Pristine 25k Mile: 1970 Cadillac DeVille

There are some cars then anyone can look at it and tell what it is. Even someone who is not a car enthusiast can look at a classic Cadillac and know who manufactured it. The 1970 Cadillac DeVille is located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. As most Cadillacs were in the day, the car is highly optioned. The odometer reflects an amazingly low 25,216 miles. The car is listed for sale here on eBay with four days remaining. The current bid of $18,200 has met the reserve so this car should sell at the end of the auction.

The drive train on this Cadillac is said to be in excellent running condition and starts right up. The 1970 Cadillac DeVille was equipped with a massive 472 cubic inch V8 engine that was rated from the factory at 375 gross horsepower and over 500 lb-ft of torque. The DeVille needed this kind of power to move the massive 129.5-inch wheelbase. The car weighed approximately 4,900 pounds with occupants. The Turbo 400 transmission that backs the V8 engine is said to shift smoothly.

Cadillac called the interior on this DeVille a medium Dynasty Gold Dynasty Cloth (#344). The interior is said to be original and looks mint. The car is optioned with air conditioning, tilt steering, power seats, power windows, power locks, and rear defrost. The carpet and door panels look amazing for a 50-year-old car. The brown vinyl top matches the overall paint scheme very well.

The Cadillac DeVille is painted in Code 54 Byzantine Gold which was applied about three years ago. The body and paint appear to be in excellent condition. I would call this a survivor even though it has been repainted. A total of 181,719 Cadillac DeVilles were sold in 1970 so this is not a rare car from a production standpoint. However, the condition and mileage make this a unique example and one that we don’t see very often. I expect the bids to continue to rise on this beauty.


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  1. XMA0891

    A beauty! A HS friend had a (fixer-upper) ’70 Fleetwood – I’ve always had a spot of these early ’70 Caddies. Simple, clean, arks!

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    Ah yeah! I had the same car and color combo but was a sedan and front seat was leather. My daughter was conceived in the back seat of it. Dual exhaust and burned out glass packs sound good on these.

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  3. ADM

    Those Caddy engines were something else. The blocks were built with a higher nickel content. Strong, powerful, and they’d last forever. Can you imagine the ’70 500 in a muscle car? 400 horsepower and 550 pound feet of torque. You’d be burning rubber all the way down the dragstrip.

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    • Rafael Fiallo

      Those numbers are pretty close to a 1970 Buick GS455 Stage one, 360hp 510lb ft of torque……

    • sirlurxalot

      But they redlined at around 4000 or so.

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      • Lance Platt

        Back in the day, consumersbhad to buy a big expensive car to get the desirable options
        One could special order a smaller car with power equipment but air conditioning was rare. Cadillac was the exception with large displacement engines and every luxury option in dealer stock. It was a sign of success. It’s sheer size made parking and heavy city traffic difficult despite effortless power steering. This example is beautiful and in excellent shape for being five decades old. A great show or parade car. GM will never make a car this nice again in that size.

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      • phillip amin

        Thats all you need is 4000

  4. 8banger David Mika Member

    Is there any such thing as a caddy of this pedigree without every conceivable option?

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    • RJ

      Yes. It was called Cadillac Calais.

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    • 370zpp 370zpp Member

      Yeah, this one. Where’s the leather?

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  5. 8banger David Mika Member

    I mean, I’m shocked they didn’t come with a bottle of single malt, cigars and a couple of go-go girls.

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  6. PaulG

    Dad had the same car only in dark brown with matching interior. My older brother was 16-17 at the time and we occasionally would take the caddy out and before you knew it we’d be cruising at 120. Smooth as glass, these cars were very well built and robust. Liked fuel though. This is actually a Coupe deville…

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      Right you are. Boss hogg drove a de ville(convertible). Coupe(2 door) sedan(4 door). Love these cars but i think the sedan de ville with its hard top styling is the best looking of the bunch. I believe these cars were designed as 4 doors and look great but the coupes look funny in the quarter windows to me.

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  7. JoeNYWF64

    I would love to see a “car” today with cranky spoiled passenger & single zone climate controls on the LEFT side of the driver. & huge door to close.

