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Pink Pawn: 1992 Ford F-150


This is not all that special of a truck. It is, however, an F-150 Flareside custom ordered a very special shade of fuchsia pink for the then-girlfriend of actor Nicholas Cage. It’s also squirreled away among what appears to be a treasure trove of other classics locked in basement storage. Listed for sale by a Beverly Hills pawn broker here on eBay, we want to know if it’s history would make you drive to the City of Angels to bring it home. 


That custom pink dashboard pad is an interesting feature. I don’t think I’d consider it a National Treasure, but it likely impressed the actor’s former romantic partner. Or, maybe it was the result of a lost wager with a Ford dealership employee. If you roll the dice and come up with Snake Eyes, you may be stuck with a very flamboyant pickup truck.


With only a hair under 50,000 miles on the clock, there’s a good chance this nearly new truck will be Gone In 60 Seconds. Of course, as you can see in this photo, the door panels are also pink. If you’re the type of man who is considered a bit rough around the edges – a little bit macho, perhaps your friends call you The Rock – this truck may prompt a Face/Off with your inner ego.


In my opinion, there’s far more interesting inventory in the garage besides this very pink F-150. Personally, the custom interior surfaces are the Kiss of Death for any sort of desirability factor for yours truly. I would consider taking it home if I hit the jackpot before Leaving Las Vegas and it was thrown in as some sort of door prize – or maybe if I was a bit more Wild At Heart.


  1. Avatar photo JoeT

    Given the lack of interior pictures (other than the dash), the dented front bumper, the strange mark on the rear spring (cracked?), and the lack of prep before listing (missing brake pedal pad and looks like it needs a good cleaning and service), I’m not sure it’s worth 1/3 the asking price. Less description of the seller’s business and more information on the truck would certainly help the sale. Unfortunately, this may be a good truck let down by a poor listing.

    Not sure I’d call this one “Pretty in Pink”

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    • Avatar photo Jeff Staff

      “Pretty in Pink” – well done, JoeT!

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  2. Avatar photo Tom

    It’s a regular production color.

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  3. Avatar photo Blindmarc

    Look at his 26 pages of other listings. He probably has less than 5k in it.

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  4. Avatar photo JW454

    Here’s one that’s sitting in my garage with only 60K miles… I don’t think it’s worth anywhere near his asking price but if someone offered… I’d consider it. LOL Plus! It doesn’t need a rear spring or front bumper!
    I’m not sure cars that were owned by the girlfriend of a celebrity makes them worth double what a fair price would be. She certainly didn’t take much care to keep the carpet clean.

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    • Avatar photo Ed P

      I like yours better.

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  5. Avatar photo JW

    Well I had heard he was in money trouble and maybe that’s why it was pawned after she took a powder when the well ran dry. I like Nicholas Cage as a actor but wouldn’t know his girlfriend if she flashed me on the street so why buy a ugly pink truck she drove badly at that for 15K.

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  6. Avatar photo Jamie Staff

    I have a friend that has a similar stepside (possibly same year, certainly same body style) in this same color and stripes…not a special order. Unusual, yes.

    He bought his for $1500 and has driven it 130k miles since (240k total).

    Jeff, GREAT job with the titles!

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    • Avatar photo Jeff Staff

      But did yours have custom fuchsia interior trim?!

      Thank you…;-)

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  7. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    There are pawnbrokers in Beverly Hills?

    Anyway….I was looking for something solid and down to earth after reading that new entry on the Daytona in the pig pen that’s being marketed by Mecum, but I’m not sure I’ve found it with this Ford truck.

    Nicholas Cage is well known for owning lots of exotic cars and then selling them at auction. I guess a pink truck that was given to Nicholas Cage’s girlfriend might be worth $15K to someone, but I’m not sure who that would be. Perhaps Mecum might want to market this truck. They could stick it in the same Arkansas pigpen the Daytona was photographed in and get people to feel sorry for a pink truck that a moviestar’s girlfriend doesn’t want anymore.

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    • Avatar photo Jeff Staff

      Admit it. You work for Mecum, don’t you?

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  8. Avatar photo randy

    I’d be afraid of it having a “Ghost Rider”.

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    • Avatar photo Jeff Staff

      I forgot about that one Randy!

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  9. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    Actually, that color is called Iris Clearcoat. It was a limited-issue color available only on Special Edition 1992 F-150 Flaresides. It was the first of a looooong series of “special edition” BS cars Detroit was fast getting punch-drunk on.

    All the smoke and mirrors aside, if he thinks he’s going trick some naïve fool into paying Fifteen Large, he’s smoking opium (like all eBay sellers who are delusional about having the only one in the universe of something.)

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  10. Avatar photo MountainMan

    At least it is a truck, but I do think it looks neglected. Pulling it out of storage would be like “bringing out the dead”. As mentioned above, this was not a special color. I have seen other Ford trucks of this era with the same shade of pink

    Which is by far my favorite Cage film. He and John Goodman are bambulance drivers. Not one everybody has seen and last time I looked on Nerdflix and Hulu I don’t think either had it. If somebody finds it I would love to know where

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  11. Avatar photo Gnrdude

    Good looking Truck But it’s not worth a DIME over 5500$. It needs some of the interior Work changed to a More neutral Color To be usable for a Guy.

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  12. Avatar photo piper62j

    Why would a dealer sell a truck of notoriety with a bent bumper.. ??

    I wanna see some documentation and signatures from Nick…

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  13. Avatar photo brakeservo

    That much brake pedal wear with only 47,000 miles?? And as far as the commentator above questioning a pawn shop in Beverly Hills, more than that, there’s a notorious junk yard that claims to be in Beverly Hills, which we all know as the Beverly Hills Hair Club, uh, er I mean Beverly Hills Car club . . . which is neither a club, nor actually, in Beverly Hills proper.

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  14. Avatar photo Mark 'cuda man

    This is a 1992 XLT F-150 4X4 that a friend of mine is selling. Believed to be mostly original and 100% rust free. Runs and drives like a brand new truck but needing a quality paint job. New set of tires with receipts over the last 12 years totaling over 6k. He’s asking $5500.00. email: kch126@hotmail.com

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    • Avatar photo JW454

      Really like the short bed. Nice one too.

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    • Avatar photo Todd Zuercher

      Nice looking truck – you just don’t see many nice ones around anymore.

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  15. Avatar photo Ronniecarlo

    You ain’t lying. I got curious and read the ad.Where does it talk about the truck????

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  16. Avatar photo Walter Joy

    I feel like he hit “The Rock” bottom with this one

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  17. Avatar photo Todd Zuercher

    Minus the interior pinks, I like this truck too. I always liked the Flaresides and yes, even in this color. Ford built one of these as an off road racer in ’92 that various journalists drove in a number of races. Lyn St. James drove it in a race too and got it stuck in a place that no one should’ve gotten stuck.

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