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Picturesque Project: 1964 Chevrolet C10

The photos in the ad for this truck are with out a doubt amazing.  It is certainly refreshing to see some high quality photos instead of the fuzzy, out-of-focus, washed out and dark ones that are common in a lot of ads.  This specific truck is a 1964 Chevrolet C10.  It can be found here on Craigslist in Helena, Montana with an asking price of $2,000.  It appears to be a solid project although there are not too many detail photos and the description is only a few sentences.  Hopefully the seller will be willing to share more information to prospective buyers.

Here is another great shot of this truck.  Unfortunately the only detailed photos in the ad are of the engine bay and the front end.  None that show the interior or the bed.  The truck appears to be a well used vehicle but it is said to in great and is fun to drive.

The engine is a 283 mated to a 4-speed transmission. The ad states the truck is in good mechanical condition aside from needing a new fuel pump. The seller has a new pump, but it has not been installed.  Hopefully the truck will run in front of prospective buyers. If not, the seller would be well advised to swap in the new pump.

The driver’s side is certainly in better shape that the passenger’s.  I think the seller may have a tough time getting $2,000 out of a long box truck that has fuel pump issues and doesn’t have a straight body. Certainly the patina is pretty good on the truck, but the body damage takes away from the cool factor. The wheels with beauty rings are classic Chevy style, but the tall tires speak more to a utility farm truck than a cruiser. Which ever way the new owner takes this truck, it has the potential to be a good project.


  1. Steve R

    It doesn’t take that long to change a fuel pump, it’s hard to believe the seller wouldn’t swap it out it if he thought that was the only problem.

    The seller knows how to take great looking pictures, he should know how to take close ups of door jams, cab corners the inside of the bed and other rust prone areas. Are those omissions by mistake or design?

    If his goal is to sell it into the local market, which could be since it’s advertised on CL, it would be worth looking at. However, I wouldn’t be interested if I wasn’t within easy driving distance. Not for a long bed.

    Steve R

    • jw454

      Regarding changing the fuel pump, I was thinking the same thing. The pump on my 1972 Monte Carlo failed last summer on the way to a car show. Once I had the new pump, it took 12 minutes 38 seconds from hood up to hood down. As a result of it taking less than 15 minutes, two of my friends had to split my $20 entry fee at the car show gate. Including the quick trip to the a local parts store about a mile away, we were only delayed 28 minutes for the whole break down.

    • Mountainwoodie

      I’m one who only like long beds ! Too far away unless you’re a Montanan. Probably needs front fenders and as stated the cab corners and floors condition would be nice to know.

      Even so a super sweet truck

      Like 2
  2. RoKo

    I know it’s the wrong make, model, and year, but I can’t help but think of the Sanford and Son theme music when I look at this truck.

  3. Paulbz3

    I believe those yellow straps in the bed keeping it “square” provide the answer to the question regarding the condition of the “rust prone areas”.

  4. Alexander

    Issues with the truck aside, you just start singing “O beautiful for spacious skies….” when you see those magnificent photos. And, honestly, a shiny, modern car wouldn’t have the same effect, nor a flashy red sports car (amber waves = Lamborghini = [DOES NOT COMPUTE])!

    Now snap you fingers and picture this truck in the heart of an industrial port, or in an inner-city ghetto. You want to run away from it now, don’t you?

    • TC

      Exactly. If I was looking for one of these, and it was near by, I might toss out a $500 offer. Tops. Unless the land comes with the truck.

      • Dickie F

        The photos are beautiful – but sadly the land reminds me of home, where we have the worst draught in 100 years. It is affecting us badly, as we are not use to this climate and we were known as the Cape of Storms years ago.
        Love the roughness of the truck, the 283, the 4 speed and longbed. It sure could haul some water into my world.

  5. CanuckCarGuy

    If it’s a farm truck, I’m curious as to what the original owner drove on Sundays… those are the ones worth buying.

  6. Rube Goldberg Member

    As a newcomer to the great West, I’m simply flabbergasted at how many of these types of trucks are still sitting in peoples yards. I swear, it must be illegal to junk a car ’round here. And that’s another thing, I haven’t seen one junkyard ( except in some peoples yards) anywhere! CL “High Rockies” has a bunch of these, all similar condition and price. Great find, but not rare. Not out here anyway.

    • Seth KARPEN

      To much trouble to take it to a junkyard out there

  7. Classix Steel

    I always have a soft spot for these C10 trucks . I remember summers at my grandparents working part time on their farm and driving one of theses at 14 years of age.

    These car restored are bringing high dollars and this one depending on body and frame is a good deal.

    The small V8s are simplistic to do a cheap rebuild on engine with rings, rods and have the heads ported to unleaded. The engine is not a show stopper in my book as it’s the body cancer possibilities. The dents are easily repaired or swapped to get the pristine look but if one is looking for nostalgia then drive it with current cosmetics !

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    I gotta say that, for out west, where more salt is used during a meal than on the roads, this one is suffering from a bit of rot, albeit in areas that are not immune to rust, even in perfect conditions. We had a neighbor, who bought one new in ’64. It was kind of strange because he bought about the most deluxe truck that was available at the time. It was blue and white and came with the chrome grill, hubcaps and extra trim. The guy was a rancher who used it to haul feed, fencing supplies, water tanks, blocks of salt and anything imaginable that would overload it to double its capacity. By the time the truck was a year old there wasn’t a straight piece of sheet metal in the entire truck, unless you were looking at the dash and inner door panels. Three years and it was totally destroyed. So sad that was the way of so many ranch trucks back then. This one represents a facsimile of what our neighbor’s truck looked like when it was 6 months old. I wouldn’t turn one like this down, although I would have some difficulty justifying the initial investment, considering what needed to be done to restore it….

  9. Pete

    Meh I know where six of them are in a junkyard an hour from me. Wouldn’t waste the time to even look at this rust heap. This would make a great buffalo gun target though. LOL

  10. Seth KARPEN

    If you actually use a truck as a truck you like long beds

  11. Bill

    I had a 64 C20 with a granny 4-speed. Put a crate 350 motor in it. The body was banged up, although not quite as bad as above. I loved that truck. Could throw rocks and logs in it without worry, and hot rod it at the stoplights. It was easy to improve performance, which I did frequently. Put headers and dual 36-inch glass packs on it, and boy did that sound sweet! And yes, swapping out a fuel pump on this truck is child’s play – super easy to get to.

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