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  8. Sam61

    What a great car! Brings back memories of the local, “old school” downtown Humphrey Cadillac and Olds dealership in Rockford, IL. 1969…our family is purchasing a new 69 Delta 88 4dr…dark gold, am radio, 350 v8, crank windows, whitewalls, full wheel covers, no ac.

    I’m a wide eyed 8 yr old loving every minute of wandering the showroom. The Olds paled when compared to a base Cadillac but was a big move for our little family as dad traded up from a 64 Corvair.

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

      “wide eyed 8 yr old loving every minute of wandering the showroom.” That was me. I have great memories of my folks taking me to the local small-town dealer for the big revealing of the new models. As I got older and had free run in town the dealership including the showroom was a regular stop on the bike rides around town. I was respectful of the personnel and the cars, and as they got to know me, actually welcomed me.

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  9. Joe

    Beautiful car and best of luck to the new owner! Surprising that with all that expanse of dash, that the wiper controls were on the door.

  10. Kevin

    Reminds me of my old 70 Coupe DeVille. Was my daily driver in 1984. Rust Free AZ car with 160,000 miles. Darker Brown. Was 24 and felt like a King. Still have a soft spot for these cars.

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  11. John

    Had a 70 Sedan Sedan deVille in 87, best car on hills I ever had, went up grades like they were flat. Great ride, very comfortable, the only wear signs were the steering wheel ‘wood’ chipped off in pieces and the front carpet was shot. Got rid of it when a wire popped out of the passenger side seat trim and scratched the hell out of my leg. By then it had near 200k on the clock, heater would quit, and a friend fixing up a nice 70 convertible wanted it for parts. The entire front clip was in great shape, (even the front quarters- usually rotted out) skirts, bumper, etc and the mechanical stuff, most of it, was still in good order. Great car.

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  12. jwzg

    Hot Rod magazine did a piece on one of these that they cut up. It had only the engine, drivetrain, and frame with the firewall and driver seat. It may have had a 500 cubic inch engine, but It ran mid-12s if I’m not mistaken and the tire smoke was ridiculous. There’d be no way a drag strip would allow that now, but that sure looked like a hoot.

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  13. add

    where is the set of STEER HORNS on the front grille !!!

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    • John M.

      Now, that’s just WAY too redneck.

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  14. K Dave

    It seems a bit odd that a well-maintained car such as this, only 25,000 miles…would have needed a repaint. I have a ’76 Fleetwood 60 Special, purchased new, with now 33,000 miles. It is as pristine and original as the day it came out of the showroom. …never a repaint.

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  15. Samuel Lomma

    Beautiful car. I wish I could buy it.

  16. Dale S.

    Back in the early 1970’s, I had a friend who owned a 1969 Eldorado in that same gold color. The ’69, and ’70 Eldorado’s had a better look IMHO.

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  17. John

    I like most any of the 50s thru mid 70s big Cadillacs but there is a stronger elegant presence in the 69/70 bodystyle then with other Cadillacs of the period. My collection include Rolls, Mercedes, Jaguar and Lincoln but the car that give me the strongest King of the Road feeling is my 69 DeVille in Wysteria with deep purple leather.
    Rolling along top down you just feel this was as good as it got in 1969. No hurry, No worries, LIFE IS GOOD.

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  18. JEFF S.

    I learned to drive in Caddy’s my dad owned in 1971. The ride was excellent, you did not feel even the biggest pot holes. My favorite was his 71 FWD Eldorado. Those burnouts with smoke coming from the front wheels were an epic crowd-pleaser at my local high school. One time my dad came home early and could still smell the rubber from a recent burnout, he checked the tires and said still hot, you keep that up and you will be buying a new pair of front tires, lol.

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    • John M.

      If I’m not mistaken, those had 501CI V8.

  19. Bob Roller

    I have made several long trips in one of these and was the driver.Fine car for long drives.Are there any 1970 Lincolns ever seen? Not the “Mark series” but the coupe and the 4 door sedans.

  20. ACZ

    Now this is a real Cadillac. Not the crap they sell today.

