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Perfect Shop Truck: 1953 Chevrolet 3100


With a 350 V8, a new interior and some new tires, this old Chevy 5 window would make for one killer shop truck! It has a lot of surface rust, but I actually don’t see any rust holes. It’s clearly been parked in this Texas barn for quite some time, but the seller doesn’t offer much information about its history or its condition. They offer plenty of photos though, so it isn’t too hard to see how rough this truck is. With some work though, I think it would be one awesome looking truck! Find it here on eBay in Richardson, Texas with bidding at $2,255.


While the original inline six is still under the hood, a 350 would be a welcome upgrade. These six cylinder engines are incredibly durable though and it’s more than likely that with a little work it could be made to run again. Whether you leave it as is or upgrade it with a V8, it would be a fun truck to drive!


The one area that will definitely need work is the interior. The seller claims it’s all there, but it looks like a mess to me. And is it just me or does the dash look like it’s burnt? A new interior would be a must!


I would highly recommend inspecting this 5 window in person. With as much rust as it has, you will want to make sure there aren’t any serious holes or frame issues. If it turns out to be solid, it would be a killer rat rod or even a good restoration project. So which would it be for you? Would you leave it looking farm fresh or would you fully restore it?


  1. craZee

    I was born the same year. Hope I don’t look that bad….

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Me too. I always say people our age were born under three major accomplishments: 1/ Chevrolet Engine Division introduced full pressure lubrication; 2/ The Corvette took to the road; 3/ The Korean war was over. You take your pick on which is more important. I tend to slant toward the Corvette myself…

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Agree Geo, Corvette. Still building them.

  2. MorganW Morgan Winter

    Wow, it’s rough…and there are holes, and spots on the body where I bet you could poke your fingers through. The seller’s comments about “stupid questions” are kind of funny.

    • DAN

      YUP, i HAD ONE 10-15 YEARS AGO i GOT FOR $500
      HAD A HARD TIME FLIPPING IT FOR MY $500 BACK WHEN i DIdn’t have time/$$$ to restore
      and mine was rust free !
      guess I sold too soon………same with a 2000 datsun roadster

  3. JCW Jr. Member

    I do like his remarks about stupid questions. I have had things for sale with a very complete and detailed ad and still get the questions that were answered in the listing. Such as ad says newly Inspected, question “is it inspected”. People do not read with comprehension, unfortunately some people are really *******. (Insert preferred word)

    • Clinton

      I have sold things with no engine and people ask “can I drive it home?” Yes, people are dumb. I don’t know how some of them made it to the age they did without wandering into traffic or something.

    • kyle

      So…. was it inspected? Lol

  4. Woodie Man

    Translation: buy my crap and pay me well for it!

    • Scot Douglas

      Well, there *is* a pretty nice Michelob Ultra cooler in the cab that I bet you could negotiate for…

  5. JCW Jr. Member

    I think it is more how about using common sense. The tires are flat the interior is full of stuff probably doesn’t run. I agree he should have given more info in his ad.

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    Put a 350 in it? Naw!!! That’s sure to be a 235, with full pressure lube. Fix it and use it; that’s the perfect shop truck…

  7. Larry K

    Moldy Oldy!

  8. Randy W

    Mine looked like this 6mo.ago, Time and money, this is what it could look like. I think it’s worth it.

  9. John P

    Seller seema like a jag… Listing details show title status as”clear” but then his description indicates there is no title.. Those cab corners always rust–and surely other parts follow suit–buyer beware..guy is too lazy to clean out the garbage-I’ll wait for a better example to buy long distance—there’s lots of these trucks still out there.

  10. John H. in CT

    I sold a 3800 5 window early this year in far better shape for $2800. This one is badly rusted on doors and everywhere else. No pics of frame either. I would pass.

  11. Jumping g

    Patina NO . Rust bucket yes . With all the mold you know its sitting in a damp area .so the frame is probably Swiss cheese. The corners of the cab you can put your fist through so the rust runs up the side the floors are probably shot..hate to say it but it’s a parts truck.

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