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Porsche 911 Turbo Martini Garden Find

1977 Porsche 911 Turbo Martini Edition

We have seen some incredible finds over the years in some peculiar locations, but Facebook Follower Ian H may have found one of the more incredible finds in one of the least expecting of places. Here is Ian’s story – Hi, I’ve found one one of the rarest Porsches, only 3 known examples in the world in rhd! It was in a garden on my street for over 12 years and I didn’t know! It’s a 1977 Porsche 911 Turbo Martini Edition! So far this is all the info that Ian has given me, but I’ve reached out to him to get more. Talk about an incredible find in one of the most obscure of locations! I want to thank Ian for sharing and look forward to hearing more about his Porsche. So who here knows more about the Martini Edition Porsches?


  1. Mark E

    I’m far from a Porsche expert but it’s my understanding that some ‘martini edition’ cars are just regular cars with martini graphics applied? I may be wrong on this and will be interested in what experts have to say…

    • john e.

      Mark, you are correct pretty much. In 2014 Porsche came out with the martini racing decals for the 70’s era 911 Carrera-S and interior kits as well. According to Porsche’ only 80 units were to be sold in Europe, Latin America, China and Japan, none here in the states directly, but that’s not to say they couldn’t be ordered. This and more information on this factoid can be found at:

      An original martini would have a 3.8 liter flat 6 with 400hp. So I would need to more about this find then in just what I have read. But so far either its a true martini or one with just the decals. ((?))

    • Don Andreina

      ‘The ‘Martini’ model was never actually a main stream variant of the SC because any 911SC from 1978 could be specified with option number M42 which gave the owner a set of side stripes similar to those first seen on the 1976 British Motor Show 911 Turbo.

      That car had been a ‘special’, to celebrate the combined victories in the World Manufacturers’ Championship (with the 935) and the World Sports Car Championship (with the 936). It was also the fourth season that the factory racing team had been supported by the Italian drink company Martini & Rossi. The stripes proved so popular on the Motor Show Turbo that they were quickly made available as a factory fit or retro fit option, usually on cars in Grand Prix White.’

    • James g

      Someone posted a link to one for sale says only 4 RIGHT HAND DRIVE cars exist so that means many more LHD cars exist making it not so rare anymore and RHD cars in a country that drives on the right side of the road makes the it a little less valueable due to the in-convince factor hard to pass someone in a LHD car

  2. Joe Battista

    That’s right it was a appearance package.

  3. Andy McNab

    If it is a RHD Martini a real one then it should have peculiar looking Furnham seats often in Martini colours and it will have an M stamped on the vin plate . And it has the standard 3.3 turbo engine not a 3.8 . They didn’t do a road going Porsche with a 3.8 for a couple more decades .

  4. Dolphin Member

    I’m no expert on Porsches, but if this is a genuine Martini edition 911 Turbo, which it looks like it is, then it’s not a regular 1977 Porsche 911. The regular 911 was a normally aspirated car, while the Turbo, which Porsche introduced in the mid-’70s, was a big step above in equipment and performance over the regular 911. It had significantly more HP and a significantly higher price. However, I believe the graphics also were a separate option you could order.

    I believe the Martini edition was made to celebrate (and advertise) Porsche’s success on the track. They also made a special Martini road edition based on the 924, which also had racing success in the 1970s. The graphics on the roadgoing Martini Turbos like this car weren’t nearly as bold and attractive as the graphics on the racing versions, which were some of the most appealing graphics ever put on a racecar.

    From what little you can see this car looks like a real Martini edition. It looks like it has the right graphics, the big Turbo ‘tea tray’ rear wing, and the wide wheels. More info would we welcome, like why the car was left in a garden for what looks like years based on the algae growing on the trunklid and the tires sunk into the yard. Does it run and drive? Is it for sale?

  5. Tim Moore
  6. saabseller

    Try 3.0 litres. How quickly everyone forgets.

    KJ in Oz

  7. jim s

    it needs to be back on the road but depending on how long it has set like that rust may be a issue. i hope someone take this project on. great find.

  8. Thorsten Krüger

    The “S” on the number plate say MODEL YEAR 1978. Model year ’78 then tells us 3,3 turbo with 300hp. The decal seems to be original in size and place.
    Let me have the contact to Ian. I’m interested. Thorsten

  9. Don Andreina

    I remember one of the mechanics I would rely (desperately) upon in Adelaide buying a 911 Martini. It was definitely not a turbo, but it was a G-series narrow body with (IIRC) a whale tail. And I’m pretty sure it was the real deal (he was that sort of guy).

  10. Russ

    The UK Vehicle Registration info for this car is;

    Vehicle make PORSCHE
    Date of first registration 17 August 1977
    Year of manufacture 1977
    Cylinder capacity (cc) 2993cc
    CO₂Emissions Not available
    Fuel type PETROL
    Vehicle status Not taxed
    Vehicle colour WHITE
    Vehicle type approval Not available
    Wheelplan 2 AXLE RIGID BODY

    I, too, am no Porsche expert but I’m sure the build year and engine size will tell those who are more about it’s status as a genuine Martini. Or maybe not…

  11. Russ

    Oh, yes – it also showed it was last on the road in 1989. At least it was last due to be taxed (registered) in December 1989 so I assume it was on the road earlier in the year.

