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Porsche 356 for $5k

1963 Porsche 356

It’s getting pretty bad when a 356 in total basketcase condition seems like a good buy at $5k. The engine, transmission, and suspension are all gone, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this carcass of a car has already found a buyer. You gotta give the guys who save these cars credit though. Few among us could start with just a VIN tag and stay motivated enough to have a full car constructed around it. It take a lot of money and a lot of love. If you think you can hack it, this ambitious project can be found here on craigslist out of Sarasota, Florida. Thanks goes to Richard G. for the tip!


  1. Jose

    Hate to think some poor sap will buy this crusher candidate.

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  2. mike

    Think it might have a kinked hood ! This is as bad as the one recently that was made up of several bits and pieces arranged on a wooden pallet !

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  3. Rich

    But the numbers match on what’s left, lol!

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  4. Mike L

    This is just a shame! Prices are crazy as well as the people trying to get the prices! I love the 356’s and wish I could afford another. I only see two windows worth saving.

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  5. rufus firefly

    Why not just get a old bathtub out of the woods and put 4 wheels and tires on it.
    That would look the same as the overpriced 365 etc.

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  6. Jim

    Never understood the allure of the 356, surely not at these prices. Little to no power and looks like a rolling upside down bathtub. American cars during this era had so much more to offer in the style and power departments.

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    • Edward

      Around 1965, I owned a 1956 Speedster with a ’61 normal engine. My friend Russell Bishop and I drove all night from Spokane to Portland so Russ could qualify for his beginner status under SCCA rules at the Rose Cup Races. We got there early and pulled into our designated area, popped the hub caps and removed the air cleaners, taped the head lights and removed the side curtains and the folded canvas top and then took a nap while the “competition” came in an unloaded their machines. I remember the field in that amateur race included every make of ‘sports’ car, among them, 27 Corvettes! Most of the big American ‘Vettes lost it in the first turn of the track.
      Russell placed 7th, I believe (he went on to become well-known in Formula racing). After the race, we stripped the tape from the head lights and put everything back together and drove home to Spokane. Russell was a Porsche fanatic in those days and could expound on heel & toe, power-to-weight ratios, when to brake and accelerate, etc. The smell of Castrol makes me nostalgic for those ancient days.

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      • rjc

        Great story Edward! Thanks for shring it.

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  7. Karl

    For that price, I sure hope he’s throwing in the chain, as it will probably be the sole source of motive power for some time to come.

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  8. hhaleblian

    I’ve seen worse brought back from the dead, but a B coupe is the lowest tier on the 356 value food chain

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