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Porsche Exclusive Build: 1989 Porsche 928 GT Flachbau

It’s one thing to own the nicest Porsche 928 ever made. It’s quite another to be able to call the factory up and ask them to build one to your liking. That’s likely how this one-off “Flachbau” 928 was built, which is Porsche-speak for having a beak that features pop-up headlights and a more wind-cheating design. It’s also a very 80s-appropriate look, as the number of beater 911s in the latter part of that decade that were converted to flat-noses and turbo-looks is mildly hilarious considering how valuable they’ve become. Check out this rare Porsche Exclusive build 928 listed here on the RM Sotheby’s website.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Rocco B. for the find. The 928 is Porsche’s premier V8-powered GT car, and the best-of-the-best 928 GTS from the early 90s is a legitimate six-figure car. The earlier S4s are more touch-and-go value-wise, as many of those have been carelessly looked after once values tanked in the late 90s. That being said, I wouldn’t fault you for looking seriously at this rare build if you’re the type to buy cars as an investment, as special builds like these will always have a following.

What’s even more surprising is to see that this 928 has three pedals. Usually, these custom orders were destined for the Middle East or Japan, two countries that seemed to favor automatics even when knowing full well that future values would be negatively impacted by having only two pedals (I guess your dad gifting you an oil field for your fifth birthday makes you somewhat immune to the ups and downs of the market). To combine the 1-of-1 nature of this build with a manual transmission almost guarantees this 928 will sell for a very strong price.

Could it command the highest price we’ve seen to date for a 928? It’s possible, though I suspect a low-mileage GTS model will always be the ultimate spec, even when taking this car’s limited production into consideration. However, consider the following: this special build 928 also features the “XB2” option for wider body skirts; “XC1” for wider rear wheel arches; and the “639” option code that confirms it as a true 928 GT, benefiting from greater equipment and improved performance over the 928 S4. All in all, it’s as unrepeatable as it gets for a 928.


  1. PS

    Are 928 motors interfetence?

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    • Jim

      No, but this one is. The US 4.5 & 4.7 16 valve engines are non-interference. 32 valve engines are all interference.

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  2. Greenhorn

    This would be my holy grail 928. Wow.

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  3. chrlsful

    right model, wrong vehicle for me. I like them as to mechanicals (frnt, H2O, bent8) looks (got it all over the “911” & all it’s copies) and price (closer to my own affordability).

    Thanks for keeping the write-up short (but this 1’s sweet!).

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  4. Mister Green

    280,000 euros? Get ready for disappointment.

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  5. douglas hunt

    While I do understand the “one-off” desirability I am a sucker for the original headlights……the GT stuff, the wide fenders, oh yea I am on board, but to me it’s gotta have the open headlights staring upwards, lol

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  6. Oakster

    When I was in the navy stationed in Manama Bahrain, I had the option of a 928 or a Mercedes. I ended up buying the Mercedes. The 928 had 3 pedals also . It didn’t take me a week to kick myself for not getting the Porsche.

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  7. Matt W

    I’m in agreement with Douglas. Why take an iconic design like the exposed headlamps of a 928 and mimic the 924/944 look? I’m not on board with this one. Although it is a very clean example for any 928. Give me a factory GTS manual and I’m all in. — Matt

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  8. Martini ST

    This is a special car in incredible condition. But a 928 with a sunroof makes it a hard proposition to actually use. No wonder it’s in such nice shape. Oh, the headlight change looks wrong. Totally.

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  9. Jeremy Gagnon

    As more of a “muscle car”fan,a 928 with a stick shift is the only Porsche id ever consider owning.The rarity just sweetened the pot…

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  10. Jasper

    Nice. But those rear fender flares and the headlight doors ruin it for me. I’d save a bunch of money and get a nice run of the mill 928.

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  11. Hacker-Pschorr

    “Could it command the highest price we’ve seen to date for a 928?”

    I don’t see this selling for more than $1.9 million

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