Porsche 914-6 Clone Project Needs To Go!

As much fun as the 914 is, there is a lot of room for improvement with these little mid-engine sports cars. Even Porsche realized it needed more power, hence the creation of the 914-6. There really weren’t many of the 911 powered cars built, so they have become quite sought after. That being said, it only makes sense that people would take normal 914s and install the six cylinder out of a 911. While they aren’t the real deal, they offer just as much fun for a lot less money. Well, at least that’s the idea. This 914 project includes a 2.2 liter 911 engine, but everything is in pieces and needs to be rebuilt. You can find it here on eBay in Los Angeles, California with what seems like a rather high BIN of $13k.

Sure, compared to a real 914-6 project, this one seems cheap, but it still isn’t exactly a bargain. Restoring any Porsche, even a lowly 914 is expensive. Add in the cost of rebuilding the 911 engine and you are going to have a lot invested in a non-original car. Of course, if all you really care about is having a high performance sleeper, originality probably isn’t a concern.

Looking at the seller’s ad, I can’t help but wonder if this is a case of overpricing to avoid actually having to sell it. They state that their wife wants it gone and they need to get rid of it all. If their BIN was $8k like their starting bid, I would be more inclined to believe that they really want to get rid of it. Sadly, we have seen this a number of times, but you never know, someone might really want a 914-6 clone and see the value here.

Put together, this would be a fun car to daily drive or to take to the track. The only problem is getting it to that point is going to be a challenge. Having the engine block and some of the other crucial parts definitely helps, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You are going to need paint, an interior, all the wiring and what ever pieces are missing from the engine and drivetrain. And once you have all the parts, you still have the problem of putting it all together so that it works. If you have ever built a 914-6 clone, we would all love to hear what goes into building one!

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  1. Steve R

    There is mention or pictures of how complete the car is, or the engine for that matter. Any potential buyer would be wise to have the seller send a complete inventory to document everything included in this auction.

    Steve R

  2. sparkster

    I must be getting older as this “project” looks like a lot more work than it’s worth for $13,000. I’m with Steve R on this one more like a $4000 to 5000 dollar project. Not sure if this includes a brake upgrade as a friend did to his 914 after he put a 911 engine behind the seat. Was his fast ? Yes. Was it worth the $40,000 after he was done ? No

  3. Chuck Sibio

    Woah ! Stand back…STAY AWAY ! Really nice 914’s 4 cyl’s running are a better bargan. From 8K to well over 20K in running condition.

  4. paul

    rust and front end damage! no way!

  5. Paul

    I remember when this would have made a couple of grand if lucky. Wish I had kept all my Porsches over the last 20 years …

  6. HeadMaster1

    $1,300 I’ll have to think about it……$13,000 LMAO

  7. michael streuly

    13k buy it now are you F**KING kidding. I would not give 1300.00 for that pile of crap.

  8. johnforsman

    I don’t think Porsche was correcting an underpowered car, they were making a Porsche. The 914 sold at VW dealerships had a 4 cylinder VW motor. The 914/6 was sold at Porsche dealerships and had a Porsche motor.

    • whippeteer

      My 1972 VW Bus had the same 1.7 L Type 4 engine as the 914. Slightly different tuning…

      • DOUG NOVAK

        The VW Bus had different Heads then the 914-4.

    • bog

      John – when I looked at these new at a Porsche dealership, they had both models. I never went to a VW dealership to see if they carried the lower echelon one, why bother. Perhaps it was different in your area. Anyway, the 914-6 was optioned to the point where it was basically the same price as a 911T. Since I’d just returned from my service in Germany, and had driven, broken and fixed a friends 911S, I also knew what prices they were “going for” back there. Yikes ! I did buy a car that day, a ’65 “Bug” for my new wife. I then laughed and we went to the nearby Ford dealership and I ordered a 1971 BOSS Mustang. Never regretted that choice…

    • streamliner

      Well said johnforsman. That’s exactly the way it was. Porsche makes cars. They know what they’re doing. Even when Porsche is wrong, it’s no accident. Not so much a “mistake” but making different cars for different markets and price points.

      • bog

        streamliner – And now, “gasp” ! their top selling car isn’t a car at all, but the Macan SUV. Oh, the tragedy of an impure sports car line. Apparently it will keep the factory floating along for some time !


      The difference between the 4 vs the 6 was 30 HP.
      The 4 had 80-95HP and the 6 had 110HP

  9. Dave Member

    Our shop is privy to a few original 914-6 cars, and yes, they are indeed quick. But that doesn’t mean that we would even dream of taking this (clone to be) on.
    Hell, with a little extra fiddling, a VW 4 can have enough chutzpah anyway.


    I own a 914-4. It’s a street legal go cart. On a twisty back country road the four is plenty fast enough and a joy to drive. The mid engine and front to rear balance is amazing. Remember these were 1970’s Sports Cars DESIGNED and ENGINEERED by Porsche. The Engine in the 914-4 makes more then enough HP for a 2000 lb car with a 911 five speed transaxle and suspension set up. 914-4’s were build in the VW Carmine Plant that is today building the Porsche Boxters. The Porsche 914-4 replaced the 912 which used the same air cooled flat 4 engine. 914-6’s were build in the Porsche Factory and were discontinued because they out performed the 911’s, and were taking market share away from the 911’s.

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