Pontiac’s First Model: 1927 Pontiac Landau Sedan

'26 Pontiac

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It has been reported that Mr. Edward M. Murphy established the Pontiac Buggy company in 1893.  By 1907 he went from buggy maker to an automobile maker. His new company was named the Oakland Motor Car Company which was purchased by General Motors in 1907.  Listed here on ebay is this 1926 Pontiac Five Passenger Coach with a bid of $510 and a BIN of $8K. This model is reportedly the first Pontiac automobile model produced.

'26 Pontiac left side

The owner says this car “comes with all the parts.”  We don’t know if that includes the radiator or not?

'26 Pontiac no floor boards

The new owner might want to replace the floorboards to help keep the wind noise down.

'26 Pontiac front engine

There is no mention of the condition of the engine. Hopefully it’s not seized up.

'26 Pontiac rear

The owner says that this is a California car and there is some paperwork from the 1940’s to support that.  There is not, as per the owner, any “car cancer, just surface rust”.  Is this the original paint?  It has been reported that 42,000 Series 6-27 were produced. You can read more about these early Pontiacs here on Early Times Chapter. This car is interesting, but would you choose it over the more plentiful Model T?


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  1. Donnie

    If it is a first year Pontiac a museum might like to have it.

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  2. Lee

    A pretty darn nice original example of an undesirable car— If restored it might bring close to what the seller is asking /Lee

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  3. Lee

    Is that whats called a California “RAKE”/Lee

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  4. Donnie

    Some one wheel by it and cut it al up and have a silly rat rod / I hate them things

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  5. Mike R

    I’m sure his neighbors will be glad to see it go :D

    Definitely not something you see….

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  6. dj

    So if you found someone to make the wood kit, which it needs. You’d spend close to the asking price. Restore it with another 5k in interior. Then you’d have one worth about $8500 when you’re done. Been there, done that and I still have the T shirt.

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  7. Mark S

    As many of you know it doesn’t take much to be upside down on your resto. Budget and, it is true that this era of car has dwindling interest especially amoung younger guys. Sadly a lot of car like this will just get scraped as aging owners pass away. So when I here that a car like this is rat rodded it is not a bad thing at least it’s getting used up. In a lot of ways it’s the next generations way of building there version of hot rods. I personally don’t care for rat rods but there is a whole culture of guys that do. So I say rat it out its to far gone to save anyway, also the seller will be hard pressed to get there price IMHO. Cheers.

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  8. George H

    I can’t stand “investment cars” that is cars that are restored purely for their value hence you can’t drive them. It’s pretty and sits in your driveway or gets trailered to events is disgusting to me. I think there is a place for historical cars in museums but i would rather have a car i can drive. I love ratrods….it puts a custom car in the realm of a person without a huge budget and they are meant to be enjoyed and driven. Everyone that says they hate them i tell them well thats ok….the person building it built it for themselves to enjoy anyways.

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  9. Duffy

    Junk, put the thing to sleep.

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