Pristine Sleeper: 1993 Chevy C3500 Choo Choo Custom

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Founded in 1975 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Choo Choo Customs turned utilitarian trucks and vans into luxury cruisers. Options included upgraded trim, new seating surfaces, high-end sound systems, and a whole lot more! This 1993 Chevrolet C3500 Crew Cab Dually Silverado Choo Choo Custom Sleeper Conversion (wow, that’s a mouthful) is a fantastic low-mile example, and is available for sale here on eBay in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Current bidding is just shy of $12,000 with no reserve.

The exterior of this truck looks to be almost in perfect condition. Other than showing normal use over the last 3 decades, the only minor flaws easily visible is the front rear bumper not sitting exactly level, and a small dent in the rear bumper. The paint looks to be in excellent shape, in particular all of the the custom striping. The wheels are great, and even the tires appear to be newer. All of the fiberglass body kit pieces look to be damage-free as well. Take a look at the sleeping area over the bed, accessed from the inside of the cab. This is one long truck!

The drivetrain is stock. That wasn’t where Choo Choo Customs focused. Here you’ll find the standard 7.4 liter V8, producing 230 hp and 385 lb-ft. This truck could tow 10,000 lbs, and with the standard 34 gallon gas tank you could go camping pretty much anywhere. With only 58k miles, it’s no surprise that the engine looks as good as it does. Everything is complete, appears to be original, and really only needs a quick detailing to look new again.

The interior is definitely from the 1900s, and I am a fan! That is a lot of red, and it all looks to be in fantastic shape. I think the seating arrangement might be how the truck came from the factory, but the seat covers probably are custom, as well as a the center console and trim throughout. This is a high-end interior, with power locks, power seats, power mirrors, door-mounted ash trays (remember those?), upgraded sound, automatic digital climate control, custom steering wheel, and a whole lot more. I wouldn’t mind spending some time in there on a road trip, those seats look to be extremely comfortable. This truck needs absolutely nothing from its next owner, and is ready for many more trips.

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  1. Steve R

    Sleeper, the rear seat has more room.

    It’s gaudy and not particularly functional. At least the seller is serious about moving it.

    Steve R

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    • qmmq

      Wow Steve, you commenting on a truck before Howard. The world has truly gone mad.
      You are spot on though. :)

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  2. GCSMember

    I had an 89 4×4 with the red interior. This is much nicer.

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  3. Jim

    This truck was ahead of its time……gigantic, ridiculous and a waste of gas long before it was in vogue.

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  4. Steve Clinton

    What is it they say about men with big trucks?

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  5. Peter k

    This is a truck that will take you from one gas station to the next . ….

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  6. RMember

    It has a function. There’s a big business moving RV’s from manufacturer to dealer. Diesels are better but diesels weren’t as numerous as they are now.

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    • mds47588

      No RV transporter will hire an operator using a truck this old, no matter how nice it may be.

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      • RMember

        I see them all the time. RV’s , car transporters, hot shots, there’s a lot more money having your own authority, signing on as a lease operator puts you at the whim of a middleman who might have a contract or who is probably getting loads through a broker. I’m not guessing, I’ve been trucking for over 30 years.

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  7. Frank

    The interior is from the 1900s?

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    • Tman

      He meant 1800s! Hahaha

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  8. GCSMember

    I never liked the spoiler stuff bolted on the sides. It looked cheap, but I like the interior. Mine was just cloth and a regular cab 4×4 stepside. It was a lemon with a front axle leak that smoked a bearing GM wouldn’t replace. The electronic AC controls sucked. The servos would stick in the vent position unless you left them set to move everyday. I had a love hate relationship. Fun to drive with the 350 and 5 spd but a POS…never will buy another GM…unless it’s pre- 73..had an 85 S-10. Shut off above 95° and they couldn’t fix it.

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  9. Dale R Kesecker

    Still for sale

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