Porsche 356 Project: Which Is The Parts Car?


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This Porsche 356 package “deal” is listed here on eBay out of Vacaville, California, but the seller doesn’t say which is the parts car. A 1958 super 1600 motor is included, in pieces and one of the cars has a vin number. Bidding is currently at about $500 with only a couple of days left. $500 could be a reasonable price if the trailer was included and the tires are good. Thank you Peter R sharing this find with us!

It looks like one has enough of a floor to support the seats, the other not so much, but it does have the only piece of glass. The seller has not provided any pictures of the undersides, but in this case I don’t think it really matters.

They do look a bit better from the rear. Neither nose shows much promise though.

But there is an engine, or at least some pieces of one. So there is some hope right? Usually, this is where I might ask what you would do with this, but in this case I have to ask “what would you do if your neighbor brought this home?”

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Dirty Dingus McGee

    “what would you do if your neighbor brought this home?”

    Besides pointing and laughing?

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    • Chris


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  2. randy

    Help me understand how one rusty 356 brings 152K, and two rusty 356’s is only bid up to $500.00? The latter makes sense to me. The guy that paid 152K could cost average way down by buying these as well.

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    • Doug M. (West Coast)

      @ Randy, I really like your accounting logic! Makes great sense to me! Actually, because there is a VIN plate and some recognizable parts, this looks like a “Really good deal!” based on today’s crazy prices!

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  3. randy

    Maybe the music stopped and nobody told us.
    Bidding is up to $1313.00 now. I see a farm and barns in the pic. I wonder if he found these with a tractor and a plow?

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    • hhaleblian

      Music stopped playing? Review the Joplin 356 auction results.

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      • randy

        My comment was directed more at the rusty 356 that went for 152K. If you go back and review the JJ 356 that sold for 1.8M, you’ll notice that I was the one that posted the sale price first. Just sayin. Ease up on the reigns, cowboy.

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      • hhaleblian

        ditto dude

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  4. Mark S

    Nothing but a smouldering pile of camel dung. Run! Run away fast! Don’t look back as you my turn into a pillar of salt.

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  5. Mr. Bond

    All the leftovers from finishing the nice one that is probably in his garage! This market brings out all the stuff, doesn’t it! The motor is probably worth something, though.

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  6. BobinBexley Bob in BexleyMember

    Even if it runs its a $500.00 car all day. They were expensive to work on in ’77 too !

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  7. Bruce E

    With bidding at $6300.00 now, what would I do if my neighbor bought & brought this home? I’d grab him by the ear and take him to the closest hospital for a cranial cat scan to see if he had a brain.
    Why won’t the seller just be honest and say ” Vin tag & bushel basket engine for sale” and take the rest of the rust to the crusher. It would surly cut down shipping costs.

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  8. Tundra/BMW Guy

    What would I do if my neighbor brought this pile home with him – CALL THE HOA IMMEDIATELY!

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  9. Bill Parameter

    Finally !! – We get a true meaning of “Rust Bucket” … Thank You …

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