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Pristine Survivor: 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 SCJ

This 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 is equipped with its original 428 cubic inch Super Cobra Jet engine and appears to be an untouched, unmolested survivor. The car is listed here on eBay for sale and has been repainted once which may knock it out of consideration for some as a survivor. The Mustang Mach 1 is located in Melbourne, Florida which is a coastal town near the ocean. The seller has the car listed for a Buy It Now Price of $75,000. There are 8 days remaining in the listing and no option to submit a Best Offer on the eBay listing.

The black vinyl interior looks great and for a car of this age, the seats have no rips and just minor wear. The Mustang Mach 1 has manual crank windows and locks, no air conditioning and an automatic transmission. The seller states that the seats, carpet and headliner are original. The rear fold down seat looks great and the seat belts are not frazzled or damaged. All the glass looks good and is said to be the original, dated coded Car-Lite glass.

The numbers matching 428 cubic inch Super Cobra Jet motor presents well and is boosted by an MSD ignition. The seller states that the Mustang Mach 1’s VIN is stamped on the rear of the 428 SCJ engine. The C-6 automatic transmission is still with the car as is the 9 inch N case rear end that holds the 31 spline axle. The factory tag is still on the rear axle unit.

The Mustang Mach 1 has a set of factory Ford 15 inch Magnum wheels that look great and contract well with the black interior and black hood stripe. The odometer reflects 56,000 miles and appears to be in great condition with no rust or damage to the body or undercarriage. Is this a reasonable price for such an amazing example of the 1970 Ford Mustang 428 SCJ?


  1. Avatar photo alphasud Member

    Wow! I like a lot! Worth the asking price and if kept and driven on occasion will continue to appreciate in value. I can’t afford the asking price but when you look at what new cars sell for 80K for a car of historical significance doesn’t seem to excessive.

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    • Avatar photo Autoworker

      I certainly don’t have that kind of discretionary income either, but that is a pretty car.

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  2. Avatar photo chgrec Member

    Repainted is neither untouched or a survivor…..it’s 1/3 of a restoration (minus the interior and mechanical restoration). A nice looking car, just not original….

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    • Avatar photo KKW

      I don’t see where a repaint is that big of an issue, as long as it’s the original color, and done correctly. I think this “original surviver” thing gets a little overdone sometimes. Years from now, nobody’s really gonna care anyway.

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  3. Avatar photo Rich

    Yeah. What he said…

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  4. Avatar photo chgrec Member

    It’s not a big deal at all….And I do not agree with the whole “patina” movement…if the paint is a mess, faded beyond a buffing, or worn off, then repaint it. It’s just not a survivor or unmolested after you do….

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    • Avatar photo Rob L

      Does anyone Think they are going to find a better one cheaper?….Ok enough said. This car makes me rethink my
      Chevy values. I like this car very much … so clean underneath, all the go fast parts. If I had the money I’d pull the trigger!

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  5. Avatar photo Troy s

    Survivor, an odd title for a car that was meant to be driven to the brink of failure. The fact any of these survived several generations of car nuts, gear heads, bracket racers and the like never fails to amaze me. Then again, old Mustangs have been collectable long before any muscle cars became commodities.
    Nice ride for sure, the color alone will draw a crowd. The asking price is not out of line, just completely out of reach for many of us.

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  6. Avatar photo Charles Sawka

    I’m shocked that any car that old, living in Melbourne has had only one repaint. Really, look on a map. Nothing but salt and sun, continuously.

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  7. Avatar photo Stangalang

    I know I’m getting old..I remember selling..buying and trading cars like this for a few grand..made a lot of good friends just trading cars(mustang for Camaro..cuda for a vette etc) good times and crazy times..remember racing for pink slips ahhhhhh the memories. Good luck with the sale of this beast

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    • Avatar photo Howard A Member

      Not any older than me, pal, people trashed these cars, it’s what one bought one for. This was about the hottest stick from Ford in 1970, after a few winters they all looked like this( below). Unbelievable cars, but you know, I think I’m going for that $40,000 Toyota pickup instead,,,you see how silly this all is?

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    • Avatar photo John

      Back in ‘82, I traded my ‘70 Mach 1 SCJ straight across for a ‘72 F100. My car had the close ratio 4spd, Drag-Pac, Shaker and slats. The only option it didn’t have was the rear spoiler. I have kicked myself so many times over the years…

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  8. Avatar photo rex m

    This car needs to go to Kissmee

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  9. Avatar photo Mike_B_SVT

    Nice car!

    I always wonder though when folks say “numbers matching”… but then they don’t show you any pictures of those numbers! Do they want you to just take their word for it? Or do they just want everyone to message them asking for the pics of the numbers? Jeez, just put the pics in the listing if it’s that important (and it is).

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  10. Avatar photo fran

    If it has been painted in is NOT original, thus not a survivor.

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    • Avatar photo KKW

      So a car has to be just as it came from the factory to be a true survivor? What happens after the first oil change and tire replacement, is it still a survivor? Lol

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      • Avatar photo Fran

        Common sense please. A paint job is a big thing. A true survivor is a unmolested vehicle. No paintwork no engine rebuilds no anything work but proper maintenance. With that said. The car is fantastic! And a nice investment deal if it looks great up close. If not it needs a appearance restoration. That my friend is not a survivor car.

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  11. Avatar photo Paul N

    75K is bargain comparted to what the Bullitt mustang sold for. I realize it’s apples and oranges; but if I had this one, I might tend to drive it some. The Bullitt has to sit under glass.

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