Cut In The ’80s: 1956 Chevrolet 210 Shorty

Don’t adjust that video screen! And I assure you that the above image, unlike many that you find on the internet, is not PhotoShopped. While you may like or hate them, Barn Finds has uncovered a lot of “shorties” over the years (click here to look at them). Rarely do the lines work out well, but this 1956 Chevrolet is the exception in my opinion. It’s located in San Antonio, Texas and is listed for sale here on eBay, where the buy it now price is $5,500 and lower offers than that are welcomed.

I’m in the unusual group that actually prefers the lines of the ’56 over the ’55 and ’57 Chevrolets. Not as subdued as the ’55 but not as over the top as the ’57, a pretty 1956 Chevrolet, mildly customized, is a beautiful ride by most standards. This car started out as a four-door and was shortened sometime in the 1980s. So don’t go blaming the current seller; they just found the car after at least a five-year storage period. And someone actually took the time to make the roofline and trim right! Kudos to the original builder!

The seller tells us that the car will need both rocker panels replaced, but the trunk is solid. There is also some old patchwork on the inner wheelwells.

The interior even seems to have been completed fairly tastefully and might clean up just fine. I think updating the steering wheel and a good detail session would go a long way to making the inside presentable.

The seller is somewhat vague about the drivetrain, stating that it’s from some early 1980s Camaro. I’m sure it’s a 350 of some type. This is one case where rather than bemoan the “ruining” of a “classic” (queue the four-door haters here that wouldn’t have liked the car in it’s original form anyway), let’s look at how unique this could be finished! I’ll bet you’d have more folks looking this car over at a car show than the pristine 1956 restomod that could be parked next to it!

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  1. Howard A Member

    No such thing as a shorty done right. Got to get Harbor Freight from selling cutting torches to these people. What’s the logic of ruining a ’56 Chevy, my favorite Tri 5, 2 or 4 door, into a poor handling, silly looking, hulk, and it’s not even finished, you can’t even turn it back. These things always seem better in the planning stage ( a suitcase of beer)

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Bullseye…..and having had a ’56 4 door hardtop.I winced when I saw this. Even today when I look at the speedometer binnacle on a ’56 I get this weird deja vu itch like I’m 17! Its a great feeling.

      If this poor specimen was a gladiator in a Roman arena, Nero would have given it the thumbs down.

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    • theGasHole

      I agree 100% Howard. This is one aspect of the old car hobby that I’ve never understood (and I’ve been accused of having really, really poor taste in cars). Look silly, handle horribly, and ruin a cool car. For what reason, I’ll never know.

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      • Dave Mazz

        They make pretty good clown cars…. :-)….

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    • Rich

      This hulk is NOT even worth a suitcase full of beer! What a disgrace to ruin a ’56 Chevy!!!

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  2. Arby

    At least he ruined a 4 door.

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  3. Weasel

    The Camaro steering wheel is a classic. Thaler the wrap off and keep it.

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  4. sir mike

    Bad drugs in the 80’s

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    • Robert Davis

      or real good ones LOL

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  5. Superdessucke

    Oh my goodness!

  6. Dave

    What a POS. I’d much rather have the 4 door instead of this embarassment

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    • David radcliff

      absolutely a damned shame to butcher a tri-5 like that!!!].

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    • Rich

      The Entire Engine compartment is at the point where it is Far Beyond a Basket Case!!!! Sheeesh! 5 Grand for THIS? Give me a break!

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  7. 370zpp

    I had to click on the link above to see the other “shorties” over the years.
    I had no idea the extent of this perversion.
    Like stumbling onto a “Kitchen appliance fetish” page..

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    • Superdessucke

      As though things weren’t already miserable enough right!

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      I clicked the shorty link too. It was like stumbling into a house of horrors. Although the shorty busses are cool.

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  8. Fred W

    What a #*@&x ing piece of *@$%*. Apologies for the profanity, but there is just no other way to say it.

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    • Rich

      I did NOT use profanity, personal attacks Or politics, and Yet the moderator would not post my comment! Maybe he simply disagreed with my opinion! Anyway, shame on him too! along with whoever ruined this ’56!!!

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  9. Joe Machado

    While doing a Clarion car stereo commercial near Bishop, Calif about 18 years ago, I found 2 shorties.
    A 60 Coupe DeVille from a 2 door and a 57 Bel Air sedan. Got pictures. Were for sale. No, I dont need one. Rust free cars too

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  10. ken tilly UK Member

    It would appear that apart from looking hideous, it has taken a hit on the lower front drivers side bumper that has pushed the fender up into the headlamp putting the bonnet out of line. The easiest way to fix it properly would be for it to be crushed!

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    • Rich

      Our cars here in the U.S. don’t have Bonnets. The have Hoods! From Rich (Up-Over!!!–lol)

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      • ken tilly UK Member

        @Rich. That may be, so you carry on speaking American and I will carry on speaking English. The word “Bonnet” comes from the Old French word “Bonet”, which means cloth used as a headdress. So both of us are wrong but both can be correct.

