Priced Right? $25K Chevrolet C20 Highlander

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This 1972 Chevrolet C20 “Highlander” package pickup was last on the road in 1984, and has just under 72,000 original miles. Paint is in excellent condition, and the bed cap has kept the primary cargo area finish in mint condition. Matching hubcaps and a mint interior round out the superlatives, but one still has to wonder if a $25,000 Buy-It-Now is slightly ahead of what the market will bear. Find it here on eBay and located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. 

The old saw about “I bought this to be a beater but then I realized how nice it was” is growing tiresome, and sellers need to realize buyers aren’t idiots who can be sold the same story time and again. There’s no way you mistake this truck for being a workhorse – not with paint like that and an original interior. Regardless of the seller’s intentions, the current asking price tells us he pretty much wanted a quick flip more than a work truck.

It’s claimed to have been garaged all of its life, and that much is obvious. The seat upholstery looks too good for original, but is absolutely perfect for this era of pickup truck. Coordinating dashboard paint looks excellent, as do the carpets. The door panels are uncut and there’s no evidence of modifications of any kind. It comes with A/C, power steering, and a tilt wheel inside the cabin.

The bed shows some battle scars but nothing significant; that bed cap likely helped protect it from the elements assuming it was on the truck more than it wasn’t. The seller has simply drained the old gas and put a new battery in it; no other mechanical work has commenced, as he’s “…leaving that to the new buyers.” How kind! And asking $25K for the privilege of undoing years of minimal use. Speaking of minimal, “minimal rust” is mentioned with no details about where and how much. At least the seller lists the option to submit a best offer.

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  1. TimS

    Classic Barrett Jackson syndrome. Saw one like it ready to drive anywhere and figured the one he has is worth at least that much and maybe more because hey, he did some work to it, man.

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  2. JerryDeeWrench

    It needs to be a C 10 4X4 Loaded with 240 miles for that coin.

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    • Brent

      …with a big block, FACTORY A/C, Cheyenne interior, and then he better be prepared to drop $5K off the price.

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  3. Evan

    Absolutely ridiculous. $10k, maybe $15k on a good day. As Jerry said, if it was a C10 short box, or a K10, he’d be closer, but still not close.

    Don’t forget that $25k can buy you a brand new RCLB truck.

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  4. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

    This seller is way off the price on this Chevy pickup. Maybe if it was absolutely mint with very low miles as others here have commented. Plus, other than a new battery and gas, he’s done nothing to correct whatever deterioration has certainly occurred over the past 35 years. Mechanicals have to be gone through, especially the brake system and all fluids should be changed. Are those tires 35 years old? If so, you’ll need to heave those. There looks to be some rust getting started in both rockers and maybe the lower doors that should be addressed. The passenger side sill shows touch-up overspray and what’s going on at the back of the cab, driver’s side? The wheels need to be re-painted and all four hubcaps should match. Lastly, the engine compartment looks awful and needs to be cleaned up.

    I like this truck, though that bargain-basement cap would have to go. It’s a nice color and the interior is pretty sharp. A four-speed would be better but it does have A/C. This is a $10,000-$12,000 pickup and that’s only if a close inspection doesn’t find any serious issues. Good luck getting the ask, Dream-Weaver.

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    • triumph1954

      Fordguy1972. That cap was not bargain basement back in the day. It is still a good cap and matches the truck for the time period.

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  5. 1st Gear

    It’s nice that some people have dreams-but asking $25k is in the nightmare arena.I’m not even gonna consider a “good luck” comment to this seller,more alone the lines of “get real,dude”.

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  6. Mountainwoodie

    What they all said above! :)

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  7. Olde Skool

    Yupppp this is Today$ CRACK PIPE PRICE!!!!!!
    The Owner mu$t be as HIGH A$ HI$ RIDICULOU$ PRICE I$!!!

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  8. Wrong Way

    I believe he’s out of line on that price! 4 wheel drive in this condition, yes! Not 2 wheel drive tho! This is a southern sissy truck! It should stay south! JMHO!

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  9. Leman

    It’s a good thing DREAMS don’t cost. This is definitely a $2500.00 truck. That isn’t even a factory A/C. I failed to see where he justified his dream price.

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  10. Bluetec320 Bluetec320

    This seller is your typical EBay Fliptard. My guess is that they offered some unsuspecting elderly widow $2000 “just to take it off her hands”, and is too cheap to even give it a decent tune-up!

    For less than a 3rd of the price, you could get the 71 Camper Special below with only 14000 miles. IMO, that is a much nicer truck at a realistic price.

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    • triumph1954

      Nice language there Bluetec320. Shows how much you really know.

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      • Bluetec320

        Actually, it shows exactly how much I DO know, since “Flipper” relisted this truck. Just like I predicted in my post below.

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      • Bluetec320 Bluetec320

        Actually, it shows exactly how much I do know, since “Flipper” relisted this truck. Just as I predicted in my post below.

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  11. stillrunners

    Remember my buddy Gary’s dad’s sweet new Chevy truck – which when he went on the scout trips we’d get to ride in it. It was that different shade of a combination of yellow/green – you didn’t see to much of…and as a 1971/72 it had a factory AM/FM – we just goggled over when he let us change the station.

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  12. Philip L.

    I had one almost like this one. Mine had blue vonyl seats and a white cab top. But same cap in back. Paid $900. For it in 1983. My first truck.

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  13. Bluetec320 Bluetec320

    I can not believe that this thing sold for 25K???? Watch for the relisting on Ebay… I give it less than a week.

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    • triumph1954

      Bluetec320. So what? That is kind of obvious. It is on ebay.

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  14. Bluetec320 Bluetec320

    The flipper started out at 25K, Sold the truck, but apparently the sale didn’t work out, relisted in less than a week . He then lowered the price to 19.5K, then 4 days later raised the price to 20K. Now I see it is again lowered to 18.5K (still 10K more than it is worth). This is one confused flipper!!

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