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  21. Steve Clinton

    Bring back brocade upholstery! ;-)

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  22. John Member

    We had a 69 Sedan DeVille, gold V over met. green, put air shocks on it, packed it W/4 kids and wife and the huge trunk. Headed for Florida, 1st time,used parts of the newly constructed I-75, no speed limit, drove 90 for alot of the way. Averaged 21 MPG, great car, had 3 more then the gas crunch stopped them

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  23. JEFF S.

    John, I cannot believe that adjusted for inflation we are paying less for gasoline today than in 1974,the year I graduated high school. I do not know how much longer it will last, but it sure is nice to make a trip across the USA and fuel is my lowest cost per day. I have logged 6,175 since leaving MT on Sept 1st, for a cost of $420. Now spending the winter in GA.

    • JoeNYWF64

      Yeah but the gas today has some junk byproducts today – anything that can be “refined”. I doubt you were driving a car ’70 or older with a big motor accross the USA.
      & better use up the gas quick with the ethanol in it, else it may cause all sorts of problems in old carbureted cars & mowers & snow blowers that sit. & good luck finding sunoco 260 for old cars that need it. Octane booster is very expensive. & stabil is not exactly cheap either. (Old modern gas may not be good for fuel injected cars either.)
      & any original motors prior to ’72, i think, may have valve seat problems using unleaded. & back in the day it was mostly full serve gas stations, with 1(or more!) attendants in uniforms! running out asking to check your oil, coolant, & tires. & cleaning your car’s glass. & free air too. & ez for a teenager to get a summer job pumpin gas too back then. What do you get today at most gas stations?
      Also beware of some GULF stations that will charge a DOLLAR!! more per gallon for 89 octane over 87 octane. But only 20 cents more than 89 for 93 octane!

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      • JEFF S.

        I am driving a 2020 Ford Edge gets 29 mpg on the highway. I have a 1966 Mercedes 250SE with a 2.5L mechanical fuel injected motor, I use 91 octane with a fuel additive called MIX-I-GO, from Bell Labs out of Florida. No problems with ethanol in my cars or mowers. The old full service stations were rip offs, high prices for any up-sale products or repairs.

      • Bob Roller

        I want no carbureted anything and the cars of today are a much better machine than all the others that evoke such nostalgia.What we get at “gas”stations today is gas,beer,lottery tickets and panhandlers bumming money or making veiled threats.A young female friend was nearly kidnapped at one of these “stations” and was saved by an older woman with a big pistol.A classic second amendment
        positive outcome.

  24. Ed

    I think that’d be your pink Caddies, David.


  25. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    This is a beautiful car and deserves a good family. Concerning those engines they were used extensively on airboats in the southern Florida swamps. My ex girlfriend’s father used a lycoming aircraft on his airboat, but as they became hard to get and expensive the caddy 472 and 500 engines became popular.
    God bless America

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  26. Mike

    Our neighbor bought this exact car, color, interior everything except theirs was the Sedan De Ville. It was the first Cadillac I ever drove in and it was smoothhh! This is a beautiful car that brings back lots of memories!

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  27. John Oliveri

    These cars are beautiful, collectors love the convertible 69/70, coupes did not come in convertible after 70, only Eldorados, but if I was looking for this body I’d want sunroof, leather and the factory floor mounted 8 track

  28. Tom M

    Although I loved all the 1963-1970 Cadillacs I also agree that the 1969-1970 models were the best looking, best comfort, and best performing Cadillacs. From 1971 on they just got worse each year. My Dad got a new Sedan de Ville in 1969. That was also the year I turned 16, and spent time learning to drive in it. It only got 7-9 MPG. Once on a trip my Dad got 10 MPG and was thrilled! It had a 27 gallon fuel tank and went just under 275 miles on a tank. My favorite Cadillac was the 1970 Fleetwood in triple black.

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  29. Dan H

    I remember back when this car was new if your friend bought a new item that was the top of the line, say a high end TV, he might refer to it as “the Cadillac of televisions”. Probably not so much these days. :~(

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    • Dave

      Dan H. Exactly right!! Cadillac..until 1976, was the Standard of the World. It is now pathetic standard of nothing.

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      • JEFF S.

