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Period Hot Rod: 1932 Ford Model A

1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod

While I’m typically not a fan of radical customization, I have to admit I love the looks of this Ford Hot Rod. It was supposedly built some time in the 1950s, but has had modifications made to it several times throughout its history, including having a 327 and a 4 speed Muncie installed. The current owner pulled the 327 and has installed a period Flathead V8. It still needs work before it will be road worthy, but it has lots of potential and great patina! You can find this period hot rod here on eBay in Orange, California! I only wish the seller was including the wire wheels in the auction, as they give this roadster a very European look! The seller hasn’t dug much into this car’s past yet, but if you happen to know more about it, please share!


  1. frank c

    There is nothing European about this car, except maybe the price.

  2. Thom

    I would get it running and use it the way it is –nice period machine as it sit wires should be included in the deal

  3. sunbeamdon

    Incredibly over-valued – that flat head can’t have been run anywhere near this car. Head looks to be frozen (rusted) on; exhaust is virtually non-existent. Patina??? – give me a [insert appropriate f-bomb] break! Musta’ been salvaged from a deep sea dive.

  4. erikj

    That car is cool I would get it running good and drive it just how it is..I like the flathead in it,periord correct. W

  5. Kenzo

    The plywood floor boards are a nice touch. I wonder if there is a floor below them? It appears to be missing a gear shift unless I missed it.

    • Clint

      Plywood floor boards were what came in a lot of these early Fords. Not sure about the 1930, but there is a 29 “A” local that has the original plywood floors in it.

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  6. Ken Nelson Member

    Seller says he “mocked up” the flathead and 3 speed – what exactly does he mean by that? Says to me he might have bolted the trans to the block, then set the whole rig in place, but is it installed correctly or not?? Also strange the engine runs but still looks like it was pulled out of a field – or is this the ultimate in “patina” – and did he pre-rust the new waterpumps to match the engine? Then a new distrib. also – how mixed up can the final patina be before it’s no patina at all, but just a general mess –

  7. Tirefriar

    I am all about getting things to look nice and neat. With this beauty I would only bother with mechanicals. Of course, I’d do things to ensure that the body is in road going condition such as properly closing door latches, operating headlights, tie down anything that could rattle itself off the car and of course take care of the tires. But I’d leave the body generally as is and have a ball.

  8. Jeff

    You guys are just not tuned into hot rods. The car is way off just due to proportions. The stance is way off; the grille shell is about 8 inches too high (supposed to be the height of the cowl so a hood could be fitted if desired). Early Ford wheels are cheap, even 1935 16 in. wires. But the body! That is one valuable item; a gennie Model A Roadster body! Even if it was seized, which it is not, that flathead could be dis and re assembled in a day and running great. At this price, the car is a steal! Fiberglass versions sell for more than this.

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  9. Mac Boy

    YUK !!! – Period correct?? – Not hardly !
    Never put cycle fenders on the rear…..ugly nerf bar ……top doesn’t fit …Deuce shell too tall, Wire wheels – Blah …

    …… maybe a 15 year-old’s bad dream … $500. – TOPS!

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