Prior Parts Car: 1968 Dodge Charger

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Who remembers the “Dodge Fever” advertising campaign of the late 1960s? It was an effort to position Dodge as the performance arm of Chrysler Corp. Within that campaign was the “White Hat Special” a combination of options available at a discounted price. Contrary to the name, this did not mean the products had to have white tops and all sorts of colors were offered. This 1968 Charger is said to be a White Hat Special, but we doubt that adds any value as it has already been picked over as a parts car. But the seller believes there is enough left here to warrant a restoration.

The Charger was introduced in 1966 as something of a large pony car. It was based on the Chrysler B-body platform and sold well in the first year, but demand dried up in the second outing. With a B-body redesign in 1968, Charger sales took off – from less than 16,000 to more than 85,000 in a single year. This ’68 Charger decodes as having had a 383 cubic inch V8 when new, but that motor and its companion automatic transmission are now long gone, resulting in a multi-colored roller with some degree of rust.

Besides many key mechanical components missing, most of the interior has been liberated as well. The seller advises that the floors, trunk extension, and rear quarter panels will all require patching or more. You’ll need to source another shock tower as one was confiscated, too. The paint used to be B7 blue, but much of that is no longer present, replaced by primer or pieces in assorted colors. But the front fenders are new and said to be reproductions.

This project resides in Canby, Oregon, but the car’s title is from Arkansas (clear and unincumbered). The question is would you attempt to restore this Charger (which they are hot properties when done right) or continue to use it as a parts car? That’s a pricey donor here on eBay for $19,500 OBO. What would be your intent with this roller?

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  1. 1980flh1200

    Every part is available at YEAR ONE but this is going to be expensive

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  2. Mike76

    Almost twenty grand for a car that needs damn near everything. LOL. That’s not even asinine…it’s asiten, maybe asieleven, on the peak lunacy scale.

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    • Poncho

      Haha. Nice one!

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  3. Derek

    Far too dear. That’s the sort of car that you could build a racer from, its parts being largely gone; shell doesn’t look too bad compared to some.

    That underbonnet photo’s odd, made me think that the steering link had been cut – but it’s a composite of two!

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    • Steve R

      You don’t build a car like this into a race car. You would be farther underwater than if you did a restoration. Race cars have a different pricing dynamic than street cars. Decent turn key 10 second bracket car that hasn’t been sitting can typically be found in the $10k-$15k range, less for a grudge night bomber. You don’t build a race car from scratch unless it’s a class legal car.

      Steve R

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      • Derek

        You’re always “underwater” (you’re doing it for fun, not prizes) going racing anyway, and I wasn’t thinking about drag racing. I spent a good part of the last 30 years racing on circuits…

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      • Chuck Simons

        How to be a millionaire in racing? Start off with 5m

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  4. KC

    But it’s a 68 Charger…..isn’t that alone worth 19k?……NOT! Wow.

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  5. Aussie Dave Aussie DaveMember

    20k?, Daisy Duke better come with it!!!

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    • Hammer

      Still a parts car…..

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  6. Dave

    It always amazes me someone took all those parts for another car. That car must have been in terrible shape. Why not just fix up this car instead before taking all the parts? And more than 19k with like no dash and dash components at all.

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  7. Not Again

    Stop getting bent out of shape on the 19k! That is a fishing number, And basic sellers price introduction to the market place! The car will sell somewhere in the middle or less and find a new home! The car will not become a race car! I repeat the car will not become a race car! The market place will not allow that to take place because of the value applied ! Basic Econ 101,,where do these novices on here come from !…GEEZZZZZZ

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  8. Jonathan De Leon

    If it needs to be shipped somewhere it’ll be $20K+ just to get it. Then you’ll have to go order another $10-15k in parts not including labor cause it is missing everything. Then body work and painting…. This will be a hella of a project. Now if the seller drops the price to let’s say, $5-7k. It might be a more reasonable deal.

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