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Professor’s Pony: 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

At the time of this writing bidding for this ’68 GT Fastback, available here on eBay, is at $25,400.  The seller’s reserve price hasn’t been met but with only a few hours left of the auction, we’ll soon find out whether or not this purported to be all original Mustang will be on its way from El Dorado Hills, California to a new home.

The seller reveals the car was bought new in 1968 by a professor at the University of California, Berkeley who drove it for about 20 years before placing it in storage.  He describes the car as an “original owner, original paint, original interior…survivor” which seems to be a little misleading unless the seller is the professor, oddly referring to himself in the third person.  If that’s not the case it would make this a two-owner car, not an “original owner.”  Or am I just splitting hairs?

The listing is somewhat short on details, merely describing the car as “very nice” with “a few dents and dings here and there.”  It appears those dents and dings resulted in a couple of minor body panel alignment issues on both the front and rear of the car.  But what the ad lacks in writing the seller makes up in nice, close-up photographs of the car from just about every angle, including a couple of shots of the underbody and pictures of the floor pan from the inside.

Pictures of the interior substantiate the seller’s claim that this Mustang is in original condition on the inside as well.  Both front seats are in tatters and will need to be restored, especially the driver seat.  The rear seat looks to be in better shape, but only a view of the backrest is provided.  The rest of the cabin (with the exception of the warped trim around the console) looks to be just a bottle of Mother’s away from being brought back to a presentable state.

The seller reports the original 302 V8 automatic has 92,487 miles on it.  Despite a 30-year slumber, he has the car in running condition after completing a carburetor and radiator rebuild as well as a complete fluid change.  Perhaps a new distributor cap and wires were installed too although that isn’t mentioned in the ad.  A Marti Report is provided with the sale that shows the car was built in Ford’s San Jose, CA plant in December 1967.  Purchased new in Oakland, this Mustang really is a true California car through and through.  Aside from perhaps a few weekend excursions by the professor, or maybe a road trip to a higher education conference somewhere out of state, it’s possible this car has never left California.  I’m curious to see if the seller’s reserve price is met but if not, please comment on what you think this pony is worth.


  1. Dean

    Could be splitting heirs, could be a flipper, could be the heir IS the flipper..shame it isn’t a 4-speed

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    • Steve R

      My money is on flipper. Everything else he has liisted on eBay is Mustang parts. I don’t have problems with flippers, as long as they don’t lie about the condition of the car. This ad seems pretty straight forward, the seller shows plenty of pictures including areas that are prone to rust.

      This looks to be a nice car, it’s at $25,000 with less than an hour left and hasn’t met reserve. It will be interesting to see where it finishes. It’s infinitely better than most of the other fastback mustangs that have been featured on this site, it should go for good money.

      Steve R

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      • karguy James

        Yup… flipper. First photo is in front of the original professor’s house. All the rest are at the flipper’s house with a two car lift in the garage and other classic cars in there.

        I don’t think the high bid is out of line for a rock solid GT fastback in good colors. While it may be a small block 302, it is a J code 4bbl 302 which is the exact same engine as the GT-350 Shelby that year. A J-Code 302 is a sweet little engine. I will guess that you will see this one listed again with more clean up since he didn’t get top dollar dirty.

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    • Steve Wilbur

      I’ve never seen a GT without the chrome exhaust tips coming through two cut-outs in the rear valance panel. I don’t know why they are not on this car.

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      • PatrickM

        Personally, I think it is a ’67, judging from the body style. Weren’t the bodies different ??

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      • CATHOUSE

        If you took the time to look at the ebay listing you would know that this car is a 1968. The provided VIN proves it, the provided Marti report proves it. Just looking at the car you can see all the 1968 features, rear side reflectors, front side marker lights, front seat back release levers, the steering wheel, the window cranks, the interior door opening handles. All those items are different from the 1967 Mustang. The 1967 and 1968 Mustangs are basically the same body.

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  2. TriPowerVette

    $25,000+ for a stinking 302 Automatic no-air Mustang? That needs EVERYTHING? The world has lost its mind, I tell ya. Lost its MIND!

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    • Wrong Way

      No doubt totally agree! I am a Mustang freak owning all together 13 of them! My 64 1/2 fastback is pretty cherry! I would love to post pictures of my collection along with my 49 Pan just to show them off! Unfortunately I have a son who would crap his pants if he looked on this site and seen my stuff posted! LOL

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      • TriPowerVette

        @Wrong Way- & @433Jeff – Thank you both.

        I have owned 2 Mustangs. A class-winning 1968 FB 4-speed, and we are in the very first SAAC Registry ever printed with our 1967 GT500 4-speed.

        I used to go to the drive-in movies a lot. The night I saw Bullitt at the Round-up Drive-in, I was in the ’68. It was dark metallic blue – but the same shade as the Jade Green of McQueen’s car. At night, they both look black.

        Both cars had black interiors. For some scenes, it was like I was there!

        Great memories.

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      • Don H

        There were no 64 and a half Fastback

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    • TriPowerVette

      URGENT UPDATE – The VW Microbus at:


      …makes this Mustang look like the Bargain of the Century.

      I take it all back.

      It also makes $10-$20K look like walkin’ aroun’ money.

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  3. 433jeff

    Im with TPV ….wheres the beef? 25 g?

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  4. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    What !?!?!? No 1 of ‘insert your number’ built. Whats up with that Marti guy?

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  5. Boss351

    It’s a fastback so it will sell even if it is a 302 with an automatic.

    I wish it was a 4 speed with a/c. If that was the case, I would be bidding on it.

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  6. Chris

    This is by far one of the cleanest Mustangs of this era that I’ve seen listed. Being a fastback G.T. in great condition puts it in the price range we’re seeing in this auction. Find another this solid for less money.

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  7. Jay B Member

    The car is already re-listed on eBay!

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  8. Little_Cars Little Cars Member

    Were those wheels offered by the factory in 1968? I’ve only seen them on 69+ Mustangs and Torinos. I think this car is clean, but my jaw dropped when I saw that upholstery. Once it gets that far, go ahead and have it reupholstered so no gunk on your butt while driving.

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    • Grumpy

      Yes, I had those wheels on my 68 GT. That was in 1975. It was a rusted out POS back then. It sure is nice to see it so nice underneath.

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  9. Steve in Charlotte

    I don’t mind it being an automatic, however, for me, living in North Carolina, no A/C is deal-breaker.

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  10. Jack Quantrill

    This is waiting for hunter green paint, American mags, and Bullitizing! Don’t need no stinkin 390 V 8!

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    • z28th1s

      The ’68 Bullitt was ‘Dark Highland Green’.

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  11. BernieH

    Looks like he’s relisted it, as the high bid is only $18,000 and many days left. Out here in Michigan its maxed out at $25,000 in the condition shown. Whatever monies spent restoring you may not get back when selling. I have a 67′ conv, 289 /AOD conversion total car rebuild, and would be happy to get close to the 25G’s.

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  12. stillrunners

    Dang and I thought you guys just beat up mopars….Wasn’t it passing the 428CJ Cougar listing ?

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