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Plain Yellow Wrapper: 1975 Chevrolet Camaro


With craigslist quality photos, the seller of this 1975 Chevrolet Camaro didn’t do themselves any favors. However, the car does seem very original and is an unusual (note, I did not say particularly desirable) configuration. It’s located in Belleville, Illinois and is listed for sale here on eBay, with bidding currently at $1,500.


One of the reasons this car is unusual is the vinyl top paired with a base model (look at those “dog dish” center caps) car. There’s certainly some rust as you might expect from a Midwestern car, although I don’t think it’s terminal. It would be nice if there were more information from the seller, but all we’re told is that it needs bodywork and that the frame, firewall and floors are solid.


I’ve always wondered about how the designer came up with the front license plate location for this particular series of Camaros. It’s as if they said “whoops, we need a plate location” at the last minute and just tacked it on the side. It doesn’t matter to me, as I’m in one of the rare states that doesn’t require a front plate (North Carolina).


The interior doesn’t look too bad for it’s age, but the seller talks about sun damage to the dash, and the seats need a little help as well. But with 108,000 miles, I can certainly understand some wear and tear! There’s a lot of black plastic in there!


I’m guessing most of you were expecting a 350 V8 under here; frankly, so was I. But by looking at this page and seeing what the VIN can tell us, I was able to find out that it’s a 250 cubic inch inline six, with a one barrel carburetor, putting out 105 horsepower and 185 ft-lbs of torque. Based on the serial number, it was built in April of 1975. I don’t know that I’d pay what I think the sellers are looking for this car–what do you think it’s worth? And what would you do with it once you had it?


  1. grant

    Eh. It’s at the top of its range as far as I’m concerned. Might make a nice shop project for a young person.

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  2. Dan

    Have never seen one of these with a column shifter…wow…

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  3. Edh


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  4. Oingo

    Looks like a good donor. Appears to have good glass, grill, interior, bumpers, engine plastics. trim, lenses etc.

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  5. roger

    Would like to have it.
    Fix rust,get some nice 5 spoke wheels and have fun driving.
    Those 6 cylinder engines are Great on gas.
    I have one in a pickup and it gets good mileage.

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  6. JW

    I think it would make for a nice high school auto class project to get the youngsters involved in classics. But for no more than the current bid. The school could purchase it and get donors to supply the parts and have the kids do the work then when completed sell it to pay for the next years project.

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  7. ccrvtt

    Even a 2nd Gen Camaro can look ugly. Never heard of a stovebolt 6 that was particularly good on gas after 1970.

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  8. OhU8one2

    Parts car,parts car,parts car………….there say it fast three times. That’s more enjoyment than you’ll ever see from this car.

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  9. Mike

    I’m trying to imagine the customer who ordered up this car in 1975. Someone who wanted a reverse sleeper? I’d rather have a Nova with this power train. At least it would be an honest car.

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  10. daCabbie

    They might need another Bumblebee for the next Transformers movie….

    I know…the movie car was a ’77…

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  11. Bill Martin

    It would definitely be a good project car. And the straight 6 in the car is really a reliable engine they will run forever I would want to see it in person but 1500 would be on the high end of the price I would offer 500 for it and go from there.

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  12. toole

    I would like to have it ,I like it better than this crappy 95 camaro.

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  13. Steve

    There isn’t a sensor device made that would register how little I would care to own that car.

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  14. Darrell jones

    I would transform he car into a pro street car. Swapping the 6 for a v8

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  15. Prowler

    What do I think it’s worth
    Noting a second glance
    Sorry this one does not even move the needle

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  16. 68firebird

    Ugly in high school, ugly now.

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  17. G 1

    Had a 75 Nova with that engine . When it was cold, the pistons sounded like they were changing holes. Was told that that was the way they were.

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  18. pappy2d

    Green paint is the only thing, that would make this bucket less desireable.

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  19. Junior Johnston

    Believe it or not this Camaro is worth about $2,500.00 the way it sit. 1 the column shift, 2 the stripped down base model, then the 250 straight 6. I’ve owned 6 75-77’s equipped like this one, and gave between $1,800-2,500.00, and always doubled my money on each one.

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  20. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    I’ve owned two Firebirds with the combo of 250 straight six and column automatic–a 71 and 74. The 71 had a vinyl top and the previous owner had the smarts to add then-cool brushed aluminum Torque Thrust wheels big and small. Almost made you forget the missing stuff between the seats like a console, armrest and gear shift.

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  21. brien

    I owned a ’74. Same color, Black vinyl roof, but Black/white hounds tooth cloth interior, console shift. 350 4bbl, 350 tranny, Then this is where it got unique. Dual exhaust into one muffler then twin pipes out. Also ’74 was off in that the rear glass was like the 70-73’s. ’75 was the first year for the larger rear window. Since ’74 was the last year before a lot of smog emissions… it had great performance. … but I sold it before my daughter turned 16. It was way more car than I wanted to let her try. .. I know… I did most of it with this ’74. .. like took a 35mph curve at 75+ [dumb kid prank] Wish now I had kept it… only one spot of rust the size of a quarter. And if I didn’t “step on it”… 18mpg….

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  22. M B

    An interesting and unusual car, even when new! Straight 6 is reliable, but not nearly as thrifty as many might desire to believe. Drove a ’76 C-10 with one, but with a manual trans. Ran decent in low gear, but only 14 mpg average. Replace it with a Buick V-6 (standard in later 1970s Camaros) and it makes a much better combination. But why not go ahead and do the 350 route instead . . . as that’s what “the market” expects to be there? Then you’d need 10-bolt rear axle as it might have the 7.5″ rear axle now. The vinyl roof would need to be replaced or removed if it’s in poor condition (suspected). Otherwise, whatever anybody wanted to do with it! Changing/altering parts could yield a very nice and desirable car, but might not really be cost effective to do so, especially dependent upon how far the rust has progressed. Good news is that anything you’ll need to fix it IS available.

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  23. The Chucker

    Although this is not all that desirable given the options (or lack thereof), I appreciate the fact that this particular car did not fall prey to a backyard big block engine/trans swap. It seems genuine…and there’s not many left that are.

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  24. Yellowjax

    I’ll take these “Craigslist” photos any day, as compared to the CL posts that have NO photos at all. And they are trying to sell cars for 7k.

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  25. Brian

    Hop up the six, bodywork and Cragar SS wheels.

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