  12. Skip Middleton
  13. scott mortby

    That ‘garden find’ car does have the correct martini interior. So is an original factory martini.

  14. Rich


    Vehicle make PORSCHE
    Date of first registration 17 August 1977
    Year of manufacture 1977
    Cylinder capacity (cc) 2993cc
    CO₂Emissions Not available
    Fuel type PETROL
    Vehicle status Not taxed
    Vehicle colour WHITE
    Vehicle type approval Not available
    Wheelplan 2 AXLE RIGID BODY
    Revenue weight Not available

  15. Thorsten Krüger

    Hi Rich,

    Great investigation, thanks.

  16. Paul Krasusky

    WOW, that is truly an incredible find if it proves to be a real Martini. It is correct there were only ~ 3 RHD turbos that year. I’ve got an article here outlining production, it was over 3yrs – ’77, ’78, and ’79. Total production was quoted as being something like EIGHT over those three years! One of the guys on the Pelican 930 forum has one in CA, and my good friend 6mi up the road from me here in Sunny CT has a ’78 3.0 Carrera Targa… one of 3 produced! His too was a “barn” (field) find, with an engine fire. He sourced the correct motor and it languished in a barn for a decade+++ until I shamed him into bringing it back to life a couple of years ago.

    Just like any other model during those years, the Fuhrmann seats were an outrageous $4k option (back then!) – the archive pics I’ve seen of Martinis have all showed regular Sport seats, but his Targa’s got the Fuhrmann’s. I’ve only seen them in one other car ever – a grey ’79 930 a guy in FL found a couple of years ago with 38(not a typo) miles.

    Fuhrmann seats are a bit “Stay Puff Marshmallow Man”, they’re quite squish and a bit awkward to sit in, especially for dudes as your bits tend to fall in the gigantic gap in the lower cushion.

    The Martini archive pics I’ve seen and the 930 in CA have all had extremely radical Martini-themed interiors, so it’s not just a graphics (decal) package it was the full interior color scheme as well (the one found above seems to have white seats which I’ve never seen so it’d be interesting to see if it’s a real Martini or not). However, Ron’s Targa has by FAR *the most* batshit crazy color combination of all the one’s I’ve seen – most are “somewhat” more tame with the striking red/white/blue with more blue / white than red. Ron’s is discotastic!

    This is how I found it in Ron’s barn after a dozen+ years.

  17. Paul Krasusky

    Got it running and drove to my place. Here’s a shot of it in my driveway as we began refurbing it in my garage – note Carrera 3.0 and whale tale vs. tea tray… proper!

  18. Paul Krasusky

    Feast your eyes upon the interior (may want do don your sunglasses… this ain’t for everyone certainly!):

  19. Paul Krasusky

    The interior needed a TON of work… came out great!

  20. Paul Krasusky

    paint still needs work but better than the barn find

  21. Paul Krasusky


  22. ciaran payne

    I was actually working for Porsche UK in the 70’s and on, at AFN, from which PORSCHE UK grew. AFN being the original Fraser Nash company who became the Official Porsche IMPORTERS for the UK in the 50’s. These stripes were available as a retro fit option to any colour but looked best on white and black, although the could be added to any colour, and were. The FULL FACTORY ORDERED MARTINI version carried the colour coding right through the interior and with the stripe kit was a very striking car.

  23. Umm

    The last time I had a martini in my garden the lawnmower developed a mind of its own and kept taking detours through the flowerbeds.

  24. James g

    I know something most likely a turbo someone put martini edition stickers on it

  25. Jeff Lavery Staff

    I *love* that interior and the bonkers red carpet. Hope we hear some updates on this – would be quite a find if so. Anyone get an update from the original poster?

  26. ian

    Hi All,

    I am Ian, the owner of the above car…

    A few more details..

    Its 1 of 3 , 3ltr Porsche Martinis Turbos.

    Has 2 owners form new, 62k miles and has been owned by the same person since 1978 when it was 18 months old.

    It has the dr fuhrman seats, and has been confirmed genuine.

    And its up for sale…!

    Email me for more images.

    • Rob

      Definitely would like to see some more photos of this car! And a link to where its being sold.

    • Mike

      Any more updates on this?

      Would be interested to know

    • Darren J Pitcher

      I would like to contact Ian H regarding his Martini Porsche and enquire if it maybe still for sale please.

    • David

      Trying to contact Ian with regard his Martini Turbo can anyone help?

  27. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Please email us at with more photos Ian so we can update the post. Thanks!

  28. steve

    i have one of the 1977 930 martini in my garage for sale

    Like 1
    • Mike

      Hi Steve,

      Would be interested to know more about it in the UK?

  29. Nigel

    My ex boss (Geoff Thomas) had one of the genuine 3.0 turbo Martini cars – reg TEL 27R.

    He bought it around 1980/1.

    He modded it with adjustable boost control in the early 90’s

    I think he sold to a fanatic who subsequently wrapped it around a tree

  30. Tom Bayley

    is this car on the road yet…. can’t believe it hasn’t been fixed and sold… worth a fortune….

  31. James

    It’s been completely rebuilt by Williams Crawford- graham is a legend ! No idea who owns it , but an awesome job .

    • Keith

      Drove this very car for a photoshoot last week. Amazing restoration.


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