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Power Options: 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix Aerocoupe

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One of the most interesting aspects of the collector car hobby to me are the individual options that make enthusiasts consider one car over another. I get it; I’ve been there. Certain interior colors do it for me, or a richly-equipped model from the factory sporting every option on the list. That’s why this 1985 Pontiac Grand Prix Aerocoupe here on eBay is just a little more special than the others: it has a power seat! 

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That’s right: this very seat. The seller makes a point of explaining how this already-rare Aerocoupe was special-ordered with a power driver’s seat. It must not have been a popular option with consumers, as it seems to be a one-of-a-kind find. Personally, I was more excited about the 9,800 original miles it has on the clock, but the seller seems to overlook that in favor of electronic seat adjustment capabilities on the driver’s side of the car.

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Of course, if you’re a collector of Aerocoupes, Grand Prixs and Monte Carlos, I could see the power seat option giving the next owner some street cred at a swap meet or Aerocoupe car show. However, I’d rather talk about the practically-new 305 engine under the hood that remains in excellent cosmetic condition. Even with the low mileage, the radiator and exhaust have been replaced, with the original components included.

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The Aerocoupe is an interesting footnote in the dictionary of America’s love affair with special editions and otherwise “rare” cars. The design is somewhat polarizing, and enthusiasts usually love it or hate it. I like the racing connection these wide-window’d cars have, and certainly dig the rarity factor. The only trouble is, they rarely sell cheaply. The opening bid for this example is $12,000 with zero interest so far.


  1. Avatar photo GTOJeff

    I don’t think it’s an 85 like in the write up. Sorry all you folks who think they’re a piece of crap, but I like them. The power seat doesn’t add anything to make it more desirable.

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  2. Avatar photo Bob S

    I liked my 78 Grand Prix. Landord sold it to me for $200. This one is ne plus ultra.

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  3. Avatar photo Tirefriar

    I think these are very neat. Wouldn’t mind having this as a DD. Although I’m a Poncho fan, i prefer a white Monte Carlo in this body style

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  4. Avatar photo sparkster

    One off rear window and rear deck lid.

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  5. Avatar photo Kevin

    I was never fan of these Pontiac G-bodies. The Oldsmobiles, Chevrolets, and Buicks were good looking to me but I never liked the Grand Prix. Still a rare car and I’m sure somebody would love to have it. Not my cup of tea though, I can’t get past that styling.

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  6. Avatar photo Paul R

    I have never understood why owners take a low mileage car like this and install cheap pep boys style tires on them. Pay a little more for BFG or Goodyear tires, or at least put the blackwall side out instead of the goofy letters!

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    • Avatar photo Joe64NYWF

      Hardly just a little more! At simpletire.com a bgf 215 65 15 is $137, while a cordovan g/p perf g/t is $61!!
      I swear by cordovans – mine are 20 yrs old – called g/p g/t radial back then – from Strauss Auto Parts – no more.

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  7. Avatar photo Glenn

    I need that seat for my Grand National, the previous owner replaced it with a much lighter non-power seat for go faster reasons.

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  8. Avatar photo Rando

    With less than 10K, why did it need new tires, radiator, exhaust, and belts? Ok, the belts maybe. But the rest? Did it rust away just sitting? It could be. Non driving can be worse than driving if not treated properly. Cool car if you’re into oddities.

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW

      Would you drive a car with 30 year old tires?
      I wouldn’t.

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  9. Avatar photo DaveT

    305 for life!

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  10. Avatar photo Chris

    I love the late seventies and eighties G-bodies. I would trade both of my teenagers for this one!

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  11. Avatar photo jaymes

    deffinately the ugliest of the aero coupes, im looking for a chepie to convert to regular coupe

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  12. Avatar photo 68 custom

    always wondered why these did not get the 305/HO that the Monte, Camaro and Firebird were offered with. I find these ugly and slow. but many people like them, just not for me.

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  13. Avatar photo Rick

    I’ve seen these badged as 2+2s , wonder what the difference is?

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    • Avatar photo Car Guy

      This car is missing the 2+2 tape emblems on the doors. They all came with it.
      We had one in the showroom when they were new. I offered the salesguys there $20 to remove the full size spare thru the mail slot opening of a trunk lid. Not one of them took my offer……….

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  14. Avatar photo Van

    The big question should be did the aero body work. If you take this and a standard GP do they have the same top speed. If you put 500hp under the hood how do they compare. Inquiring minds want to know.

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  15. Avatar photo Mike

    The 1986 Pontiac Aerocoupes STRUGGLE to break $8500 when selling no matter how nice they are. The sellers $12,000 first bid expectation is more than ambitious!

    Like SO MANY vehicles for sale today the seller’s asking prices are way ahead of reality and what the actual market is for their vehicle.

    I guess nothing has really changed!

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  16. Avatar photo Prowler

    It’s not uncommon for low mileage cars like this to have a rotten exhaust system…low miles mean lots of short trips never getting the exhaust hot enough to remove all the condensation in the system …so the moisture just sits there and rots out the bottom side of the pipes and mufflers
    Same with radiators and heater cores
    It probably has the original coolant…over time it breaks down and the rotting begins…as far as tires and rubber parts I think you all know that answer
    But A very nice unusual car that just never caught on

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  17. Avatar photo HeadMaster1

    I have EVER understood why anybody would want a 305, when a 350 takes up the same space? I had an 85 El Camino SS with smog chocked 305, what a dog, had to wait until the roads were wet to have any fun at all with that thing

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  18. Avatar photo JimmyinTEXAS

    If you like these cars you can buy a front clip and rear extension and window, who knew…

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  19. Avatar photo stillrunners

    It’s history….and I like the GP Aero as well….rare to find a nice one….

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  20. Avatar photo Jeff

    I smell something not right. I own one with just under 20,000 miles I had it since new. This car is missing the door stickers on both sides, the drivers side seat looks like a very large person has been sitting in it all 9,000 miles. My car still has the Goodyear GTs why doesn’t this one with less miles? I don’t be leave it

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  21. Avatar photo scottymac

    They should have named these and the Monte aeros Bill Elliott specials. GiMiCk Motors had to peddle these to keep up with the T-Birds.

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