Please Be Real: 1968 Camaro SS 396


UPDATE: It was too good to be true! Our readers quickly identified the ad as a scam, but it is a good lesson for all of us. There are bargains to be had, but be very careful when purchasing any vehicle online.

Greg B. just stumbled across this 1968 Chevy Camaro SS 396 while browsing Texoma’s craigslist. This big block pony car belonged to the owner’s father and has been parked in their barn for a number of years. Supposedly, the seller is needing to pay off some bills, so they are only asking $3,500 obo. If this is a true 396 car, it is easily worth the asking price and then some. Thanks go out to Greg for the tip!


At some point in time, this Camaro was obviously modified and repainted. The badges all look to be correct for a 396 car, but that doesn’t mean someone didn’t add them. The engine bay looks a little suspicious to us, so we would want to check this one out very closely. We won’t lie, an ad for a four-speed 396 car for this cheap makes us a little nervous. The seller’s comment about not knowing anything about their father’s car makes us that much more skeptical.


So do you think this listing is legit or a scam? We can only help that it is real, but we have our doubts. The seller listed a phone number, but if you give them a call be sure to not give out any personal information or send them money until you have had a chance to see the car and title in person! If it turns out to be legit, this could be an amazing find!


  1. John G.

    I think it is a scam…but if not, what find!

  2. ERIC

    shii…. for 3500 bucks and 396 im game … i dont care if its a real ss or not! .. as long as its not rusted out .. solid camaro with a 396 .. 3500 .. yeah .. im game!

    Like 1
  3. Gordie D.

    I don’t worry about numbers matching, all original blah blah blah… If it’s got a 396 and a 4 speed in it, it’s worth the asking price period!!!

  4. Dave L.

    It has the correct big block heater box, most kids swapping motors wouldn’t have bothered to change that. It’s a big block car!

  5. Glenn

    Contacted the number since I’m local.. Was told the ad is a fraud and that they do not have a camaro and then asked to flag the ad.

  6. Scooter

    most likely a scam of some sort or sold. I just checked texoma CL and could not find this ad.

  7. Anthony

    Cool car,I dont think its a real ad. Too cheap,too good to be true.

  8. joe lonzello

    Too Cheap if it’s real……Warning Will Robinson !!

    • William Robinson

      Why I didnt post office the car!! Yes yes I know what is implied.

  9. Chris

    It’s a fake ad. Here is a link to where the guy stole the pictures from.

    • jim s

      great job finding that information.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      It was listed on craigslist… back in 2009 for $25k!

    • Trevon

      I knew this car looked familiar!! I browse that site all the time. tsk tsk

  10. Rich Truesdell

    Great catch Chris. I went to the link and the console appears to be that of an automatic-equipped car.

    Why do these scammers post these ads? Are people stupid enough to send a deposit or buy a car no matter enticing the car might be? Remember the old maxim, “When it’s too good to be true, it usually is.”

    • Dan

      It has a clutch pedal….4-speed car…

      • Kevin Reid

        Clutch pedal…MANUAL. And lets not forget that these things had (ugh) 3 speed trannys in em, too. Diden’t these pony cars have an extra leaf spring for big block cars ?

  11. PJ

    Yeah, but we were all happy and excited for a few minutes…:O) A fun break in the afternoon.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      That’s right! And luckily every once in a while a good deal does show up on these pages. Thanks.

      • Dolphin Member

        Yes, it’s all up to the character of the person doing the listing — some with good character, some not so good.

        As with every classic/vintage/collector/just plain old car purchase on Craigslist or anywhere else, we all need to do our due diligence.

  12. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Sorry about this one guys! We are glad that our readers were able to quickly discern what it really was though. Perhaps we will have to do an article in the future about how avoid scams like this when buying a vehicle online.

    • Rich Truesdell

      Great idea Jesse. I’ve been searching for a GMC MotorHome, use to search all Craigslists, and you would be amazed at what I’ve found. RVs, motorhomes, trailers, and fifth wheels that are obviously a variation on this theme. Do people actually send deposits for major-purchase items that they haven’t inspected?

      • Brian

        I’m guessing yes or these scams wouldn’t be so plentiful. Personally, I wouldn’t be interested in buying any vehicles I couldn’t personally inspect first.

    • PJ

      What? Like “Show me the Barn fax..”?:O)

      You titled the article correctly. “Please Be Real…”

    • jim s

      the article should be on how to avoid scams when buying and selling a vehicle online. because there are bad people who target sellers as well. as for this listing i am glad you posted it because scams/frauds are part of the hunt.