        Dave, I agree but it is not just Cadillac, Lincoln, BMW and Mercedes quality is not what it used to be. I just leased a 2020 Ford Edge SEL and it had all the features I needed for $10,000 less then the Lincoln Corsair. As I plan to purchase for cash at lease end. I will paying the exact same price for the car doing a lease vs a purchase, without having to pay interest on the total purchase price for the term of the lease. I am sure Ford Credit expects me to return the car at lease end when it will still be worth $25,000, but I will only have to pay $19,800 to purchase.

  30. Phlathead Phil

    Does an Elvis mannequin come with it?

  31. John Oliveri

    Back to the man who just leased to buy, w a projected value at the end, the vehicle you just took is a new model, hasn’t been on the market 3 years to actually know what it’s worth in 3 years, maybe it’s only worth 17,000, now your in contract to pay 19,000, never sign on for that, dealers fudge #s especially in leases so the lease # is lower, it happened to me first car I leased in 1995, a Lexus, in the middle of the lease I got divorced, she wanted that car, the dealer told me, at the end, turn that car in, and buy another pre owned for her, it’s gonna be cheaper cause we have your car a higher residual number to keep your lease payment lower, the bank writes off the loss, here your paying

    • JEFF S.

      John Oliver – I used the NADA values of Ford Edge that are 3 years old, 5 years old and 10 years old today. My main point is with the lease I am not paying any interest for the lease period and will be able to buy the car after the lease for the exact total of the purchase price, in 2020. I will know how the car was driven and maintained. I received the same discount off MSRP with the lease vs purchase, as I checked with several dealers in my area in Montana. Ford Edge have a lower deprecation rate than many new cars. More expensive car like your Lexus have a higher deprecation, always have always will.

      • John Oliveri

        As long as your comfortable, it’s your money, I’m a firm believer in no contracts, no up front money, no sales tax up front, on leases, 0 down, cause in a lease if the car is stolen or totaled you get nothing back, sales tax is gone as well as down payment, if you want a lower payment, don’t give them your money, open up a separate checking account, deposit your down payment money and tax money into it, deposit your monthly payment into it every month, and that’s your money, are gone tomorrow you have your money, I work for a family owned transportation company, we all have leased cars, we give the first month and the bank fee upfront that’s it

      • John Oliveri

        One last point, how do you know a tractor trailer won’t strike your car in a parking spot, and not total it? Now your in contract to buy a car that was mangled and repaired, if there’s no contract to buy, you turn it in at the end and it’s gone,

  32. John

    OMG…Can we possibly take the discussion of the pros and cons of leasing a new vehicle to some other forum , it definitely doesn’t need to be here. Thanks.

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  33. JEFF S.

    John Oliveri – One last comment I have the option to buy at lease end, I do not have to buy at lease end.

  34. John Oliveri

    That’s every lease, all have a buy out #, nothing special, the way you explained it, thought it was a new con job,

  35. Dave

    Jeff: I agree! Quality doesn’t exist anymore. It’s the reason why I buy only vintage….pre-’76. I have a ’76 Fleetwood Brougham….best thing I ever owned….pristine condition…use it mostly for long Winter trips from N.H. to Florida.

  36. JoeNYWF64

    Bob Roller, in Jersey there is NO self serve gas!! Do not touch the pumps!!
    & not many stations even have a convenience store attached! Many have only 3 pumps!! & those that do have attached stores, in jersey, u can NOT buy booze! – nor can you in most supermarkets or walmarts in Jersey! & no guns or ammo in department stores either! People just stay in their cars with the windows up, crack the window a small bit & just hand the credit card or cash to the gas pumper – no tip needed! Anyone that tries to kidnap a jersey driver getting gas will probably get a heavy car door right in the gut, or worse. lol

    As for carburetors, my friend’s ’68 nova still has it’s original 250 cubic inch(please, no liters!! lol) strait 6 & powerglide automatic – no internal repairs to either! 26 mpg on the hiway. Plenty of torque & no timing chain OR belt to worry about! No hesitation with the pre emissions carb ONE barrle simple as pie carb, & you can drive off immediately when cold – no problems! Not true, though, with ’70’s emissions carbs.
    I’ve had plenty of expensive problems with my modern cars with coil packs, engine & trans computers, ck engine lights, fuel pumps in the TANK(dumb!), rack & pinion steering racks & oxygen sensors going bad, etc etc.
    When the private vendors stop building(or even go out off business) model specific body control modules(dumb!! – there are many many of them in any modern car) for many not so popular, say, 12 yr old cars back then, they will be dead in the water. & as for one still running after 50(FIFTY!!) years with complicated 10 speed auto transes or worse CVTs & all the modules, yeah right.

