. It can be found here on eBay with an asking price of $11,500. Located in Rock Springs, Georgia, the car looks like a perfect candidate for any type of project. Daily driver, check. Hot rod, check. Restoration, check. Take a look at this amazing car!

Unfortunately, there are only a few photos in the ad and not much information. The seller does say it runs and drives great, but there is no photo of the engine and no mention of any upgrades done over the years. There is only one photo of the interior and it looks stock.

The new driver’s fender is a little perplexing. Again, no mention of it in the ad. Maybe this is a case of the seller not really wanting to sell or perhaps they think the car speaks for itself and there are no details needed? In any case, the car does look great and would be a fun driver or project. What do you think?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    No hot rod here. Paint and drive it.

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    • Chas358 Chasman358

      90 years, Wow!
      I can do the math but seeing it in writing is amazing to me.

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    • VAR2018

      Drive, yes… Paint, no way. For me that would be a waste of money and ruin a piece of art.

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  2. Skorzeny

    Lose the whitewalls please.

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  3. Dusty Stalz

    Drivers fender is ‘glass.

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  4. Andrew

    Unless that truck is made of bronze that is rust.

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  5. Rodney - GSM

    Nothing kills that warm and fuzzy feeling of 90 years of “original” patina like a hulking new fender. Plastic, metal or ‘glass, it doesn’t matter. The dream is dead. Fire up the paint booth and get to work.

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    • Marshall

      If that driver’s fender is the only unoriginal body part, and the rest of it has THEE original paint, then patina it. Otherwise, spray away! As for hot rod, UNcheck!

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      • Marshall

        Add one note, the new owner would have to faux patina the new drivers fender If he does this.

        NOTE: I could not edit my previous note because the Barn Finders software is screwy when in editing mode with my iPhone. It would not allow me to see my entire post. Nor was I able to scroll to see the entire post.

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  6. Eric

    Get a steel fender and get someone to faux patina it to match. Lose the white walls and drive.

    Amazing presentation. With the four photos I feel like I’ve seen every square inch of it and almost feel like I’ve even driven it.

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    • Rodney - GSM

      … “faux patina”? I would jump out a window first. But that’s just me.

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  7. David F

    Hopefully sold and hopefully to someone who appreciates it.

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  8. Bob McK

    The price is what you would pay for one that has been restored. Great cer for someone if the price becomes right.

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  9. TimM

    This one is in to good of shape to cut, chop or channel!! I really like the step side Chevy pickup next to it though!!

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  10. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    Fender schmender….drive the wheels off it.

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