  13. Randy

    ITS A Scam I Called
    The Guy (John) Is Pissed !!!!

    • Brian

      Probably one of his buddies trying to yank his chain, unfortunately, alot of car guys are getting their hopes up as well as annoying John. Hopefully (at least) no one will lose any money on this one!?!

  14. Rolly Doucet

    Things that would make me nervous right away, that it’s not original (1) wrong hood for a real SS396, (2) no stripe around the nose. Then a look under the hood speaks loudly of back-yard intervention, and then you have to ask…why is it in a new building, where it’s recently been moved to (obviously be someone who wants to show or sell it) and at a really low price.?

  15. Camaro Guy

    Scam…I just talked to the guy who had his number used for the craigslist post. He said he had no clue about the 68 Camaro. He said his phone is ringing off the wall because of it.

  16. paul

    In my day they used to say a guy died in the car & wasn’t found for months so the Corvette stinks & their gone a let it go for $100.
    Well seems to be a lot of dead guys in Corvettes back then.

    • skloon

      I actually bought one of those dead body Corvettes, in my case they were mice but the car did stink I replace the whole interior painted the floors and left an ozone machine running in it for a week I still lost money on the deal.and if I remember correctly the service manual said that to replace the windshield reservoir I had to remove the engine

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      My dad actually came across a Buick like that back in the late 50s. The body had been in it for a week in the July sunshine. The dealer re-upholstered it and replaced the headliner but on a hot day, you could still smell the dead guy. I understand that the car was sold (for a song) to a guy who smoked cigars so it’s doubtful if the stench bothered him.

      • Brian

        Ever seen the movie, “Riding the Bullet”?

  17. Derek

    I sure hope I die in my sleep, as opposed to succumbing to Texoma

  18. Faygo

    Per Craigslist: “This posting has been flagged for removal.” SCAM! Good lesson here. Poirot would have seen through it in a minute.

  19. scott strahan

    $3500 all day long even if it didn’t have a motor in it…

  20. geomechs geomechs Member

    Years ago I was told that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. This post is testament to that. Glad you guys are on the ball.

  21. Brian

    SCAM!! Last week I was looking through the free stuff on the local Craigslist and saw an ad “Free ladder and antique car”. I clicked it expecting to see a rusty ’86 Escort with the side beat in but there was a picture of a dusty but beautiful older restoration late 1920s Buick Sedan, just text me your number and I will contact you, it said. Took about 5 minutes before it was flagged and taken down.

  22. Sim

    Surfing through Craigslist and Kijiji classic car ads have been my occasional late night reading for so many years… and for that many years I have become accustomed to seeing these classic Camaro ads posting prices that are well under $10,000. They are “send me the money (or a deposit) and I’ll ship the car to you” scams that have been gracing the internet and prompting numerous police organizations here in Southern Ontario to issue warnings via the local news media to this day …and to this day there are folks that continue to fall for this ruse. The phone number is only posted to legitimise the ad. The method of this deception is based on the theory that once a very motivated buyer gets frustrated when thinking his/her dream car has been posted with a wrong phone number, they will inevitably send an e-mail to the poster. The prospective buyer is then sent a reply from the seller apologizing for the wrong number being posted, stating “this may be why the advertisement hasn’t received inquiries”, to the unbelievable luck of the buyer. The e-mail may include a statement similar to “I couldn’t wait any longer and had to leave town (school or employment relocation) so the car is being stored at a relative’s home”… “but if you wire me the $3,500, (alternatively they may ask for a deposit) “I will have it shipped to your location”. …I just thought I’d post this to Barn Finds as I realize most of the very knowledgeable classic-car-crazy folks here are well aware of this older scam, but just in case somebody surfs through who is not so experienced with the darker side of this world …we just might save someone from losing their precious savings. Cheers y’all

  23. yanmarley

    Happens all the time out here on the left coast as well in (mostly) Craigslist ads for Harley-Davidsons e.g. a 2008 FatBoy for $5500.00 (a little too good to be true) but they are out of the country working so they say the deal will be done thru “Amazon Payments” and the bike will be delivered to the buyer before “Amazon ” releases the money to them. The email the buyer receives contains a link to “Amazon Payments” which appears real, however is not and you just send them your money and poof magically the bike is supposed to be on it’s way to you. Good luck with that. Too bad ya can’t take pot-shots at scammers like ya can at old Pontiacs in barns.

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