Police Caprice: 14,000 Mile 1994 Chevrolet Caprice 9C1

This car evokes one word: Yes. A 1994 Chevrolet Caprice 9C1 police car that never actually saw police service? This is not only a rare find, this is the ideal used police vehicle. Inside and out, this Caprice looks to have seen very little use at all, and the fact that it has covered 14,092 miles is surprising given the overall condition. The seller states, “This example is a survivor. It was purchased brand-new by a small college in Michigan for use by their criminal justice training center,” and claims that the car never saw any aggressive driver training of any sort. This car can be found here on eBay with bidding currently at $7,300 and the reserve not met.

Like most police-spec vehicles, this Caprice is outfitted with cloth front seats and what appear to be vinyl rear seats. Both sets of seats are in immaculate condition and a very nice light blue. This is an interior color that disappeared along with the Caprice in the late ’90s, and it is very appealing compared to having a black or tan interior. The floor is covered in a durable rubber material typically found only in base-model trucks and service vehicles, such as this Caprice. This material is very easy to maintain, and only makes me want this car more! Both spotlights are present and appear functional, as well as the digital gauge cluster. The dashboard appears un-cracked and un-warped, a testament to the care this car has received.

Under the hood is the coveted LT1, which is clean but shows that this car has seen some use. The surface rust visible indicates that this car was likely not driven on a daily basis, which the seller more or less states in the ad. General wear aside, with a little bit of cleaning I think this car would show very well! This LT1 feeds power to a 3.08 Posi-Traction rear end, which means this car is probably a lot of fun! As large as it is, I suspect it handles quite well due to police-spec disc brakes, suspension, and an upgraded cooling system. It has dual exhaust, and is quite possibly the most well-optioned police vehicle for sale right now. With all of these features, it checks most of the boxes on my list of basic cool features.

The seller states honestly that this car has not been babied, waxed weekly, or stored in a heated garage. However, this car has clearly been maintained and has never seen abuse, or even winter. There is no rust, and although the paint has some nicks and chips, as far as a service vehicle goes this car is near-mint. I don’t see 9C1 Caprices very often, especially in comparison to their Crown Victoria counterparts, and I doubt there are many others this nice or low-mileage in existence. If you like police cars, but have been struggling to find a nice one, this is the car for you!

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  1. Mitchell Gildea Member

    This is one sweet car, though I wish it had manual windows. My dad owns a 1994 Caprice 9C1 in blue with blue cloth front seats and a blue vinyl back seat. The car used to be a sheriff’s car in Bedminster Township, Bucks County, PA, and it has manual windows. I’ve always had a soft spot for the full-size GM cars from 1994-1996 because of the LT1 V8. My mom also drove a 1996 Roadmaster Collector’s Edition with the LT1 (it was originally from Arkansas, and my dad traded work for it at a junkyard he used to work at; there wasn’t a speck of rust underneath), and after my dad swapped in a transmission from a Caprice 9C1, no lie it got 35 mpg on the highway. We drove that car everywhere (including to the Rock and Roll and Pro-Football Hall of Fames in Ohio) before some idiot teenager in his Jeep Cherokee 2 Door ran a stop sign and t-boned the driver’s side. We tried to fix it but after a while it just sat and now we’re just parting it out. It’s a shame, really, because that car was fast, economical, reliable and comfy. Overall, though, this thing is mint; I would drive it as is, taking it to shows and possibly down the strip just to see how it performs.

    • Keith

      I don’t know about 35 MPG, but these did get remarkably good mileage on the highway. Mine, which was equipped much like the featured car, would consistently do mid-20s on the freeway if I just let her roll along.

      • Richard

        My 96 Roadmaster got 30.6 mph on level interstate at 70mph. At 55 it would have done better, but I just couldn’t drive it that slow on the highway.

      • Tzvi & Hadassah Aber

        I got 25mpg with the a/c on driving across country.

    • King Al

      Add police livery decals and roof lights. Slam some 32s under it. Take it to shows as the worlds first 9C1 Donk.

      • Gay Car Nut

        Are you kidding?

      • Rob

        That is just so much, Nope not today!

    • Gary

      Mitchell, the 1994 Caprice 9C1 that I use as a daily driver is from Marlborough Twsp. of Montgomery County, PA. I won that on a “goes to the highest sealed bid.” These cars love to fly, too! All this while the 94 Impala SS rests peacefully in the garage, waiting it’s turn to fly. These cars are a blast to drive.

  2. doug

    I realize it’s over 20 years old, but why wouldn’t the college continue to use it as is. Surely it has to be paid for. No wonder tuition is so expensive.

    • Skloon

      Dodge probably donated them a charger, or they have a policy of getting rid of cars after a certain time period no matter what the condition is,

  3. Len

    I want this car! It’s my old patrol car #58-3 re-incarnated. I’m calling the bank tomorrow.

    • dm

      Good luck at the bank and thanks for your service.

  4. Skip

    Nice, nice, nice! I had a ’94 Caprice LT1 that I bought in 2000 for $2,000 from the cab co. in Odessa. It had originally been a white ex-police vehicle that the cab co. had bought at auction. I had worked for them for a number of years and had driven that car. The decision to buy it was a no-brainer and I’ve never regretted buying it, despite the mega-miles on it when I got it.

    Surprisingly to me, since I knew nothing about LT1 engines at the time, it got terrific gas mileage and was a fast-runner…..to say the least. I took it on a trip from Midland to Lubbock and then to Canyon (just south of Amarillo) and used less than 1/2-tank on that long run.

