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Pictures Tell The Story: 1967 Pontiac GTO


Many times we look over cars thinking “well, it looks great in the pictures, but I wish the seller had photographed the trouble spots.” When I first saw pictures of this GTO like the one above, it looked almost perfect. Thankfully for whomever buys this one, the seller has been honest with their photography. It is a nice car, but there are some warts as well. Los Angeles, California is where this Pontiac is located, and it’s for sale here on eBay.


The seller tells us “look at pictures…please ask questions before committing to buy.” It looks really nice in this picture, doesn’t it! We’re also told that it’s originally from California and is a two-owner car (no idea if that includes the current seller or not). I enjoy the “coke bottle’ side styling of these cars and it certainly presents itself well in these far off pictures.


Not everyone is a fan of the stacked headlamp nose, but I think it’s distinctive and attractive, especially on these mid-size models. The chrome looks nice as well!


I’m thankful for an honest seller! Not only did they tell us about this rust, they took clear pictures of it. Now, this wouldn’t keep me from purchasing this car; it can certainly be repaired, but I would be hugely disappointed if I had bid and purchased the car based on the distance pictures and then found this issue when I received the car.


And here’s the other issue with the paint. A similar spot exists on the other side in this area. Again, the seller specified it and took clear pictures, so you know what you are bidding on.


The fact is, this is a really nice car. No, not perfect, but look at the interior. Equipped with air conditioning, a matching numbers engine, “his and hers” shifter and a nice interior, I think I could bid on this car with some confidence. Yes, I’d still like to see pictures of the underside, but that comes from dealing with a lot of rust that Southern Californians probably never see.


We’re not sure which version of the 400 cubic inch V8 this one has, but we do know that as an original California car, it was fitted with some early emissions equipment (is that an air pump right next to the air conditioning compressor?) With 88,916 miles, I’m guessing the original engine has a lot of life left in it as well. I’d love to own this car and would enjoy fixing the few flaws it has before they got worse. What do you think?


  1. DrinkinGasoline

    Tell Me that the majority of Us wouldn’t have to visit the rest room to make water before getting behind the wheel of this Goat so We wouldn’t have any distractions while getting all silly !? Paint cracks? What paint cracks?….it’s a Goat ! And a presentable Goat ! There is a God ! I’m driving a GTO ! And My Red Rider BB-Gun is in the back seat ! Take that Black Bart !

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  2. Barzini

    This car looked like it had a relatively easy life so it’s a good find. The pictures also show bubbling around the rear window and sail panel; it’s reasonable to assume there may be more rust under that vinyl top. But it still looks 10 times better than the cars we see here on the east coast. I’d love to own it.

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    • Jim

      You’re right, rust creeps, what you see is only a part of the whole issue. I’ve replaced the panel between the glass and deck lid on my own ’67 Malibu and others, it’s very difficult to do without disturbing the vinyl or trim and if you have to touch the metal window frame you’re pulling the vinyl, might as well plan on stripping the roof and at least the tops of the quarter panels and fix it all once and be done with it. And it does look great, lots of options most people didn’t want to pay for back then. Great project car.

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    Power windows and seats? Now that’s a rarity.

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  4. Terry J

    Had a friend whose Grandma bought him this same car back in ’67. Though from Pendleton Oregon, he was a freshman at Arizona St, and she decided to drive it down to him as a surprise for his birthday. It was a 4 speed car. She never took it out of 2nd gear. When she got there, it went right to the dealer for a new transmission. Asked why, Granny said “I didn’t want to go any faster”. I’ve always heard that how you break in an engine is how it will run it’s entire life. That was the highest winding big block Poncho I ever saw. It would rev like a 327 chevy. :-) Terry J

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  5. JW

    This is a nice goat but expect to have that rear window removed and repair the lower window channel, 66 & 67 were well known for rusting in that spot and leaking in to the trunk. A new tail panel would not be that hard to replace. I wouldn’t worry about any rust under the vinyl top unless you were going to remove it. Fix the existing rust and drive the wheels off it. I had a 67 with the his & hers shifter, wife loved it. I’ve never seen one with those molding down the sides ( Door guards maybe ). Wife’s brother in-law has a 67 with the 400 H.O. 4 speed powder blue and dam fast.

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    • Mr. Ed

      His and hers shifter???

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      • JW

        Yes a “His & Hers shifter”, that’s what a automatic shifter is that could be shifted manually if desired. Back then women preferred the automatic while the men wanted to shift it themselves so GM came out with the special design where you could slip a metal cover over to allow you to move the shifter to the right in separate gear slot ( Gate ) and back to first then shift manually up to the drive position without the worry of hitting neutral or reverse. It was also called a dual gate shifter.

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  6. Jack

    In 1967, GTO Engines destined for California got the Air Injection Reactor emission (AIR) system which consisted primarily of an air pump and related hardware. These engines came with a black snorkel air cleaner that had a chrome lid.

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  7. rob rhymes

    but it also has 1966 seats. look it up

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  8. Charles

    Good list of Options! Decent looking car! Needs body work. Not a bad start as long as the price does not get crazy high.

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  9. Robert White

    When I stripped the paint and primer off my 1966 Acadian Canso Sport Deluxe
    I found cracked factory primer underneath the original paint on the roof of the car
    and on the top side of the hood. Clearly, after freeze thaw cycles in CANADA the base primer ends up cracking underneath the original paint. In sunny California or south U.S. the primer cracks are likely due to the heat from the sun and cooling/heating cycles of weather. After so many years it is best to strip the original paint and primer right down to metal again.


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  10. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    I saw a coupe back behind a empty house for sale, turned around to look since it looked like a 66-67 Chevelle, was a 66 GTO with no front clip, realtor gave the seller my number, he called me and I bought it for $500, hey I have a 66 Goat! It can be yours, look it up on Pensacola CList.

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  11. stillrunners

    Just wonder about the wheels and that center cap maybe later like 68/69 ? Nice car but like every one else said – can we get a chime in from owner # 1 or 2 ?

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