    Bob, you need to listen to this guy every week for all the aggravation he & the owners go though(& the expense to fix) all the problems with modern cars …
    & for some REALLY good laffs(these guys absolutely KILL me!) …

  37. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Thumbs up to you Joe. That link was good but way to long to keep my attention. We still have self serve gas stations here in Texas. I expect the price of gas to soar over $5 per gallon soon with the political swing. I’ll keep driving my 64 Buick Riviera that is easy to tune. As for my computerized 2015 Ford Explorer, it’s been very dependable with little service. I only put about 4K miles per year on it, but the 2007 Ford Sport track I traded required a coil pack replaced which I did myself with no problem and the 2005 Sport track I had before that only required a faulty harmonic balancer replaced which I also did myself. I have obdII computer analyser that’s mac tool brand which I have used on many friends Hondas and Toyotas to get codes which I was able to interpret with a repair manual and repair their cars at great savings.
    Oh one other thing, disc brakes that everyone brags about will warp rotors causing great vibration to vehicle. I’ll keep my 12″ drums on my Buick thank you very much.
    God bless America

    • JEFF S.

      Disc Brakes are great. I even have them on my 1966 Mercedes 250 SE. After 3 sets of pads, I replace the rotors any way. I have had several cars where the rotors were so inexpensive, less than $30 ea, that I just replaced them each time I did the pads. Of course I do all my repairs myself, so that saves me plenty.

      • John M.

        Jeff S., I’m 17, and do most repairs and regular maintenance on my truck. Most kids my age don’t even know what a clutch is.

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  38. Bob Roller

    John M.
    You are a rare one.Most of the 17 year old boys today can’t figure out which end of the hammer to hit the nail with.I am now in my mid 80’s and when I was
    17 I had already rebuilt the head on a Duesenberg with 2 cams and 32 valves.
    I did a lot of automobile work and later even more in machine shops and have a small private machine shop of my own to play in.
    Most self serve gas stations are safe and my friend is an uncommonly attractive young woman but that gives nobody the right to try to take her by
    force.I am glad that older woman and her big gun were there.I live in WV and we have no gun control laws here other than the Federal laws which
    are tied to purchases of guns in a store.I carry a Colt 1911 45 automatic and a lot of older people here pack guns as well.We call it freedom and have no problems.

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    • Bob Roller

      I still stand by this statement and have no use for these marvelous relics even if small boys can’t “P” over their tops.
      We still have and drive daily a 1997 Lincoln Town Car we bought on 14 January 2005.It looks good and everything still w and crowdingorks except the two owners.Ford messed up the Town Cars made later by adding 500 pounds to them and the rinkydink engine can’t handle it and the low speed handling like in a parking lot was heavy and sluggish.We couldn’t live in an environment like the American People’s Republics of the Northeast where self defense is frowned on and crowded conditions exist.

  39. FDR

    The 1969-1970 Cadillacs were quite cheapened over 1968 models. Interiors featured drab plastics. Door pull handles look like the same ones used in a Monte Carlo. Really cheap and fake looking “tiger” plastic wood. The steering wheel and drivers gauge cluster were black in every car- not even color keyed as in prior years. Some bean counter really went to town on these cars. Heck, the interior of the Chevrolet Caprice looked higher quality- and the steering wheel was at least color keyed and the fake wood looked far better. The exterior trim was less ornate on these Cadillacs and probably cheaper to make and assemble. The sheer size was the only thing these cars had going for them. Not a fan of these two Cadillac years, in case you couldn’t tell.

  40. Bob Roller

    Computer malfunction in my last post.Another marvel of the electroworld we can not be thankful for,

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