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  11. rustylink

    is the center console installed backwards?

  12. Benjy58

    You can fit a lot of clowns in it and that would be apt.

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  13. Claudio

    What else is there to do with an ugly 4 door ?
    I know i will get hit hard fir my comment
    I am not pc and say what i think
    I have been punched a few times but i still say what i think
    Too bad for the sjw

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    • ken tilly UK Member

      I would rather have it as 4 door than this POS any day.

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      • Rich

        I agree Ken! If you want a Shorty, don’t buy a Classic Chevy, Buy a Classic Yugo!!!!

    • canadainmarkseh Member

      I think the work looks fairly well executed. Not really my cup of tea, but I do see potential here. What I’d do moving forward would be to move the rear axle back about 2” it would help with proportions. If I were to modify a 4 door into a 2 door, I’d start with finding 2 doors off of a 2 door coupe. I’d move the 4 door B pillar back to match to the new door then I’d use the outer rear door skins to make a new 1/4 panel. But what’s done is done and as I said this still has potential and could be made to look quite good.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Atsa my boy, Claudio

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  14. Mark

    “Hello, is this Nelson Racing Engines? I’d like to speak to Tom please……

    Tom, I’m sending you a blank check and my 56 Chevy…..surprise me.”

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  15. Roger

    Blasphemy. What idiot would defile a 1956 Chevy?. I don’t care if is a two door or a four door. That is just not right. Just my opinion for what its worth.

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    • Joe Machado

      Of the tri 5’s, the56 was the least desirable. And, Chevy, one of the low priced three, were of no value. A four door, especially a sedan, was a joke to be in as a teenager. But, the most practicle body was the 4-door sedan. 40-50 dollars was a lot to pay years ago. Doing this back then possibly saved it

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      • Rich

        I disagree Joe! I have had my ’56 for over 45 years & have attended MANY car shows including Many Classic Chevy Conventions since 1979 in Reno! You would be shocked to know How Many people have told me they Loved the ’56 & that is was their favorite year of the Tri-Fives! Just sayin’ ! Rich

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  16. dave brennan


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  17. Robert Davis

    This listing has ended.

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    • Howard A Member

      Probably hiding under their kitchen table,,,

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  18. James

    It was pulled from a junkyard and saved. These cars filled the junkyards back in the 60s and you could buy running, driving 4-dr sedans all day long for $100. It looks better than 99.99% of cobbled-together and forgot the paint rat-rods. And got an ugly 4-door off of the road.

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  19. Barry Traylor


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  20. Jay E.

    A lot of money for not enough car. But the tri-five is the ONLY car made that can be lengthened to a 4 door or shortened to a Shorty and still have style. You might not like the shorty, but I have seen some amazing ones and darn near owned one. My favorite is a 57 4 door hardtop. The look chopped from the factory and make regular 2 door post coupes look like Shorties! My least favorite year is the 56, the 55 is a cleaner look. But the 57 has so many styling cues that get your attention even 60 years later.

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  21. TimS

    All you 4-door hating snobs probably drive something with at least that many doors today.

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    • Jimmy Novak

      And even mom-and-pop vans, to boot.

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    • theGasHole

      I agree with TimS 1000000%. Tell these haters to get back in their Camry.

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  22. Joe Machado

    They ALL Drive 4 doors today. Even Crewcabs.
    I am driving East Sunday. I will get a percent of 4 doors over 2 and use that estimate. Let ya’ll know. Most practical car with the least value.
    Sport sedan, give me a break.

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    • Mark

      Sir, if you tell us you are taking the interstate and are able to mentally able to capture and retain this ratio, I salute you.😁
      Be safe.

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  23. Fahrvergnugen reality bites Member

    What’s not to like! Finally a Tri 5 that will fit in my post apocalyptic garage!

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  24. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Someone just said this this week about another car……
    You can put lipstick on a pig………
    You know the rest

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  25. Gray Wolf

    nooooooooooo, noooooooooo, oh hell no!!

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  26. pugsy

    Good job it was an ugly 56……… loss.

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    • Gray Wolf

      Very little people think that way! They are still highly sought after and large money to get one!

  27. Joel Struntz

    It’s a clown car. Makes as much sense as a rat rod, both built to shock and awe at it’s sillyness.

  28. PatrickM

    Some people see a car and just cannot resist the urge to use a sawzall. Shame on ’em!!

  29. GCS Member

    I had a 57 2 door sedan as my first car. I like this since it was done well. 4 doors are worth more now but they were a dime a dozen even when I had my 2 dr. I’d like to see this saved and would crawl under it in person to see how it was done. Fix the fender, Get out the buffer, clean it up and get it running.

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  30. Jost

    Personally I don’t like it at all. But, this is what hot rodding is all about. Take something and make into what you want. Before we say that the person who did this ruined a nice 4 door or whatever, we don’t know what kind of condition the car was in…

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    • ken tilly UK Member

      Jost. As far as most of the people on this site are concerned it would appear that they would chop up a 4 door in order to make a shorty whatever condition that it is in, junk or concours, just because it is a 4 door.

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