    Unfortunately, someone else seemed to like the car, too, as it disappeared about 12 years ago and has never turned up…even though I still have the title. I figure that someone wanted it just for the engine and scrapped the rest.

  5. Mountainwoodie

    Just about the ugliest car made……….in the modern era at least. A testament to corporate GM styling

    • Miguel

      Can you say Aztek anybody?

      • Gay Car Nut

        I think it’s way better looking than the Aztek. And way better looking than the current Caprice the police are using.

  6. Steve

    I’ve seen a lot of CVPI’s for sale by this guy. They are all good cars, low miles, and a very long way from inexpensive. Yes, you get what you pay for but he charges premium every time, make no mistake

  7. Glenn

    35 mpg? Hard to believe, as my 92 LT1 Corvette 6 spd OD got 31/32 mpg at 70 mph / 1600 rpm on a trip – and that car was a LOT more aerodynamic than this one…….

    • King Al

      When it come to aero issues, you’d be surprised. Sure, the Vette is swankier, but you probably have massive tires on the Vette vs the narrower, less sticky tires on the big brother. It comes down to road load hp. Effective frontal area. Other factors. All things being equal, a short wheelbase minivan has worse aero overall than its long wheebase minivan counterpart. Seen it demonstrated in industry.

  8. Don H

    Never drove one but have road in the backseat ,years ago

  9. CMARV

    I’m surprised the seller has no feedback from the sale of Hemi Charger Interceptors (I sell them on a regular basis , most head west from here in Eastern.PA) the Charger was first the first SSV to out perform the 9C1 (94-96) , until the new Caprice 9C1 hit the streets in 2011 . Crown Vic’s were cheaper and made great taxi ‘s when removed from service , but ask any officer that has driven both cars , the 9C1 ruled .

    • Gary

      CMARV- where are you selling these retired svs vehicles out of? I’m very interested.

  10. Gay Car Nut

    Yes indeed it is. It is indeed rare to find a police car that hasn’t seen severe police use.

  11. erikj

    So that’s what DONK means. Lots of $ for a stupid look. That’s just me!!!

    • King Al

      Donk is short for Donkey, the slang nickname for the Impala as portrayed in the emblem. Since Impalas are the overwhelming favorite vehicle to modify this way, the mods came to be known as as “Donking”. But, “Donk” mods can be applied to any vehicle.

      Like 1
  12. John

    132 flat out till the limiter shut the fuel off. My favorite patrol car

    • Lord Humungous

      The backseat is pretty comfy.

  13. Rob S

    Drove one of these regularly for city use. They were I bit unwieldy in city traffic and you certainly could not use the power these offered. I was involved in a few pursuits, I will tell you this, no one could outrun me! These are big cars! But once you put all the equipment inside it got tight. They were a good patrol car but once the ‘Vic came along, I was hooked!
    This is a nice example! Rare to see one in this condition. Brings back some good memories!

    • BMW4RunninTundra

      Thank you for your Service!!!!

  14. Len

    Our department only got one of these at the time and we drove the balls off of it. 3 transmissions and 2 rears before the LT1 finally detonated just shy of 150,000 miles. City Council gave us a choice, fix it AGAIN, or replace it with 2 new Crown Vic’s. We needed cars so off to sale she went. That was a great patrol car.

  15. Adam Richards

    Used to have a 95, looked just like this. Had it up to 130 mph on the interstate late at night once. It had plenty more left in the pedal, too. Quick out of the hole for such a big car and a very respectable top end. But, they feel like a boat after about 120 mph… it just start floating down the highway. Incredible cars.

  16. Ed P

    These Chevies were called tuna cans from the rear styling. I heard they were preferred over the Crown Vic’s. Any comments?

  17. Lord Humungous

    Very good price. In Mass it would fetch $10-12k in that condition.

  18. Randy V from the Northern/Lower

    I think l would like the Old Train Car behind the car. It looks to be a cubboze, or cubboos, My wife and l took a ride out in the woods. Came up to season road only. Well its summer lets see if it is the right season to take it. We went up this hill at all l could think of my truck going from end to end. All we could see was Blue Sky and our BIG BABY BLUE EYE’S when we would turn and look at each other. Got to the top there was about 50 yards of railroad tirs and rrails. A old steam engines and a old Dinner Car it was open we walked thru it note said your still here when l get here better have a good answer to why your in here my two dogs are always hungry !! I would of asked how did you get these back here, before You let your dogs loose ?? One week later my wife went into the hospital and one week later l went home by myself she passed away. I Never Could Fine That Place Ever Again. But l still love seeing all the old cars on here. Thank You to everyone that sends them in. I have one l’m thinking of sending in wife and my 1978 Red , Trans Am White inside four speed thinking still.

  19. Gary

    Well, it’s back up on eBay as of today.

  20. utes

    Those miles are bogus!….more like 114,000+…..no way those front inner fender mounting bolts would have rusted that bad w/those alleged miles! My personal ’95 (now w/299,000+ miles) never appeared that way until about 160,000 miles….& that was after 11 years of exposure to Wisconsin street salt!

  21. moosie Craig M Bryda

    Not a true LT1 because of the iron heads on these motors as opposed to the aluminum heads on the Vette,
    & yes indeed these 9C1s ran real fine, I had a ’95 which was the former K9 unit from a PD out in Pampas Idaho. Some how “stole” it from the ebayer cause it cost almost as much to ship to N.Y. as it did to buy it, seller was pissed . And no ot didn’t stink of dog & no drool stains anywhere. I really liked that car .

    • moosie Craig M Bryda

      Nampa Idaho not Pampas, sorry. CRS kicks in sometimes.

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