Power Giant: 1959 Dodge D200

1959 Dodge D200

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This old Dodge had been parked for 25 years when the second owner purchased it in 1987. They resprayed it, rebuilt the engine, and used it as their daily driver until 2003! A lot of work has been done to keep it on the road since, but it could use some cosmetic attention still. It’s listed here on eBay where bidding is at $4,500 with about a day left.

Solid Bed

This truck may be in California now, but it originally came from Colorado. Luckily, the bed has somehow held up very well to the sometimes harsh weather in The Centennial State. There’s some small hole and lots of scratches, but I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be ready to haul.

Rusty Step

The concealed running board on the driver’s side hasn’t fared as well though. There’s a big section missing that will need to be repaired. The interior needs some help too. The last respray may have been in the original color, but as evidenced by the door jams, it wasn’t done very well.

Inline Six

The flathead six found under the hood is a workhouse of an engine. This one was rebuilt about 15k miles ago and is claimed to still run strong. It does look clean under here and ready to work. This vintage of Dodge truck was appropriately named the Power Giant! You could get them with a 318 V8 and in varying degrees of towing capacity.

Dodge Tailgate

This is a D200 so it was uprated to haul a bit more (3/4 ton). The rims and bumpers have been powder coated and really stand out in white. I like the side styling of the later “Sweptline” trucks a little better, but the overall shape here is classic.  These are tough appliances that are great for someone who wants a classic that can also be used for household chores!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Matt

    I think you’re being overly critical of this truck. The lines and chrome are great and it appears to be in great mechanical shape. A bargain at $4500, as long as it’s solid underneath!

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    • Mark S

      I’d have to agree with you Matt this is a awesome truck that I sure wouldn’t kick out of my garage. I really like those flatties very solid indestructible engine. These had great styling. Nice find.

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    • Jesse JesseAuthor

      I don’t think I was overly critical here. Just pointed out the good and bad.

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      • jim s

        after looking at this truck, which i like, and looking back at the BF dodge truck that just sold i think the the new owner of the BF truck got an even greater deal.

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  2. JW

    I like it and with a little work it would make for a great Lowe’s or Home Depot runner.

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  3. vic

    I used to drive by that truck every day!Burlingame!

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    • Sandi Lopez

      Hi, there. We are the previous owners referenced in the summary. It is such a coincidence that you mentioned seeing it every day in Burlingame—when it was in Colorado—BUT WE ARE FROM BURLINGAME!! Lived there before we moved to Colorado. This truck served us so well and for so long ❤️

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  4. RoughDiamond

    I have never seen this particular model Dodge pu before and I love the front end styling. Would love to have it!

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  5. MGSteve

    These are great trucks, I had a very similar 58 1/2 ton D100, stepside short bed, w/the flathead 6 for 43 years. A work truck for sure, but in the end, somewhat restored it. After that, it became a “show truck” that never got shown! Have a real soft spot for these ol’ guys. Never as popular as a Ford or Chevy, but the styling was just so unique . . . kind of a Power Wagon look. Hope it finds a good and deserving home. I’ve even kept “momentos” of this truck!

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  6. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Is that a 4-speed with granny gear, or just a 3-speed? And those indented headlight buckets are the bomb, a la the Imperial. Would those indentations in the fenders have been stamped, or a separate piece welded in? As usual only questions.

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  7. Jesse JesseAuthor

    This one sold for $4,500!

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  8. Gary


    I bought the truck, it has been repainted and the seats redone. I am currently having wood slats put on the sides as well as benches for the grandchildren to ride on around our farm. We have our farm logo on the doors, it looks amazing. If you would like I will send you pics


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    • Jamie Palmer JamieStaff

      Gary, we’d love to see some pictures!

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    • Sandi Lopez

      Hi, Gary. We are the owners of this truck who sold to the fellow who sold on EBay. What a hoot. My hubs put quite a bit of money into it—hopefully, it will serve you as long as it served us.

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  9. gary

    You can see this truck if you check out our face book page go to Holiday Memories Farm West River, MD and there are pictures of the truck at our farm. I had a friend but the wood in the back and it finished it off nicely.

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  10. Brian

    Hey Gary Im replying to an old post about the Dodge d200. I have recently found myself the same truck. Its a bit of a rust bucket but I love it. I was looking for a power wagon and came across it. I wouldnt mind seeing the images of yours refinished. I will be making mine a playful farm cruiser as well. Thanks. My email is bjhan123@gmail.com

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  11. Gary Palmer


    Check out my facebook page at Holiday Memories Farm West River, MD. We have photos of it on our page. Good luck with your project. We have lots of fun with our truck.


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