Pretty Pair Of Park Lanes: Two 1966 Mercurys


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This Mercury Park Lane convertible makes a nice alternative to a Ford, with somewhat different lines and some more exclusivity. This particular one looks like the foundation for a decent project, and it even comes with a parts car–that looks too good to be a parts car. They are both located in Prosper, Texas and are listed here on eBay, where the buy-it-now is $7,500 for both cars. Thanks, Jim S., for finding yet another pair of cars that I really like!


I wish there were better pictures to show you, but the seller has chosen to take a lot of detail shots without any good overall pictures of the convertible. You can see where some bodywork has been started here on the passenger side, and while the car as a whole looks pretty solid, the seller characterizes it as “rusty.” They are including a set of new floor pans to start the rust repair.


Here’s the “parts car”, which is a 1966 Park Lane coupe with a running 410 V8. The parts car also comes with a nice surprise under the hood. More about that later. This looks way too good to be a parts car to me!


Here’s a shot of the underside of the convertible. You can see some holes, and certainly the need for floor pans, but there’s a lot of good sheet metal there as well.


If you look closely at this shot of the convertible interior, besides seeing upholstery that isn’t that bad you’ll notice a four-speed shifter. Yes, this huge convertible is a manual! Who’d have thunk it? The rear seat also looks pretty good, so you may be able to get by with merely cleaning the seat upholstery. I’m guessing you’ll need carpet, but still; that’s a great start.


On the left, you see the factory 428 4-barrel fitted to the convertible, which originally had air conditioning but it’s not present now. Note that the seller tells us both engines run well. On the right, you see the factory 410 4-barrel fitted to the coupe, which also has air conditioning and it’s still there! Not only that, but both of these cars come with clear titles. I think I would have a hard time just using that once-handsome coupe as a parts car, although I think some of those air conditioning parts would migrate over to the convertible. What would you do with this pretty pair?

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  1. RON

    restore them both. much too nice and unsual not too. love to own them

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  2. Mike

    This might sound funny, but I would work on restoring the coupe and sell the ragtop, for money to restore the coupe. I have had a couple of ragtops, and after restoring them and getting all the top mechanics working it will eat up a budget, let alone getting a new top installed. I have sold all of my ragtops, and don’t want another one.

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    • packrat

      A mechanically inclined friend of mine found that out with a Buick wildcat. He had a “professional” shop do it and they did a crappy job. He was afraid of messing the top up so he sent it to the Experts… He’d’a been better off buying two new tops, practicing on one, cutting it off with a box knife and installing the second. He would’ve saved two thirds off the bill.

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  3. Blindmarc

    A 428 with a 4 speed and open top! Wow!

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  4. Jerry Long

    They both are worthy of restoration. I could not cut up that coupe as it is just too cool.

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  5. Ragtop Man

    4-speeds are very rare in ’66; Mercury did not promote them at all. Dealers would rarely order for stock. A Marauder fan in Kalamazoo, MI has documented the number of sticks (not sure how; the ’66 production records were nuked) and it is only a handful.

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  6. Mike

    Restore both. Forget the top on the convertible. Have a nice boot cover made and drive it only on sunny days. You’d have the 410 to cruise around in the rest of the time.

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  7. C brand

    I would restore both of these. Both appear to be in decent shape

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  8. Fast FredMember

    I have a 67 Mercury Marquis 410 4 spd with air conditioning 1 of 15 made. Full size Merc’s with 4 speeds are rare..

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  9. stillrunners

    there’s a complete 4 door around in a wrecking yard in Dallas – same color as the coupe – if anyone want to know…

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  10. HotRodLincoln

    I would restore both. The only thing to be aware of with these 60’s Merc’s is the frames. They were unfortunately known for breaks at the rear just ahead of the rear wheels. Over the years, we owned a few of them. A 64, two 66’s and a 68, and all of them had to have the frames welded. It was not due to corrosion but, fracturing. I’d be especially diligent with the manual trans ‘vert, with torque being tossed to the rear differential. Aside the frame issues, they were all very solid cars that cruised effortlessly. The Breezeway was My favorite.

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  11. St. Ramone de V8

    I have a soft spot for these Mercs. I’ve had many, but the one that got away (had to sell to buy first house) was a ’64 Parklane Breezeway 2dr with 390- 4speed. Seeing that stick in the ragtop, and reading that it’s a 428 car made me want this one. The parts car is too good to pick at, I think. If I was closer, I’d be all over this pair.

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  12. tut

    That 410…428 block, 390 crank. That could be another 428, fairly easy…

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  13. David G

    Hardtop’s quite the loader, complete with Power Wingvents and Tilt Wheel. I want em both!!

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  14. Spankymcfairlane

    I have a 66 Monclair 4dr and I know of another both of which are parts cars.

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  15. Ralph Terhune

    I have a 1966 Montclair 4 door hardtop with PDB, P/S and 390 with a 3 speed manual. A real oddball, but cool nevertheless.

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