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Pick A Sled: 1961 Cadillac Or 1982 Ford?

Caddy left

Olaf E sent a very interesting tip. The are two cars listed in this ad on craigslist, a 1971 Cadillac and a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria. They were left sitting in the tractor yard on a farm in Brookings, South Dakota. They were running and driving when they were parked, the Cadillac was fine, the Ford had a coolant leak. He doesn’t say if the $2,200 asking price is for your choice or for both. The aircraft in the shed appears to be a 1960s Cessna Ag Wagon. Most ag aircraft are turboprops these days. This one has been sitting for awhile!

ford left

The Crown Vic looks OK as well. There’s no rust showing. If the coolant leak isn’t a head gasket, perhaps it could be a nice old driver.

caddy dash

The Caddy looks pretty nice inside, ready for a ride back to the 1970s.

ford front seat

The Ford could use some cleaning, but it doesn’t look too bad either.

ford left rear

There’s no rust showing on the Ford from this angle either. It might be a survivor. Either of these could be a classy driver with a little mechanical work and cleaning. Not many folks would want the Ford, perhaps, except if the repair is really easy and then, just as a used car.

Caddy right front

The Cadillac might appeal to more people if it’s not too badly rusted. It’s missing the hood ornament and some trim, but it looks pretty nice in the pictures. What do you think of these cars? Hopefully there is a more promising fate awaiting them than the crusher. What do you think?


  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    Caddies neither 61 or 71 – ugly 80s heap – Fords no better – get ’em goin’ and thrash ’em senseless

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  2. Leon

    61 71 81 !!!!! Caddy. Must be the one Johnny Cash sang about. Lol

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  3. Stang1968

    That Ford also is not from the 90s. It’s about an 1984 or 85 model. They were more rounded but same basic body in the 90s.

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  4. Mr. TKD

    I believe 1991 was the last year for the square Crown Vic.

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  5. Pookie Jamie P

    Late 80s caddy. And late 80s ford. Plane is not a Cessna. Cessna usually were high winged aircraft.

    Really nice autos

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    • jim s

      a search under Cessna 188 ag wagon shows a low winged airplane.

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  6. Kevin

    Caddy is an 81 with the often maligned V8-6-4. It could be a nice cruiser.

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    • mat

      1981 was the LAST good cast iron engine car cadillac ever made.
      If you didn’t like the V 864 feature you just disconnect the solenoids
      and you’re good to go.

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  7. Victor castellanos

    yes I wish it was a 61 kinda a Rare, ya that mid 80’s Cacau watties…. 5000 lbs 150hp..😨😲😱

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  8. JW454

    Someone needs to hook the bush hog up to that ole’ tractor and get busy mowing.

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  9. jim s

    in the photos it looks like the farm and everything on it have seen better days. the airplane and other vehicles in the background are also interesting. great finds.

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  10. Fred

    At least these two don’t appear to have been out in the weather that long. But I don’t see much collector value here.

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  11. Jay E.

    It isn’t a Cessna Ag-wagon, which was a low wing airplane, but a Piper Pawnee. Sort of a Super Cub with a low wing. Both are a blast to fly. Might contact the seller to see what the story is on this Pawnee, it would look good on my farm too..

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    • David Frank David Member

      It is indeed a Cessna Ag-wagon. Ag birds are either biplanes or low wing. Cessna built lots of low wing birds, but mostly twins. It would make a great glider tug or perhaps for banner towing. I don’t know how Ag pilots could spend all day in those tiny cockpits in those dats. These days, Ag cockpits are bigger and air conditioned, like tractors.

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  12. Steve

    Sorry but 61 caddy had round head lights that’s more like a 80

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    • Pfk1106

      And really large tail fins with oval tail lights

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  13. nessy

    Ah, you guys are 20 years off on the Caddy. That is an 81 Sedan Deville, you can see the checked one year only style grill and the V8/6/4 badge on the front fender, also only on the 81 model. It is not a 61 model car. We can see the dope who wrote the ad stated it’s a 61 but you guys should know better and correct it before you post….

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  14. Bill Hart

    Aircraft is a Callair.
    Made in Afton, Wy.
    Ag or convrted USAF target tug

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  15. Joe F.

    The plane is a Piper Pawnee.

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  16. Lucky

    First of all,There is no such thing as an ugly Caddy, I know i own a 3…lol. Secondly, Nessy is correct This Caddy is an 81. The Crown Vic I am not so sure is a 92 either,It looks exactly like the Last car My mother ever owned and it was an 89. Both could be pretty nice cars with a little elbow grease and care.

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  17. ben

    yea iam a caddie cuy if it was a 61 gone all ready probly had the 4100 junk motor ford if its a 302 not to bad but only a 5 to 7 hundred range on both just not car gys hope they know more about the plane

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  18. Jack Member

    Is the Ag plane available ? If so What’s the AF time and the Engine time? Which engine is in it and when was it’s last annual? Is it ferryable in its’ present state? Thanks, Jack

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  19. sam

    Didn’t think they came out with the 5 mph bumpers till 73

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  20. Mike

    Heck with the cars, I would take the International Harvester tractor setting in the back ground. It looks like one I drove on the farm for years working summers on my Grandfather’s farm in the Boot Heel, and I have always said one day I was going to restore an Old HI. This one looks like an 800 series, which was from the mid 60’s until mid 70’s.

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  21. Keith

    Both of those vehicles are 80’s models. Why can’t people get their information precise when attempting to sell a car before posting the add. Sheesh!

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