Pre-A Project: 1955 Porsche 356 Continental


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If you want a classic to drive, get the Sprite. If you want a classic as an investment, get this. It is a pre-A 356 and although it looks bad in the photos, there is actually a lot to work with here. The paint was stripped back in the sixties by the seller’s uncle and it has sat in the family barn ever since. Things will get very expensive before it is all said and done, but the end result will likely be worth six figures! Find in here on eBay in Canton, Michigan.


The original 1500 cc engine is still with the car and has oil in it. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t turn over. This is the 1500 so it did have more power than the base engine (82hp vs 50hp). That’s still not a ton of horsepower, but it was the upper displacement limit of the racing classes that Porsche was targeting. These cars were raced extensively and did quite well in their day. Like any small bore sports car, it just requires higher revs to keep things moving along on the street.


As would be expected with any unrestored 356, there is rust. It isn’t as bad as some projects we have seen though so perhaps the barn did its job. Since this one was built in 1955 it came with a bent windshield instead of the earlier two-piece design. The bent window was used on the 1954-1955 cars after which Porsche went with a flat pane. The glass is included but apparently has a crack. I suppose there are bigger things to worry about though. Like repairing the body and then reassembling the whole thing. The seller does mention that all the trim and interior are included with the car, but does not include any photos in the listing.


At least there is no need to bring a trailer as it is already included in the sale! Not that the included trailer will make this a bargain. From what I have read, only 100 Continentals were imported to the United States in 1955. Obviously, even fewer exist over here today so this could be the perfect project for a true Porschephile. Just be sure to do all your research and have your checkbook ready because this one is not going to be cheap.

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  1. Clay bryant

    No comment!

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  2. Rick

    Did you say somebody already stripped off the old paint? Then the hard part is done! Nice!

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  3. cory

    It will be into 6 figures. Porsche guys are nuts and there is a huge 356 bubble right now. I like them, but they are going for insane money.

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    • Sidney

      IMO, anyone that has enough money to gamble on something this absurd, can afford the obvious soon to be financial loss. Living proof that some people have too much money.

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  4. rancho bella

    boy…………… vocabulary isn’t large enough to express the amount of time and energy it will take………my pocket book is less than my vocabulary…………….
    I’ve been around 356’s most of my 64 years, this is best dropped off at one of the better known restorers and have them call you when it’s done………or ifin’ you are flush with cash, send it back to the factory for a little touch up………..

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  5. ORacer

    The drivers door will be a tough fit. Hat’s off to anyone willing to take on the restoration and spend the money to bring this car back.

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  6. Edward

    My 1st Porsche was a ’55 coupe. I remember the windshield with the crease half-way up. I had to replace it ($90.00!). Mine also had those finned ‘Beauty Rings’ on the 16 inch wheels. I bought it in 1964 for $1200. It didn’t have synchromesh gearing and the engine had a two piece case. The interior was tan leatherette with inserts of rust and cream houndstooth fabric. It had a fabric headliner. The metal dash and window railings were a rich rust-brown. The rear cargo space had a wide one-piece flip-up panel that revealed a bench type ‘seat’. I sold it and bought a ’55 Speedster for $1500. Those were the days!

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  7. DolphinMember

    Sometimes a little restoration work is worse than none at all.

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  8. DT

    Looks like they used the turnlight port to winch it up on the trailer! So all I see is a roach. But I know at some point this will be a showcar,and be worth a fortune,and will bring an amazing amount of money in this purchase.wish I had 10 of these in my barn

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  9. mark


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  10. Brian

    Yikes! If I had the money to restore it, I think I’d use it to buy a nicely restored car, even if it turned out to be alittle newer, slightly less rare and valuable Porsche model so that I could have fun driving and with alot less wrenching involved, and not requiring body sand blasting.

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  11. jim s

    will that motor bolt up to a vw beetle transaxle? nice find

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  12. MikeW

    I like the trailer wheels, looks like either Porsche 928, 84 Corvette, or 84 Mustang SVO. they are all 16 in and very similar.

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  13. Richard V

    If it was stored in a barn after just a few years on the road how’d it suffer such devastating rust damage to the panels mentioned?

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  14. Bruce R. Colbert

    That last line in the ad. “Just drive over and pick it up ! ”
    It’s that simple, eh ?

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    • DT

      Simple,just dont forget to bring a big pile of money and a broom and a dustpan to sweep up the big pile of rust,left on the trailer once you get it unloaded

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  15. Jesse Mortensen JesseAuthor

    SOLD for $24,900 with 51 bids!

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  16. Dave

    Actually did NOT sell on eBay. But after the auction my inbox was full with folks perusing the car from around the globe. I did sell it to a resto shop in the Czech Republic. Final price without the trailer and pick it up as shown…$40k. Signed, the owner.

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    • Jesse Mortensen JesseAuthor

      Thanks for the update Dave!

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    • Sidney

      Mr Wright, you should be ashamed for this almost fraud. If it was such a great deal, why not restore it yourself and then sell it? Hmmmmm? I am happy you can make a living, but I wouldn’t use the word “honest” near the word “living”. Just because PT Barnum was right doesn’t mean you need to follow his example..

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  17. Dave


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