Posh Pickup: 1977 Lincoln Mark V Pickup

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If a regular pickup truck just won’t do for you, this 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V Pickup might be the ticket. Apparently, there were just twelve of these Lincoln “Coloma” pickups made by Caribou Motor Company in Rosemead, California. This one is located on the other coast, in beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina. Yes, it’s humid there and maybe the salt air has played a role in some of the rust issues that will have to be dealt with on this Lincero, or, Rancholn. But, this is a rare one, if a person cares about such things as Lincoln Pickups. Not the recent Ford-pickup-with-chrome “Lincoln” pickups, I mean custom Continental Mark V pickups!

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There is actually a bit of utility here, and since this car is packing a 460 V8 under the hood it’ll easily haul a load of engineered hardwood flooring for the man cave portion of your garage remodeling project. The seller mentions that the car looks good but it has a “terrible paint job”. I don’t know if I would call it terrible, but maybe they’re so honest that they couldn’t sleep at night unless they mentioned that. But, you can see that it does need some work. I love the detail of the faux spare tire cover being left there on the tailgate; a nice touch. And, is that an oval-shaped rear window? Well-played, Caribou Motor Company.

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Apparently, these custom pickups were about $30,000 when new and how much of the original 5,000 pound weight that was reduced, or added on to, by this conversion is unknown. But it doesn’t really matter, you’ll still only get 10 mpg. Caribou Motors Company was a custom builder and they also did Cadillac Pickups. We’ve all seen those, but I haven’t seen a Lincoln MarkVero before (ok, I’m just making up those names). I prefer the Cadillac, but that’s just me.

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The interior looks pretty nice, but some of the details let it down. You’ll want to spend a couple of weekends in-between hauling duties to detail the heck of the interior of this Continero.

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This car has a big motor; the biggest available, in size at least. This is the Ford 460 V8 with somewhere between 210 and 220 hp, but it has a nicer-sounding 356 ft-lbs of torque. Unfortunately, it’s a fer piece (as a Lincoln Continental pickup driver might say) from Lincoln V8 power yore (as a Lincoln Continental pickup driver would never, ever say). There were other choices of colors and options and, since these were truly custom vehicles, the sky was the limit. This green hauler is listed on eBay with a current bid price of $4,000 with three days left; or Buy It Now for $7,750. What would you haul in this unique ride?

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  1. OGwaggin


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    • IBleedFordBlue

      Linchero…..The Caddy’s were Caddiminos….lol

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  2. Woodie Man

    The Kenny Rodgers eight track says it all!

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  3. Mark S

    The vinyl top on this car is hideous and poorly done especially the chrome mouldings

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  4. DRV

    The bed would have been longer if it was in the front!

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  5. JW

    yuck !!!

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  6. jim s

    another car/truck that looks like a driver to me but would a PI to see how bad the rust is first. nice find.

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  7. Charles


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  8. Mr. TKD

    I haven’t ever seen one of these before. For some reason, I enjoy these custom jobs. If I had a Cadillac pickup, I would want this so I would have the set.

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