What Is This Place? 1969 Dodge Charger R/T

Seriously, I want to know what the story is behind this shop! Besides the 1969 Dodge Charger R/T that is sitting on the lift, there appears to be several micro cars stashed up in the rafters and all kinds of interesting projects down on the floor below. At this point, the seller has only listed the Charger here on eBay in Pinellas Park, Florida with no word on any of the other cars featured in the photos. The Charger is said to be an R/T with a 440, but they admit they don’t know if it’s the original motor or not. The building is for sale, so they are letting it go. Perhaps that means the other cars will be coming up for sale soon as well!

Being a Florida car, it’s probably safe to assume this Mopar has plenty of rust. As a matter of fact, the seller is including some replacement sheet metal. They claim the frame is in nice shape though and that the rust is limited to just a few spots. I would want to have a closer look before bidding, just to be on the safe side. If it’s solid, this could actually be worth getting. Although, I might be tempted to see what else this seller has and if they would be willing to part with it!


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  1. Chris

    I still don’t understand the economics of why you would buy this car for 18k. I love these chargers and currently own one. You would save a ton of money buying one already done.

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  2. Charles

    That is a Goggomobil Limousine and a Bianchina on the shelf.

  3. MH

    No thanks. That’s a nice size hole in the floor. Use the parts and smash the rest. Only worth about $800 and that’s pushing it.

    • Dirty Dingus McGee

      If you can find me one in this shape with this equipment for $800, I’ll pay you a $5,000 finders fee. But the VIN must come back as not stolen.

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      • JC

        Ditto !! I second that.

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  4. Steve R

    When I first saw the picture and read the title I was hoping the car was burried in some out of the way shop in Italy. Guess not. That’s sort of a disappointment, I was hoping to read an interesting backstory. Instead we get, it was abandoned in some barn in Florida since the 80’s.

    I am continually amazed at the prices the 68-69 Charger R/T’s bring.

    Steve R

  5. Al

    R/T in this case is RUST/TROUBLE, no thanks!

    Life is just too short to even want to tackle any part of this wreck.

    • Graywolf

      Hell with the cars, how much for the shop??👍💰

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  6. Bill

    I would be hesitant to even call it a parts car.

  7. JC

    It is commonly accepted that the real value of property is what a seller is willing to sell for and what a buyer is willing to pay. You’d have to be completely clueless when it comes to classic cars if you have difficulty wrapping your mind around the fact that a big block muscle car with performance options from the factory has potentially value, even with rust issues which this R/T has very little of in comparison to most of what’s out there. It cracks me up when I read posts that state “it’s junk” and “I’ll give you $500 to haul it away”, etc. I get these same type people that contact me off of some of my ads who are living in the “I remember when” days and grumpy that they missed the boat on picking these cars up cheap when they should be celebrating that these cars still have great value which has kept them from the crusher and allowed us common folk to enjoy them many years after they rolled off assembly lines.

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    • Chris

      I was not implying its worthless above, my point was go to Mecum, spend $50k, and you would be ahead. Buying this to restore does not make sense. 15k paint, 10 k assembly, 10 k for missing parts, 4k rebuild engine.

      • JC

        Don’t think you’ll find a fully restored ’69 R/T w/440 for $50k at any big time auction or anywhere else for that matter. I guess if you’re patient and pounce at the right time, you might get lucky but it wouldn’t be the norm.
        You may find a driver that has some issues here and there but even those have been turned into valuable “survivor” cars which is just another cute term for needs restoration (there are some exceptions to that but rare). You’d be looking closer to $75k+ for this car as a rotisserie restoration if done correctly and depending on color combo as well as other options.

      • Chris

        Mecum indianapolis results, May 2017, all R/Ts. All very nice I looked at them. 1968 $51k, 1969 (4 speed) rare, $66k, 1969 $75k, condition 1 museum piece. Would take $100k to get this car to the level of the last one.

      • JC

        You have to add the buyers premium, tax and the fact that the low priced ’68 was not a rotisserie restoration, etc. You could be a lucky bidder on a slow auction day and the seller just needs to unload it. Plenty of factors. How many of those cars did you perform a full mechanical inspection on ? They may look nice but if they haven’t been gone through completely and correctly, you could just be buying someone else’s problem child.

        There are deals out there once in awhile and I’m a big believer in hunting down that great deal but to say that you can just pick up a ’69 R/T 440 Charger fully restored anytime for $50k is a bit misleading.

      • Chris

        50k might be a little low. I own one so believe me more is better.

        The buyers premium argument is funny and never holds water. If it sells for 50 the seller gets 45 so they are in fact cheaper.

      • JC

        Not funny or cheaper to the buyer, he still pays $56k plus tax for the car. When you buy it at the $15k or $18k, you pay the tax at that lower price, reg is cheaper as well each year and when you finish the car you can state, you built it, if in fact you posses the ability and skill. I’ve bought plenty of finished cars and it never gives me the satisfaction of a car I built, or the confidence knowing some of the slobs out there that put lipstick on the pig for the sale. When this economy turns in the next 12-24 months, real estate will take a dip and these cars will follow, it will be then that you should be able to pick up some good deals but not right now.

      • Chris

        Agree on your point about doing the work yourself. It is my favorite part of the hobby.

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  8. Sam

    Ridden hard and put away wet. Head for the hills on this one.

  9. That Guy

    Well, as I type this, bidding is already at $12.5K with 34 bids and four days to go. So clearly there are people out there who think it’s better than junk.

  10. JC

    1969 Charger R/T with a factory 440 that is basically complete with a couple rust holes here and there. I’m a Ford guy and even I know that thing would have to be returning to the earth and stripped before it would be considered junk and even then, it still might have value.

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  11. levis gasser

    Mopar muscle =big money rust or not

  12. Patty

    We had a 70 RT Charger that was in mint condition other than the engine. It ran and drove well but it burned oil. The thing was stolen not far from the Navy base in Rhode Island. They found it a few months later in a chop shop, everything in it was gone!

  13. Brakeservo

    For all you people commenting on the bid levels currently – please note, it’s a RESERVE NOT MET situation . . . that means the bids have probably been entered by the seller’s friends!! No serious buyer offers a bid this early – people just aren’t that stupid. It’s only the bids in the last two or three minutes that might mean a thing.

    • JC

      Although I would agree that shill bidding happens more often than not on eBay, there are over 10 bidders and the increments have been small which is why there are so many bids. I doubt all these people, if any, are the sellers friends. You can cross check to see if similar bidders make a habit bidding on this sellers items and those would be the ones to report. I also agree that the flurry of bids will happen in the last couple minutes but it’s likely to surpass the buy-it-now, so if you’re a mopar guy and like the car, hit the button and enjoy.

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